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So, if a court rules something, it's automatically correct? So I guess nobody should ever appeal unfair verdicts ever, because a court ruled on it. What?

I mean, I think the whole thing is pretty stupid, but this argument is even stupider.

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ah, the original Fellow White Person.

People are familiar with his letter following the 2012 election? It's deranged as hell.

"And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving."

He singles out White Right Wingers, so I guess you can say it isnt just hating whitey but tbh, racial animus still colors what he says in my opinion
That's the Bowdlerized version found on his website. The original was just him attacking white people as a whole. The chickenshit bitch changed it to white right-wingers after enough people called him on his shit.

He's an opportunistic shitbag of the highest order.
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John Carmack
That's the Bowdlerized version found on his website. The original was just him attacking white people as a whole. The chickenshit bitch changed it to white right-wingers after enough people called him on his shit.

He's an opportunistic shitbag of the highest order.
He has an incredibly long history of bashing whites for the shittiest and most pedantic reasons

He's just a slimy grifter who saw an opening in the "Shalom fellow white people" lecture circuit before anyone else and ran with it.

He has an incredibly long history of bashing whites for the shittiest and most pedantic reasons

He's just a slimy grifter who saw an opening in the "Shalom fellow white people" lecture circuit before anyone else and ran with it.
So Tim Wise just took this meme and stripped away the humor and irony:

More bloviating to round out the week from our favorite Hobbit stockbroker:

Nothing too interesting today apart from some Trump salt:
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Hey Tim? DrJonesHat here. Hey buddy, we on the left need a big favor. Can you stop taking our side? TIA.
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Ooh, boy! Some salt about Mike Enoch along with tacit approval of Antifa. Even better are the replies from Tiny Tim's sycophants.

Oh boy. I've been slacking. Tiny Tim's been going on a huge tirade since the relentless pearlclutching in the media over illegal immigration involving children and families. This is gonna be a long one. I won't bother with retweets since it's no mystery who's in his social circle. I'll start with this pinned tweet:









Lastly, here's Tiny Tim discussing "white entitlement":

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Tiny Tim published a couple of thinkpieces on (where else) Medium:
I'll quote two abstracts from both as they're quite self-congratulatory.
Tiny Tim said:
Whiteness has, for so long, meant capacity and potency that anyone claiming there might be things that reside outside the grasp of the determined will must appear as a killjoy at best, a lunatic at worst. Even those white liberals — perhaps especially them! — who can at least begin to see the weightiness of white supremacy often fall victim to this naivete: a false optimism that demands the permanence of hope no matter the evidence.

It’s why so many whites — but frankly a scant few black folks — were upset by the proposition of legal scholar Derrick Bell in his classic work Faces at the Bottom of the Well, wherein he noted with confidence that white racism was likely a permanent condition of life in America, never to be entirely undone. By saying this, Bell was turning his back on the prospects for justice, they cried. How dare he, was the subtext.

For conservatives, he was a reverse racist for suggesting white America was, in some sense, incapable of fully embracing anything approaching racial equanimity. For liberals, he was a grizzled and cynical pessimist who had relinquished the light of freedom and for all intent and purposes was pissing on the legacy of the struggle.

But for most black folks, he had merely told the truth, however messy and unpleasant its ring.
I remember reading his words in Faces and feeling liberated. Challenged? Yes, for I too as a white man had been led to believe I could do literally anything if I put my mind to it, and this is a dream that dies hard in a nation that has so long relied upon its acceptance as a virtual precondition of club membership. So to tell me that perhaps the work in which I was even then engaged might prove inadequate was a hard pill to swallow.

But once I swallowed it, I was free.

Free to no longer obsess about my own role in bringing about a new and better world — an obsession that is frankly unhealthy and narcissistic — and free to act on the basis of moral principles without having to measure the value of those principles with a yardstick crafted by others, most of whom have no allegiance to the same.
Tiny Tim said:
Ultimately, all politics is about identity, not just that which centers on race, gender, sexuality or class. When politicians pander to voters by promising tax cuts, they are appealing to an identity as taxpayers (and usually upper-income ones). When they propose policies intended to help children, they are appealing directly to voters as identity remains largely invisible and uninterrogated), ignoring all the while that our centering was hardly the result of some normal or neutral process; rather, it was the result of power and privilege possessed precisely because of our identities.

Until and unless we commit to a politics of equity and justice — and until we see a fundamental erasure of the persistent structural inequities that currently plague our society — a politics of identity will remain a necessary force. To confuse the symptom for the disease is to ensure the perpetuation of the very disparities that the marginalized, of all identities, are seeking to eradicate.

The movements against racism, sexism, and heterosexism are not the problems: racism, sexism, and heterosexism are. Eradicate the latter, and the former will take care of themselves.
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"White Pride Is For Losers"
Tiny Tim said:
This is for the guy who wrote to me this morning to tell me about the sheer awesomeness of white people, and for all the other white folks who have done so over the years. All of your messages are dear to me, but none more so than the one today, which read simply: “I’m very proud of being a white male, and I don’t care what you say! White people are the BEST!”

Personally, I think it’s the way you capitalized the word ‘best’ that really sold it.

I mean, had you kept the caps lock off I might have doubted your claim for racial superiority, but since you insisted upon it with a more muscular font (not to mention the compelling exclamation point), who but the most cynical could take issue?

Surely we can all recall how the world’s top scholars, scientists, mathematicians, surgeons, and artists regularly proclaim to the world how their racial group membership — presumably encoded in their ancestral lineage — is due all the credit for their accomplishments.

Every year, when the Nobel prizes are awarded, there’s the predictable stream of winners giving thanks to the haplotype clusters found in their DNA, or smugly mumbling that of course they won: after all, their 17th great-grandfather was the Count of something-or-other, or the Duke of this other thing, or at least from the same continent as those guys, and once upon a time read Chaucer, so what would you expect?

All kidding aside, and having now exhausted as much snark as is probably allowed before lunchtime, your e-mail is almost certainly the best evidence I have yet seen — seriously, the BEST! — that those who proclaim white racial superiority and pride are among the world’s most likely washouts, and the least self-aware.

Pro tip: Truly accomplished people tend to let their actions speak for themselves, no cheerleaders required. White folks who go around telling people how great their “racial group” is, likely do so because they’ve never done much of anything personally, but are hoping that maybe one day the European “genius gene” will kick in and deliver them from a life of mediocrity.

Oh and yes, I know you’re probably wondering if I would apply the same arguments to people of color who express pride in their groups. But although I do find all group-based pride claims somewhat problematic (after all they call it self-esteem because it’s about the self and what you’ve done, not what someone else distantly connected to you did) there really are some differences between whites and folks of color proclaiming pride in their groups.

At least when black folks speak of pride in their group it tends to be about pride in the perseverance of their people in the face of oppression and great odds; it’s about overcoming and surviving and even thriving despite systemic attempts to bring them to heel. It’s about refusing to be defined by someone else’s terms, or holding high your group’s accomplishments, not because you think they necessarily imbue you with some magical properties but precisely because others are so quick to dismiss them, deny them, or simply never learn of them at all. That kind of pride is an act of resistance.

But for us? There is no remotely comparable reason for us to be proud of our “racial” group.

In fact, the very notion of white pride is for losers. Not because people of European descent don’t have things of which to be proud. We do (as well as some things for which we ought not to be proud in the least), but that’s not about whiteness.

Whiteness — the very notion of white people — was a 17th-century invention, crafted principally in the American colonies, as a way to link even the most impoverished European peasant or indentured servant with the elite, in a united front against enslaved Africans and indigenous persons.

Before that time there were no white people. We were not one big happy family. Most of European history had been about killing each other, building some truly beautiful churches, and looking for the witch. There was never pan-European unity, let alone a concept like whiteness to bind us to one another.

But in the colonies, the rich needed to divide and conquer working peoples — the riff-raff — so as to vouchsafe their economic status, which they felt was threatened by the prospects of class-based rebellions across lines of color. So they began referring to poor Europeans as whites for the first time and extending certain privileges to them so as to place even the lowliest “white” person above all defined as non-white. By doing so, they could endow the European peasant class with a “psychological wage” (as W.E.B. DuBois put it), which allowed them to think, “I might not have much, but at least I’m not black.”

Of course, psychological wages don’t pay the bills or allow for much financial security in a system built for the wealthy, so the price of accepting our newfound caste status as whites was the cementing of elite domination over us as well. It kept us quiet and acquiescent, and fighting people of color over the pieces of a pie that none of us owned.

Thus, to be proud of being white is quite literally to be proud of having been suckered by rich folks, conned into thinking we have more in common with billionaires who happen to share our skin tone than with the black and brown folks who struggle to make ends meet just like most whites do.

So unless being played for a fool is now to be seen as evidence of superiority (rather than something quite the opposite of that), it’s hard to see what exactly there is about whiteness of which one should be proud.

But hey, at least you’ll always have the caps lock button.

I excitedly await our next therapy session.

Be well.
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