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Devi Ever

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MOD EDIT: This thread was originally an AMA thread for @Devi Ever. Recent events indicated that Devi deserved their own thread, and an OP was made by our own @Jaimas (original here).

There are certain cows that go beyond, Kiwis.

Devi Ever
, also going by the handles Amber Coal, Grace Lynn, and her Twitter Handle, Pixelgoth is a troon like none other. It is a rare cow that is not content to simply involve themselves in the Autism Holy War, e-drama, or Rat King. It is likewise uncommon to find one unhappy with simply Trooning out, failing miserably and scamming people multiple times.

Doing all of the above and more while also being a self-aggrandizing shrieking idiot who constantly pitches online temper-tantrums to avoid e-criticism, however, puts one in a class above. It takes a rare talent for all sides involved in Gamergate to put aside their differences and decide you are a target worth mocking, but that is the caliber of cow we're discussing today. With a reputation that proceeds her for good reason and litany of former friends and associates who describe her, at best, as a sociopath.

@Devi Ever, who joined the Farms in one of her numerous scams, is a unique breed. Dramacow, Careercow, and Rat King all describe her in equal measure, as you will soon see. While many members of the Rat King are fraudsters, often even gigantic fraudsters (like Kiva Bay), Ever is by far one of the worst - if not the worst - and has been blacklisted from virtually every crowdfunding site as a result. When people talk about the terrible reputation crowdfunding has as a whole, Ever is a walking, talking, sperging example of why it's a shit-show. She's also a fucking terrible human being, but I'll get to that.

Ever's adventures in crowdfunding began after an initially successful project several years back in 2003. In the aftermath of this, having some money left over, Ever apparently hit upon the cynical and morally reprehensible scheme of crowdfunding a project, then simply pocketing the cash and never delivering on it. Traditionally, she does this by, at the zero hour, changing all her contact information to complete garbage and trying to drop off the internet, assuming a new identity, and then starting this shit all over again.

Ever tries to justify her shit.

To help foster these campaigns, Ever goes out of her way to cozy up to a community that she thinks will show gratitude for her work and then try to solicit that community to spread around her crowdfunding campaigns and pay her bills. When the inevitable happens, and a community finds out who she is and what she's known for, she has a complete meltdown, deletes fucking everything, and assumes yet another identity, only to move on to try to milk some other special interest group or community on the internet. Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Retarded.

While Ever first pulled this shit with the music community, she got over $41,000, which she then claims immediately spent almost entirely on paying outstanding debts, though many think she spent it on herself (we may never know for sure). She would then proceed to use Kickstarter and Gofundme almost fifteen fucking times over the course of the last five years, including emergency surgery for her cat, vaginoplasty, and more. Each time Ever would get caught pulling this shit, and a community would get wise to her tactics, she would delete her Twitter, change her username, and start the process all over again. Ever's initial chimp-outs were big enough to draw a few Lolcow chronicleers even at this early phase, but it would be some time before the full breadth of her Lolcowdom would surface.

Let's go over some highlights:

Part One - Gamergate:
After welshing on her KS obligations, Devi Ever first attached herself to Gamergate by pulling a Homer and going after some of the big indie devs affiliated with Quinn, and repeatedly tried to dox them. While Ever tried to frame herself as a GG supporter from the word go, her leading off in this fashion did not ingratiate her to who (she was hoping) would be her new donator class.

If you're not familiar with GG, pulling the Homer approach and attacking Anti-GGers directly was a surefire way to get your account shut down. Assuming you weren't banned for pissing off say, Brianna Wu (and Ever did; we'll get to that in a bit), you could count on GG supporters reporting you for being an asshole.

Ever chose her targets carefully, never going after anyone too high-profile, but GG supporters started to notice a pattern: Not only was she pulling these attacks, but she was somehow getting time during GG streams and events as if she was someone important. When she began trying to tone-police GGers, that's when a few alarm bells rang, since that shit's what a lot of false-flag attempts by the Anti-GGers tried to do.

GG's more paranoid Autists fired up their weaponized Autism, and started digging into Ever's past. Almost immediately, the GGers hit upon the very same information those first Chronicleers from ED and company did: That she was a repeat-offending scam-artist who just announced a new crowdfunding project for a game she was working on, and had solicited GG to donate to it and her Patreon. Unfortunately for Ever, this was pretty much exactly when she was outed by the Autists of GG, and her response was to flee GG, claiming they had harassed her by bringing up her previous scam history.

She would then donate all her remaining crowdfunding money to Feminist Frequency as a mea culpa, told everyone pissed about her scamming to suck her girldick, and then spergposted about how GG was bad because they didn't care about how bad she was suffering from these terrible crowdfunding scam allegations.

Part Two - Anti-Gamergate:
Anti-Gamergate has a long and rather glorious tradition of propping up crowdfunding cheats, like Kiva Bay, Zoe Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian herself, so one might imagine that in such a field of winners, Devi Ever would do just fine. If that's what you thought, however, you did not reckon with how much of a colossal fuck-up Ever is.

One of the first things Ever did now that she was firmly in the Anti-GG camp was attempt to get them to signal boost her latest crowdfunding operations. Some, like Jake Alley, did so immediately, but one of the biggest and lulziest fish in the pond, Brianna Wu, saw through what Ever was immediately and fucking refused to even pay her any mind. Even worse: Wu purportedly warned other big names in Anti-GG in turn, who promptly cut off Ever's avenues of egress. In very little time, the Anti-GGers had also outed Ever was a scam-artist, and Ever was fucking pissed - not only were the original chronicleers on ED and friends and the GGers covering her, but now so were parts of Anti-GG, and while some of the more autistic voices in the latter would still go to bat for her, the rest saw her for what she was. Ever's response was anything but graceful; she wound up using a certain individual, now infamous on the Farms, as her personal attack dog, winding her up and turning her against Brianna Wu.

That person was Chloe Sagal.

For the uninitiated: Chloe Sagal was a tragic transgendered lolcow who was seriously, dangerously mentally ill, and wound up immolating herself to death in early 2018, citing the complete lack of support she had recieved from the LGBT community as the reason for it. During GG, Chloe became notorious for frothing, psychotic meltdowns targeting Brianna Wu specifically, in which she sent Wu multiple death threats on her Patreon and wound up getting systemically deplatformed by the Rat King for refusing to ratchet things back. There is a credible argument to be made that it was Ever who turned Sagal on to try to get Wu to help signal boost her IndieGogo campaign, and subsequently led Wu to do the logical thing and refuse to help, in turn leading to Sagal's decaying orbit.

When both repeatedly went after Wu, they further made themselves persona non grata in Anti-GG circles, and within a few short months, Ever had deleted fucking everything and was preparing to begin the con again, leaving Sagal to face the fallout on her own.

Part Three - Notch:
Okay, pretend that you're @Devi Ever for a moment. Your multiple crowdfunding attempts have failed because the word's getting out about your exploits. Your efforts over the last few months to gain the support, admiration, and most importantly, money of special-interest groups have, so far, failed on every fundamental level. "Oh, the crowdfunding cheat?" Is the most common response given when people are asked about you, if they even remember your name at all, in the many desperate attempts you make to figure out where the fuck you may have gone wrong.

You ultimately decide that you're gonna blame everything on vidya. Especially Notch. So, apropos of nothing, you go to Notch, tell him he doesn't deserve his success, and demand $100,000 in order to pay your bills, at which point you are suprised when he tells you to fuck off and go panhandle someplace else. You then respond with a video entitled "The Day Notch Killed Me," in which you chimp out and try to shame him into it by repeatedly accusing him of Ableism, only to try to claim later that you didn't mean any of it:

Suffice to say this does not work and you become more of a laughingstock.

Part Four - Kiwi Farms:
You're in this thread, so you already have an idea how this turned out, but honestly that description does not even hold a candle to how fucking amazing this one panned out in real time: Namely, that Devi started her own thread here on the Farms. This was especially surreal because Devi supported the forum, and was originally somewhat well-received, after admitting the Kiwis might not be so bad.

There wasn't really anything glaring that jumped out at first, some minor GG sperging here and there, leaning pro- or anti- as the thread progressed. In fact, the thread was closer to a marginally-interesting AMA than an actual Lolcow thread for a while. It was very clear, however, that more was going on, right under the surface. Many suspected something was gonna brew up soon, and good god, did it.

In truth, Ever had made an account on ED some time ago, either to ingratiate herself with them, or, more likely, under the assumption that she could trollshield herself. ED being what they are, they immediately dug up her history, doxed her, and and Devi came to the Farms to try to build up support to play the Kiwi Farms and ED against one another. To put it mildly, it didn't fucking work, and you can watch the nonsense begin on Page 13.

It all starts when two of our resident EDiots, LikeICare and Wilkens, both responded to her attempts to get help from the Farms by pointing out that she was the one behind getting herself doxed in the first place when she complained about being doxed by ED. Things snowballed quickly, and it was readily apparent in only a few posts what she'd been up to,only to get caught, and all so she could continue to run from her long and ever-growing history of crowdfunding scams.

Soonafter, her pattern of scams was discussed at length in her thread. Rani had some especially cutting words, bringing up that Ever was a duplicitous prick who could and would sell out anyone to save her own ass, as was seen during the Chloe Sagal saga. She quickly sank back onto Twitter, where she would try to keep this shit going, only to have more and more of her scams exposed, one by one.

Part Five - Where We Are Now:
After her ill-starred attempt to play ED and the Farms off one another, things were not going well for @Devi Ever. Her long history of scams and outstanding unfulfilled crowdfunding campaigns was leading her to pick up her usual tactic of pretending she had turned over a new leaf, but even her own supporters on her own forum were having none of that shit. Multiple times, she would claim, on her Twitter, to have learned from her mistakes, only to try to e-beg within six hours. New crowdfunding campaigns she tried would be exposed immediately, and Ever hooked up with someone as broken and fucked-up as she is, while blaming everyone but herself for her problems.

She also began ebegging for video games and it came out she spends a fuck of a lot of time playing them on Steam. Later she would announce that due to people constantly complaining about her scams, she was leaving the music gear industry forever and once more insulting the KS backers she owed money to. There's also a story about how she allegedly tried to trick Billy Corgen into having sex with her, but I don't know how much I believe that, given that she looks like Randi Stair fucked Brianna Wu.

Part Six - Conclusion:
Devi Ever is a fucking Icarus Flight of the most legendary kind - a sort of super-cow that crosses party lines and genres in her quest to grift, to the point where almost every community that she's ever run across mocks her for entirely justified reasons. Her addiction to attention, aversion to any kind of actual work, and thin shreds of actual talent combine to form this bizarre self-feeding mechanism where she tries to keep the illusion going like she always has, but now that people can see the proverbial strings, she's been blacklisted by many crowdfunding sites, and the litany of friends and associates she's backstabbed leaves a trail of wreckage stretching back as long as she's used Social Media, with no amount of identity swaps able to bury the truth now (especially now that people are smart enough to use archiving sites.

Various shit @Ride found:
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"Nearly 40 years old, I've spent as much of my life as a boy as a trans woman, but ultimately feel mostly non-binary / gender fluid, especially after re-discovering myself as a wolf boy through social VR.

So I guess who knows, maybe even furry.

I'm just me!"
https://twitter.com/LittleMouseVR/status/1083392422925615105 (http://archive.md/LOF1v)

Has also gone by deathbyfairydust and effector13. Music project's name was Mercury's Fortune.
http://www.mercurysfortune.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20030501210641/http://www.mercurysfortune.com:80/)

He uses his Reddit account for VR shit: https://www.reddit.com/user/deathbyfairydust/ (http://archive.md/ODVZe)

His Blogspot: http://effector13.blogspot.com/ (http://archive.md/Znhaw)
His Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/effector13/

Older, now dead sites:
http://www.guitarpedalarchive.net/ (https://web.archive.org/web/20060816033427/http://www.guitarpedalarchive.net/)
http://www.effector13.com/ (https://web.archive.org/web/20040802042720/http://www.effector13.com:80/)

DOB: 1/15/1980 (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QJ4D-BW2V)
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Yearbook Pics

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verification : www.facebook.com/PTSTD/posts/1464564147204700

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Have you ever actually made an released a game?
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Any ideas for new games?
Ever play DungeonQuest?

I've been wanting to do a more playable version of that for a long time. That plus my fascination with Rogue, while also hating the learning curve of Rogue / Nethack, has been leading me towards this idea of doing a kind of table top hybrid of Rogue, DungeonQuest, with almost MTG style combat.

I'm sorting out the GUI and basic gameplay elements right now.

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Nope. I worked p damn hard the past 10+ years of my life to build an incredibly successful guitar pedal business from the ground up.

At its peak I was making $250k a year building guitar pedals by hand 40+ hours a week.

I think that's all pretty much the exact opposite of entitlement.
That was then, and yet you sure seem to have entitlement issues now. I believe that's what he meant by the question.

My question is: why did you come here? Nothing good will come from it.

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Is this yet another episode in the insane tranny game dev saga?
Yeah but apparently this time the crazy tranny came to us. Let's see how well this works out for her.

I thought this was Kiwi Farms, not 4chan.
You're less funny than a /b/ poster, go figure

"I was just trolling, guys!"

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Why are you here?
Someone suggested I start a thread after I posted my relation to some BS happening over here : https://kiwifarms.net/threads/8-28-2015-im-not-a-crook-emailgate.12101/

You're less funny than a /b/ poster
The Notch situation was only for the amusment of me and my friend at the time, which of course his part of the convo was conveniently not a part of what Notch posted, but hey, if hatin' on some internet trollin' and calling that shit retarded is what gets you off, I ain't here to judge you.