Skitzocow Timothy Sweet - Pro-Celebrity Stalker and Word Salad Chef

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RP 520

So tonight while browsing various news, clickbate and other shit I came across a story about a Fox News contributor who is apparently being stalked by a man named Tim Sweet. This would be just a run-of-the mill obscure, obsessed stalker story if it wasn't for the fact that he did this to musician Taylor Swift back in 2012 and harassed her to the point that he started threatening to go on a shooting rampage which prompted her to obtain a restraining order against him.

Looking at his twitter and fb accounts reveals how bat-shit he is. His twitter description reads something cooked up from the school of @Brad Watson_Miami and a face that says "my mind is holding onto reality by a broken string"

In one of his tweets he describes himself:

Besides obsession over Taylor Swift, a news contributor and threatening violence if they don't submit to him, he also sends out unsolicited tweets to other celebrities as though he's carrying on a conversation with them even though they never acknowledge him:

He also is an ardent Donald Trump supporter and thinks Trump will select him as VP when he gets the nomination, again he rambles on at Trump, thinking he matters:

Mr. Sweet gives Donald Trump advice on women:

He forgot to speak this day apparently: (Active Twitter) (Old Twitter)

RP 520

Today in VP Candidate Sweet's twitter conference:
Tim puts way too much confidence in Obama:
Tim reveals to Marco Rubio that he's been a covert CIA operative since 2004:
He ends his conference announcing he is going to shower and go to church. He finally reminds us the US is a friendly country.

This is seen in contrast with his previous statements declaring it's his intention to repeal the 22nd amendment, force his brand of Christianity on the entirety of Earth, change laws to make women literal slaves to men, become a co-ruling monarch with Donald Trump, and conquer five continents with Great Britain.

@King n Yellow,

Fuck you crotch-sniffer.

If I sniffed crotches I would probably be exceptional and go around saying something silly like GOD=7_4.

I had forgotten about this guy until a friend sent me some links this afternoon. He's apparently still nuts, has started a "charity" for "veterans" (i.e. a GoFundMe), wants to run for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2018, and is convinced that he will run in and win the 2020 presidential election.

Current Facebook archive.
Current Twitter archive.
Current GoFundMe archive.

His "charity" hasn't gotten any donations, which is unsurprising. He also apparently wants to start a company that's like Wal-Mart, but bigger and with schools, somehow.

"I don't want to be a Senator; if I did, I would be never mind the fact that I tried four years ago and couldn't get on the ballot."




Michael Hayden, Mike Pence, and Donald Trump should hire him as a campaign consultant if Trump wants to win. Also, they should recruit him to be Trump's Secretary of State (or Clinton's, if Trump loses, even though she and the mainstream media are silencing him), and also more CIA stuff, and Trump copies his tweets.


He still has one-sided conversations with individuals/organizations, and is still convinced that he is going to be President for 20+ years.


"You're not a leader, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, but I, a crazy, possibly homeless guy, will be!"



There's way too much to put everything that's funny or interesting, but his Facebook and Twitter are worth going through.

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