Horrorcow Timothy Wayne McClelland II / Beau McClelland / Beau99 / QueerCatDubh / TheAwesomeAutie - Pedophile with hateboner for Kiwi Farms, real boner for underage cartoon characters


My stash of lesbian porn proves I'm not homophobic
Like all mentally ill troons, he can't handle anything that challenges his worldview because surprise surprise it's all based around the lies he's told himself.

Only in the decadent West can a waste of space like him continue to exist. He contributes nothing, he's a sponge to everyone around him, he's an entitled ungrateful prick, he very likely creeps on children whenever he goes out, etc. In any other culture he'd be thrown out and living on the street. But thanks to his shitty Boomer father he continues to live a life far better than he deserves.

Just kind of sad really.


My stash of lesbian porn proves I'm not homophobic
Unfortunately I don't see our pretty little princess ever getting gainfully employed. Why? Well Google "Timothy Wayne McClelland Phoenix, AZ" and you get this very thread on the first page and all the grotesque pictures in the image search.

I love you Kiwi Farms.


It's only gay if the balls touch.
Damn I honestly can't get over how pathetic some of these people are... and how they play the perpetual victim...

Oh no.. my dad wants me to get a job! He won't call me Katie when I'm a fucking DUDE named Timothy!!

As if they have it so bad. It boggles my mind.

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