Horrorcow Timothy Wayne McClelland II / Beau McClelland / Beau99 / QueerCatDubh / TheAwesomeAutie - Pedophile with hateboner for Kiwi Farms, real boner for underage cartoon characters


My stash of lesbian porn proves I'm not homophobic
Not much of an update, just more failure:


His phone is breaking down apparently. His father is no longer buying him things so he wants to beg his mother for a new phone, but he can't because he can't log into the Facebook app and send her a message.

I've enjoyed shitting on this guy these past months but this is getting too depressing even for me. Social media is literally his entire life, he has nothing and nobody outside of the Internet. No friends no job and he's alienated his father and brother to the point where they avoid talking to him anymore. Almost any other cow on KF has a more meaningful existence than that.

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