Horrorcow Timothy Wayne McClelland II / Beau McClelland / Beau99 / QueerCatDubh / TheAwesomeAutie - Pedophile with hateboner for Kiwi Farms, real boner for underage cartoon characters

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I don't understand why people would admit they are into kids publicly, being a pedophile is honestly one of the worst things a person could be and he went on a forum and said "yeah, I'm a pedo" just like someone would say "yeah, I like honey garlic chicken wings"

If I had a kid and I found out he was a pedophile I would be completely mortified
He probably thinks it's another thing he can be oppressed by.

and ANOTHER tranny pedo named Timothy? :offtopic: One of my personal lolcow trannies got doxed and confirmed incel pedophile a couple days ago and his name was Timothy. He really should have a thread here, actually.

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Meet Timothy Wayne McClelland II, a pedophile who proclaims himself to be "literally impossible" to dox.
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Oops. This "literally impossible" to find information has been found!
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Timothy "Beau" Wayne McClelland II
Born September 4th, 1986
Last known location (he lives with his dad): 17216 N 33rd Ave Apt 1055, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Named after his father, Timothy tends to use the nickname Beau instead because he has daddy issues. Timothy believes he is part Native American (along with German and Scotch-Irish) and later claimed he had proof he was 25% Cherokee, which he used as a reason to RRRREEEEE at Donald Trump and the USA itself.

Additional photos:
http://archive.li/970Mt http://archive.li/3gAzB His painted nails

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In late 2011, Timothy decided he was transgender and began melting down, cross dressing, losing friends, being disbelieved, and using "kintype"-based names such as Nico, Star (Star Vs.) and Cassie (Dragontales), and first decided he would change his name to Taylor Cassandra, then he wanted to be Taylor Rin Tilde (with Tilde coming from someone he talked to at the time called Jamie Tilde) but he said it would cost $286, followed by Taylor Hikari Tilde (which would now cost $300, and the Hikari was from Pokémon), then Taylor Cassandra Hikari which lasted less than a month and became Cassie Hikari, which became Cassie Hikari Fox, which soon became Cassie Star (he first denied it was related to Star Vs. but soon Star Butterfly became "literally" him), he rejected Cassie Amber Star and anything based on Diamond Tiara, he went to Clover Star which now would cost $350, he then decided on Clover Nico Star but how on Earth could Timothy ever get the whopping $40 required to buy a name change? The most recent autism seems to be Katie Clover Holt, based off the Voltron character he is currently obsessed with.
After years of this sperging, Timothy claimed that he discovered he couldn't even get a name change in Arizona without having SRS or proof he was going to get it.

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This could probably go without saying, but Timothy is not only unemployed, he also lives with his father, and he has blamed both of these factors as reasons why he hasn't been able to troon out. About a year after first deciding he was transgender, Timothy said he didn't even want "tits or a vagina." That feeling may not have persisted, as in 2016 Timothy said his dream job is to become a Starbucks barista, solely because Starbucks would pay for HRT and SRS.

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Timothy says he told his family he was "otherkin," and they knew he was obsessed with My Little Pony, but it wasn't until 2015 that he decided to tell them he believed he was transgender, that he rejected Christianity, believes in reincarnation, and was agender. He apparently did all or most of this over a Facebook note, and his mom told him he should go to a psychiatrist. He said he got "better reactions" from telling them about being an otherkin versus coming out as transgender. The only family member who called him by his troon names and supported him was his oldest cousin, who it turns out is a convicted felon who served time in jail.
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Timothy also says he is "genderfluid." Before trooning out, Timothy was happily gay and internet dating other guys. Despite being obsessed with autism, Timothy may have never been actually diagnosed with it.

Timothy has a massive internet footprint, with hundreds of thousand of tweets, and on one particular forum called ToonZone he has over 15,000 posts, with thousands more scattered across other forums including over 1,400 on WrongPlanet. Timothy's web presence is so large that you'll often see Timothy himself stumbling upon an old, forgotten account. Many of these accounts use his Beau name, as "gender issues" didn't come up until 2011, when he was 25-years-old.

Most lolcows are criticized for using the same name on every site they go to. This is mostly true for Timothy, who did reuse the same names quite often. However, Timothy has also managed to accumulate a large amount of aliases, mostly through renaming his Twitter account over the years and drifting between interests, such as going from anime and My Little Pony inspired names to his current obsession, Katie "Pidge" Holt from Voltron.
These are just some of his names: CassieHikari, Shy Dash, starryclover/starryclovers, autisticpidge/autistic_pidge, beau99, Coldplayfan9999, agenderstar, pidgeisautistic, Sailor_Tay, CassieFeathrbed, CassieHFox, Cassie Star, Katie Star/KatieAStar, Hikari, TayLovesRin, Sweetiebelle99, Rin Tilde, Pearl's Hair, tay_the_cat, litl_star, Hikari Tilde, Dora_IsAwesome, Im_clover, litl_clover, pearl_rants, shydashramblings, MabelPinesIRL, pikachu99, WolverinesFan99, and certainly many more. Some of these Twitter name changes have been due to "harassment."

https://twitter.com/LittleQueerChat http://archive.li/dKE5f
https://twitter.com/shy_dash http://archive.li/I7shu
https://www.blogger.com/profile/12412726995172440190 http://archive.li/AwCvV
http://thoughtsofanautistic.blogspot.com/ http://archive.li/XarGP
https://beau99.deviantart.com/ http://archive.li/VzRtC http://archive.li/OIrgK http://archive.li/B3FMW
http://archive.li/UfTjO http://archive.li/ItS7P http://archive.li/A00Mf http://archive.li/t9Azn
https://www.misterpoll.com/users/270042 http://archive.li/3WU2g
https://beau99.livejournal.com/profile http://archive.li/kWehI
https://plus.google.com/111024594415690264119 http://archive.li/6fdBq
https://www.facebook.com/people/Katie-Clover-McClelland/100008154433846 http://archive.li/5JvZi
https://www.facebook.com/KatiePidgeHolt http://archive.li/KgPCI
https://old-friends.co/school.php?s=21214#2004 http://archive.li/Bj5os
http://listography.com/pidge http://archive.li/bu5M8
https://myanimelist.net/profile/starryclover http://archive.li/wff8C
https://wikivisually.com/wiki/User:Beau99 http://archive.li/bsYMb
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Beau99 http://archive.li/84VGr
http://pidgeisautistic.tumblr.com/ http://archive.li/tV9Uj
http://wrongplanet.net/forums/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=14859 http://archive.li/MJPzT
http://www.ruudgoedhart.nl/wft/search.php?search_author=beau99 http://archive.li/xk6xE
https://www.christianforums.com/members/beau99.151301/ http://archive.li/2VFWO
http://autismweb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=103716 http://archive.li/lHz9i
http://www.christiananime.net/viewtopic.php?t=30853&p=722891 http://archive.li/dVYJm
https://www.toonzone.net/forums/members/cassie-star.34271/ (15,000+ posts)
"ponygoons/The Round Stable" http://archive.li/PJVkC
RationalWiki http://archive.li/V3LSP ("autism is relevant to my interests" - you don't say... )
https://archive.org/details/@beau99 http://archive.li/vaPEP (Profile image is of "Minty" https://kpendragon.deviantart.com/art/MLP-G4-Minty-pic-182165009)
https://www.last.fm/user/beau99 http://archive.li/AwCvV
http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/member/beau99 http://archive.li/TEra6
Steam: http://archive.li/oF5xQ Groups: http://archive.li/jBgh0 Friends: http://archive.li/hvWgC Games: http://archive.li/4Hg3W
The majority of his aliases and interests tend to tie back in to one disturbing, overlying theme - Timothy's unhealthy obsession with underage cartoon characters.
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This Psych Forums post from a CassieHikari account matches the time period he was using that handle as well as the local time zone. https://www.psychforums.com/paraphilias/topic142299-30.html
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With that in mind, Timothy's favorite My Little Pony characters ended up being Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara, two of the "filly" child-aged ponies. After spending a year scornfully complaining about "clop" and dramatically announcing he would kill himself by flying to England and drowning himself in a river if he ever saw porn of the "filly" characters (clearly an attempt to get people to send it to him), he decided to inform the world how much he 'really loves' Sweetie Belle, and yes he meant exactly what you are thinking. In a reply to a now-deleted brony account, he claimed he tried not to look at things that could get him "technically arrested for being a pedo." He was also worried when a troll group began doxing 'cloppers' and was upset because lolcow Purple Tinker would hate Timothy if he knew he was a 'clopper.'
He once remarked that he wanted to "rant" on a private account so that the underage MLP voice actress Michelle Creber (Sweetie Belle's singing voice. He still regularly listens to the album she recorded when she was 12~) wouldn't see it, however admitting he was jerking off to the underage characters was not a problem.
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It gets worse. For whatever reason, confessing his lust for Sweetie Belle was not enough, and also in December 2012 he randomly admitted that he was into loli and shota and around the same time he also started a fight over people liking shota, which he admitted made him a hypocrite. He also kindly took a selfie during these revelations so the world would know who to keep their children away from. In 2014, Timothy brought up loli and shota a few times and admitted he was in the "shota scene" years ago.

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Timothy really likes "preschool cartoons" and in addition to MLP has admitted to viewing rule 34 for WordGirl, Sofia the First (this series is where his "Amber" name came from, he wanted to buy a Clover "cuddle pillow"), and talked about his "r34 folder." He was fixated on the name Cassie for years, as noted earlier it's the name of a Dragontales character, and it turns out why he got a hard on for Diamond Tiara is because they have the same voice actress. He's also mentioned how he likes watching Dragontales so he can hear the "younger" voices of some of the MLP VAs, who were 12 and 15 at the time. Dora the Explorer is one of his favorites and he uses it as his avatar on various sites as well as the 'theme' for his current 18+ locked Twitter account.

Timothy has, unsurprisingly, repeatedly been outed as a pedophile.

It doesn't end there, oh no. Timothy also is a "little" and has pictures of himself posing with a pacifier, footie pajamas, and children's toys and blankets. Timothy has complained that it is unfair that "littles" like himself get branded as pedos, especially when older men want to support "younger littles." In March 2017, Timothy thought it was a good idea to tell his family that he was a "little," confirming his father's 2014 suspicions that the boy ain't right. He also bought a collar for "bdsm purposes."

With over 240,000 tweets, Timothy has commented on all sorts of drama over the years, such as Alison Rapp being fired for prostitution, GG, Jace planning to "murder Brenda[sic] Wu" and crashing his car, the 2016 Presidential election, even blarms, etc.

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Timothy will often lock down his account, usually after getting into internet slap fights, which he does all the time. Timothy loves to sperg out and harass people about things such as trannies and autism, and as such he has also harassed Cathy Brennan on Facebook, has been cursed out by Jonathan Blank aka Purple Tinker, blocked Brianna Wu for being a "transphobe" and a Hillary supporter, and had John Best tell him to kill himself in drama related to Timothy's autism blog, Thoughts of an Autistic (https://archive.fo/XarGP).

View attachment 346358

Like a certain other lolcow, Timothy has an autistic obsession with maps. As you could see from the first image on this thread, he also is obsessed and upset with Kiwi Farms and you may remember seeing him capped in various threads over the past year or so as he whined about the Farms with frequency. This has led to paranoia about getting a thread made on himself, and of people being "kiwis" and following him on Twitter (it would be funny if they were just New Zealanders). He also talks to some rat king members and other lolcows, such as Zach Bradley. Timothy has become so triggered by the site he has begun immediately blocking anyone sourcing information from a thread here, and has even lied and said that everything on this site is "easily provable as false."

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Remember how he told his family he was an otherkin, and that he believed in reincarnation? Timothy somehow went from mocking otherkin to joining in with up to 13 "kintypes." He also became "fictionkin" and says he was somehow not only a sapphire stone, but also fictional characters in a past life. He got "kinfeels" for Diamond Tiara and was mad when a "kinblog" made fun of bronies but still liked her design, he eventually declared himself fictionkin with the character despite claiming to no longer watch MLP. He was, predictably, also into Stephen Universe and wanted to be Pearl. He believed he was the only fictionkin who was lusting after Sofia the First characters. He's had a bunch of Tumblr blogs for these 'kins' but they seem to be deleted and he claims he hates the site now, he also hates otherkin forums for not being insane enough to tolerate fictionkin, and especially dislikes the otherkin subreddit, which considers fictionkin to be attention whores.
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Timothy has also tried to create various 'sonas for himself, but his lack of money and drawing skills prevent him from doing so with the exception of a Powerpuff Girls character, which had an online tool people made them with. His fursona has ranged from a cat-like fox, to a cat-dragon hybrid, to a fox-dragon-cat hybrid.

Timothy considered himself to be a "hardcore brony" and, as you will have seen above, was really into the whole brony community for a few years. He bought the toys and shirts, he got invested in the cringe (he was confused by the socks fetish, and it turns out he hates wearing socks and thinks they are full of bacteria and germs), he pulled a Chris and stalked all the VAs on Twitter, he got triggered by Ron Paul and wanted to write in Princess Luna, he roleplayed as 'Derpy Hooves' and 'Minty,' he used the cringy slang, used MLP Minecraft skins, fantasized about underage characters becoming lesbians and got excited when one had bunny ears in the show, and as previously outlined, he was indeed a "clopper." As of 2016 he says he no longer watches MLP, but he still follows the news about it.
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Update: Holy Moses, everything about this guy just gets worse the more you look. I was looking at his autism blog, here are some disturbing highlights.

In 2007 at the age of 21, Timothy claims to have attempted suicide by taking 6 pills of Vicodin. Not long after that, Timothy revealed his dreams to adopt a boy to raise on his own, specifically a "special needs child" with autism. Timothy also claims to be unable to drive or even just walk around outside due to "extreme sensory issues" that result in "meltdowns" where he scratches at his wrists and punches himself in the head. Timothy believes cats are autists in disguise. Timothy tried to volunteer as a Big Brother but was thankfully rejected due to lack of driver's license, he also tried to volunteer at the Phoenix Children's Hospital but was scared off by potential costs for training.
I want to believe this is a joke, I really do...

Clown Baby

you're the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life
True & Honest Fan
Out of all the batshit insane things my dude thinks he is, the fact that he claims to be 25% Cherokee is the funniest. Like all the other shit is just pure insanity, but the NA thing is cracking me up. He can yell about being a troon or a fucking otherkin all day long and most people are just going to roll their eyes, but that sweet native oppression, man. Tuggin on heart strings from his dad's basement.




True & Honest Fan
That OP introduction, holy fuck I wasn't ready for this. Just as I thought things started to get bumpy, it suddenly speed up and jumped into a cliff, as it keeps falling down, it gets shot and it's set on fire, and apparently it's just the beginning.
The fact that OP keeps digging and finding stuff just as terrible is truly amusing, a gold mine of autism if you will.

Anyway, I'm still a bit torn here: This fag obviously wants attention and shit, hence why he keeps shouting all that stupid crap, but when he gets attention he gets all freaked out. I'm not sure if he deliberately wanted us to make this thread so he would get attention and pity points, but I DO know that whoever he wants that pity from won't be that happy to know he's a paedo and that this attention is not something that will go away that easily.

Fag is going to eventually read this thread, we all know that, so: You done fucked up.

Save the Loli

That one study that found a link between autism and transgenderism seems more correct than ever. All sorts of autistic weirdos nowadays seem to try and fit under the transgender label. Just call them autogynyphiles because that's what they are. And this guy looks 100% like a man and doesn't even try to pass, most of the rat kings look way more passable than this freak.

This nigga bout to ruin ZOOM of all things for me? I haven't thought about that shit in over a decade, but God damn it :(
I forgot about it too, I used to watch it as a kid. Pretty creepy to be obsessed with the child actors on there although I'm sure since this is child actors we're talking about a few are in jail by now or otherwise addicted to drugs (ZOOM is Boston, Boston area has a major problem with opiates). Interesting how autistic people watch TV shows aimed at young children into their teenage and adult years.


Can't complain (but sometimes I still do)
That one study that found a link between autism and transgenderism seems more correct than ever. All sorts of autistic weirdos nowadays seem to try and fit under the transgender label. Just call them autogynyphiles because that's what they are.
Autistics are really rigid about categorization, the way 5 and 6 year old kids are. They think in absolutes, so if you're not succeeding 100% at being a man, you must be a woman. Add that to the fact that less than 10% of autists actually get married, ever, and that most of them feel desperately lonely, and you've given the "I can't get a woman so I have to become my own perfect object of desire" fetish a huge amount of fuel for the fire.

Women with autism believing they're men is even sadder, victims of the "autism is a super-male brain" idea that never had any real substantive evidence to back it up. Now they're permanently fucking up their bodies because they think anyone who isn't empathetic and emotional also shouldn't have boobs.

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