Timothy Whitbeck / Emma Quinn / Jane Wild / ChloeQuinnTS / timnygma / Gaara-30 / setokaiba24 (frm. Amber/Chloe Quinn) - An otter failure & the laziest, thirstiest, nice guy tranny chaser in the world

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Jul 24, 2013
Tranny Chaser and Phil/Toren Asspatter

Timothy James Whitbeck Jr.
1688 Nelms Lane
Nashville NC 27856-9796
Born: November 3rd, 1988

Timothy is, quite possibly, the laziest tranny on planet earth. Lazier than Wes Bailey, than Nora Reed, even lazier than even Jake Alley. We're talking so lazy that a man with nothing but time and disposable income makes Lets Play camcorder videos instead of using anything else. Let's start off with how this isn't entirely his fault - Tim apparently suffers from some form of "slow muscular development" that is allowing him to get SSDI and live at his parents home. Much like Glass Bones Tyro this will, according to the vague things he's posted, eventually kill him.


That is quite unfortunate! However, Instead of accomplishing anything in life, Tim has taken it to mean he should do nothing but play video games all day, every day, for six years straight. Tim also enjoys many a feminine hobby, such as watching pro wrasslin, anime, football, and obsessing over porn stars and camwhores. Since he knows he's not feminine and will never be a girl, he sees himself as The Riddler since they are both tall gangly autistics who regularly get beaten by people smarter than they are.


When I say he obsesses over porn stars, I don't mean he's a guy that likes a little porn. Beginning in late 2013, Timothy's facebook page made a drastic turn into him posting, resharing, voting for, and financially supporting tranny pornstars almost non-stop. He buys them gifts, he badgers them until they play Call of Duty with him, and he makes sure evvvveryone on his friends list knows when they change their twitter or tumblr handles. He loves trannies so much he briefly dated one from the "dating site" xhamster and, too stupid to realize he is being led on, continued to give his tard bux away.

As of June of 2015, Tim was still just an "ally", even though he regularly supported haram companies like Grooby and promotes his love of verboten slurs like "shemales" and "trannies". However, in August of 2015 Tim both started "dating" Toren Valimer and decided he was also trans with "tits and a dick" despite making no effort to do anything. Considering Toren lives primarily on the west coast, it can be reasonably assumed that their relationship was primarily financial and Slingblade was, once again, taking advantage of pathetic mentally ill manchildren.
Jane Wild 06-03-2015 1.png



This isn't conjecture. Tim's wall for months is filled with nearly a hundred shares of one of Toren's many ebegging schemes, and he mentions multiple times he has "no more money to give" so please, PLEASE, keep giving so they can be together forever in his moms basement!



Even though Timothy went through all that trouble spamming links to Toren's crowdfunding page, giving him tons of his disability bucks, and generally acting like a sad little virgin... it should come as a total surprise to everyone that Toren never followed through with it! He instead said that Tim's mother was abusive and he couldn't move in with them because of it, and then dumped him. Tim, in his grief, started a "escape my abusive home" youcaring page that has received 0 donations in 9 months. This is a common theme, as he has multiple pages demanding money for moves he could never physically make on his own.

I can't stress this enough. Toren Valimer, a transtrender scammer who has been kicked out of 4 places in 2 years for being an unrepentant mooch, is not only taking advantage of Phil but is stealing money from a dying man by pretending to be sexually interested in him. If only Tim wasn't such a chaser he'd know it too.

This all came to a head when Tim's family, after years of spamming links to porn sites and giving all his disability dollars to porn stars and scammers, told him to cut that shit out. Since he is a mature adult, he decided to "make them all pay" for keeping him from all the trannies who obviously want him.

And through it all, Toren continues to lead the sad little sperg on, just to steal a second mans disability money.
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Jul 24, 2013
We say it a lot here that members of the Rat King are only trannies because they're so pathetic they have to become the women they'll never get. In no other person is this more true than Tim Whitbeck. He's been sperging at trans pornstars for years, giving them nonstop attention and money unless his mom take control of his disability for a brief moment. Chelsea Marie is a "close friend" because he gives her money.
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He has so many crowd funding sites it's hard to keep up with them all, but he regularly makes new ones that get no funding. I can't imagine why a doofy looking white tranny chaser wouldn't be flooded with donations to save him from the "abusive home" he lives in.
Jane Wild 01-21-2016 1.png

He's absolutely shameless in his thirst.
Jane Wild 01-31-2015 2.png

lol, his hundred friends, the majority of which are porn stars and call of duty bros, are certainly appreciative he's notified them of the newest came show time change
Jane Wild 02-01-2014 1.png

I'm not going going to say he's autistic, but he's probably autistic.
Jane Wild 02-22-2012 1.png

When all your friends are pornstars, isn't this counterproductive?
Jane Wild 03-28-2012 1.png

:sighduck: I guess I have no room to complain since he's dying and probably won't make it to 30 but god damn, this is where all his SSDI goes.
Jane Wild 03-03-2015 1.png

Jane Wild 03-29-2014 1.png

Jane Wild 03-31-2014 1.png

well no shit, Sherlock
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Graffiti canvas

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Jun 18, 2015
Its almost enough to make me feel bad for him and phil
But im going to stick with my instinct and laugh
I can't feel sorry for anyone who wallows in their own self pity and blames the rest of society when life's successes aren't handed to them on a satin pillow while they lay in bed.

Literally, Fuck Phil, Fuck Slingblade and Fuck this guy for being too dumb to know Xhamster isn't a dating site.

Feline Darkmage

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Feb 11, 2016
Another dude who confuses his fetish with his gender identity. Unless he grows a beard, though, he'll never top Marky Mark the T-Runner.

I wonder who can be lazier. My money is on this dude though, since Nanners got that temp job as a Postal worker.

But then again lazier =/= funnier as a lolcow.

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