Titanium-Pony, Titanimal, Titanium-dats-me, - Perverted brony, art thief and obsessive Spike & Pony shipper

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Update: Added his DA account and Twitter Account to OP.

Update 2: Cringe thread added to OP. His Twitter is now protected, so I'll post the archive alongside it now.

Titanium-Pony is one of the most perverted bronies to ever come from the brony fandom. He was briefly touched upon in the My Little Brony II: The Cloppening thread, but after hearing about his whiny shipping behavior, as well as some other crazy stuff I found, he deserves to have a thread of his own. He's known for stealing vectors and fan arts from other artists on Deviantart without permission to make his own "works", which mostly consist of Spike being shipped with other ponies. As if that wasn't bad enough, most of his gallery is basically of NSFW content liked this:



It doesn't stop there, however. He's made similar pics with Spike in his dog from from Equestria Girls doing similar perverted actions.



It was worse on DA, because some of these questionable/explicit pictures were not filtered on the site. Even then, he was banned for a month on DA this year after a good chunk of his works were deleted due to basically being child porn. This resulted in these two pictures I found on him throwing a tantrum about his pictures getting removed from the site.



Speaking of getting banned, thanks to some info that @Hmmpf! found, he was also permanently banned from Derpibooru years ago due to blatant disrespect of other artists by refusing to give credit to them and going as far at to stalk and harass other artists on their DA profiles when called out on his theft. He was also caught ban evading on the site numerous times after his permaban, and would make journals about Derpibooru complaining about his ban there and trying to get back in. Eventually, Titanium-Pony got a special tag on Derpibooru due to how users would block him on the site because of his behavior. Below is a conversation he had with the site's admin on DA around a year ago.


He's also extremely obsessed about shipping Spike with other female ponies. In fact, he used to ship Spike & Rarity, but lately has moved toward Spike & Starlight Glimmer, a former enemy who was reformed into an ally at the end of season 5. The problem is that he's so obsessed with his OTP that he'll take things out of context to support it. These posts from Twitter are a good example.



Shipping Out of Context.jpg

He's also very insistent on Spike being shipped with ponies and absolutely nothing else. Case in point, Season 6 of the show recently introduced a dragon princess named Ember when they went to visit the land of the dragons in one episode, and since the two were basically the same species, despite the age hurdle, the Spike & Ember pairings became inevitable. You'd think he'd be happy about a pairing where spike is shipped with an actual dragon, right?



This guy also doesn't like Sunburst being around Starlight Glimmer. Sunburst is Starlight's childhood friend who she hasn't had any contact with in years and only recently reunited with him in the Season 6 two part opening. He hates him because he's not deserving of Starlight's love or some crap. Don't be fooled by him saying he's indifferent to him, this pic he uploaded to his gallery is how he really feels about Sunburst.

He may be flocking to Furaffinity to post his work here, but I'm not sure if he'll do that.

Deviantart: http://titanium-pony.deviantart.com/
Old DA Account: http://titanimal.deviantart.com/
Twitter (protected): https://twitter.com/hewokiwi Archive: https://archive.md/fbBor
Derpibooru's Titanimal Cringe thread: https://www.derpibooru.org/forums/dis/topics/titanimal-cringe-thread
Alternate Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/wubsme
Photobucket account (Note: It's password protected, but really easy to figure out.): http://s1042.photobucket.com/user/Titanium-pony/library/?sort=3&page=1
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This seems on par with the sorts of fans you can find every few feet at conventions.

It's crazy, the sort of stuff you can find when you're exposed to enough bronies/furries/scalies/otherkin/undead furries/occultists/sparkly psy-vampires/doctor who fans/avatards/sonic followers/american otaku. After a while it blends into a sad caricature of the human condition (especially once it goes into art fetishes).

Half the joke comes from how seriously they take themselves.


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Dragons (presumeably reptiles) and horses (mammalia) are not only different species, they'd even be from different classes. Their genitalia would be completely incompatible. Not that this matters to Spike/pony shippers, I guess.
their chromosomes would be different. They're not chemically interfertile.


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Is there more juicy background info or previous drama?
Was he obsessed with another fandom or character before or did this retard just appear out of the blue?

And does anybody know the reason why he started hating the ship of White Pony (Rarity?) X this girly pink dragon called Spike? His DA is so full of autistic hate art it hurts.


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Is there more juicy background info or previous drama?
Was he obsessed with another fandom or character before or did this exceptional individual just appear out of the blue?
All i know is the fact that he doesnt have any interest or have experienced other things than MLP FIM (both on his bio and the comments section) and the earliest of his Spike Ship Upload is arround 2013, 3 years ago. Thats quite old. He started having his own DeviantArt page after being banned from Derpibooru.

Everything relates to him (art, comments, behavior, journal) are really cringeworthy. He wont hestitate hide any comments that slightly against him even though its just argumentative and constructive ones.

And does anybody know the reason why he started hating the ship of White Pony (Rarity?) X this girly pink dragon called Spike? His DA is so full of autistic hate art it hurts.



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I like that he ignores the fact that in his species he is suuuper young, and that there is still a chance of him being underage even in terms of a species he isn't...
They literally refer to him as a baby dragon in the show, he's smaller than other dragons and I don't think there's much chance of him just being a purple midget dragon instead of a baby

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How old is this guy? He has the argumentative prowess of a thirteen-year-old kid losing a Call of Duty match, but these are bronies we are talking about. Is it that, or is he just another 27-year-old shut-in with a completely unfettered case of the 'tism?

I'm assuming the latter. In all fairness, I don't know what his real age is, either.