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>Being this butthurt over a cartoon dragon. NOT. EVEN. ONCE.


Man, those tweets are so full of cringe. This is a conversation with someone from Derpibooru who has a grudge against him.

that image is from deviant art, you fucking moron. It's not even subtle.

So, can someone explain to me why this cartoon brings out such degenerate behavior? I know every fandom has its freakshows, but MLP is like a magnet for this kind of shit. I've seen a few episodes of the cartoon, mainly because I wanted to see why this cartoon is so popular with adults...and...I don't get it.

By don't get it, I mean I don't get why people feel they need to worship these cartoon horses. Based on what I've seen, it's a well-written show, and has good voice acting, but I can point out a LOT of cartoons that have both of those qualities and better animation. So I fail to see why this show has such an effect on people.

Name whatever deviant fetish you want: pedophilia, plushie fucking, bestiality, vore, rape, etc, the list can go on and on: and someone in the MLP fandom has covered it. And not just a "someone", MULTIPLE PEOPLE.

Why ? Just Why? And why to such a massive extent?
Speaking from 2017, HAVE YOU SEEN THE STEVEN UNIVERSE FANDOM. I distinctly remembered a girl was bullied becuase she drew one of the characters, rose quartz, as thinny rather then the fat like the show. And i heard quite a few things about the undertale fandom too. In while in my opinion the fnaf fandom has kinda chilled out recently, it's hard to ignore it's infamy.
I suspect why there are so many freakshows in the bronydom might due to it originating from 4chan, though some of the stupid controversy against it in the early days might also be a factor. Like the stupid backpack bullying thing but i don't remember the details.


Not exactly like I can blame you.

His obsession with having Spike shipped specifically with other Ponies and, well... the fact he cares so much about people not giving a shit about a shota dragon? And going like "Thank you for caring" when someone says they like Spike...

Does he wish to be Spike? Is he pulling a Randy Stair here?

100% yes. I can pretty much guarantee that this guy has an overprotective helicopter mother and his "Spike ISN'T A BABY ANYMORE, he can FUCK HORSES IF HE WANTS" meltdowns are near-exact quotes from his home life.