"To Catch A Predator" Inspired Youtubers - Harassing Perverts at Your Walmart


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I can't find the video now but I remember watching a documentary from Vice where vigilantes in Canada did something similar to Anxiety War, this was before Zach went popular on YouTube since the documentary was uploaded in 2012.
Only thing I could find while Googling was Vice articles on Creep Catchers. They had a wild ride.


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Ah yes, good ol' vigilante justice that will in no way fuck up the cases against most of the people they "hunt" due to entrapment.

I kind of have mixed feelings about these dudes. On the one hand, law enforcement does next to nothing about pedos online, on the other hand, you kind of have to wonder about the methods they use. Are they operating their stings in a way in which it can't be argued that they coaxed someone into a crime they wouldn't have committed otherwise, or are they actively manipulating people into doing illegal shit so they can get youtube views?

Either way though, they pretty much exist purely because feds would rather police wrong think online than they would do their actual jobs.


complete madness - retarded predator hunter ambushes retarded midget at car dealership and proceeds to chimp out and claim racism (even though he looks white???) when the dealership wants him to leave because he won't stop chimp screaming at a disabled dwarf.
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Holy shit, they got that little fella AGAIN???! I think this channel is the best one for me, because the guy is generally quite cheery and doesn't seem to get off by bullying the predators - he just scolds them for the most part and let's them know that they've been exposed.

Plus, his are often the most hilariously strange ones too. This one with the tiny car is genuinely amazing.