To Infinifat and Beyond: Catchall forum for fats/should Chantal get a subforum -


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A subforum for Chantal would be good, not because of the 'universe' consideration, but it would be easier to discuss her individual videos in their own thread and general things in a general thread. I'd be more compelled to post on her videos, if everything wasn't all smushed in one thread, making singular videos and topics hard to follow.

I agree with this. Her thread is difficult, albeit not impossible, to thumb through if you’re looking for specific videos to reference. With Fat ALbert, we can at least go back in her subforum to threads made for individual video uploads.

Chantal uploads frequently enough to keep her theoretical subforum alive. Include a GD pin, have a thread for her sperging and rapidly deleting shit off YouTube, and other off topic threads will emerge à la Hamber’s subforum.

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Amberlynn, life by Jen, Chantal, hungry fat chick, and I’m sure there are other channels I’m not aware about. They all follow similar behaviors/cycles. People who indulge in these weird weight cycles that are killing them. It’s literal suicide. And amusing to observe and discuss. I don’t really think Chantal has enough moving parts to make a whole forum for her. Considering it’s just her alone most of the time. Amber, until recently, generally kept a whole cast of people around her. We have Dustin and destiny to speculate over. The haters to speculate over. Becky, and the roommates to speculate over. The drama with cassi - she had a lot of people orbiting her. But Chantal is sad and lonely and I doubt her character cast will ever branch out much. But I do think she’s a part of a bigger and growing phenomena of weight gain channels happening and i would love to have a forum dedicated to this particular madness.


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In my opinion, not necessary. BP seems fine from my lurking perspective.

I don't follow Chantal.. I have tried but her thread is massive and intimidating. Thanks to whoever updated her op though, might actually be able to get through it now.
But ALR is in a different forum, and so are people like fat guy across america. I think a fat people forum should replace the amberlynn reid forum, she kind of hibernates sometimes and barely posts anything for weeks.
In the amy ramadan thread people seemed to like my suggestion for a name:
i would call it the feeding trough


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But ALR is in a different forum, and so are people like fat guy across america. I think a fat people forum should replace the amberlynn reid forum, she kind of hibernates sometimes and barely posts anything for weeks.
In the amy ramadan thread people seemed to like my suggestion for a name:
Honestly I agree with you about Amber. I post in her forum a lot as she is my main cow and I just feel like a lot of the threads could be lumped into general thread. She does also get very boring quite often and it gets dry, and a lot of her threads are pretty dumb and get off topic very quickly.

After poking around the FA thread a bit more the past week or so it does seem like it would benefit them having their own subforum more than I originally thought.


I can see Anna and Jay/Corissa being worthy of a thread they are continuously giving things to be talked about. Not sure a whole forum would work since it seems a lot are passing fats that make a funny post here or there, especially since Hijab Amy has her own thread now.

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TBH I don't really like delving into the lolcow specific subforums, it can be a lot to digest even with summary threads. Like where the fuck do I start with DSP considering he's the Internet's cockroach survivor of lolcows.

As to the topic at hand, any deathfat/mukbang-er/gainer subforum should be called "Dear Feeder's Private Reserve", we all know that @Null likes them THICC. Hell, you could just give Hamberlyn's subforum a new lick of paint once she gets overlarded and croaks.

I also like "To Infinifat and Beyond" and "The Feeding Trough", good stuff.

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+1 for a full 'deathfats and mukbangers' forum. Chantal dosen't need one all to herself, but shared with others I think it makes perfect sense. Chantal might be worth two or 3 threads, and that's fine in a fatass forum. Since Philthy Phil has been demoted, there is a free subforum slot and binge eaters and their assorted orbiters sound like a perfect fit for a new subforum to me!


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@SAVE TWINKIE! do you think that a Deathfat board would work or should it just be within Beauty Parlor? I just realized LifeByJen and her alcoholic bf don't have a thread despite probably needing one.

I'm thinking of creating an entirely new category that's for women and moving the BP/Amberlynn board there and then maybe Deathfats.

@Null I was opposed to the idea of a deathfat forum at first because while people always whine that [fatty] needs a thread and there are lots of fatties, no one ever seems to make a thread and they just continue being discussed in Fat Acceptance..

But now I kind of feel like, if there was a new board maybe people would get excited to post threads. And if it flops I guess it could just be folded back in to BP? (I can't computer so I don't know if that would actually be a nightmare to do). Another thing you might consider is a temp forum like the India one we had at New Year's to see how motivated people are to make threads. I know people would be interested to shitpost but I mean how motivated would they be to make threads? I can't tell tbh

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