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I dip like a fiend and I'm fine. Brush your teeth and do a salt rinse once in awhile.

Get yourself a can of Grizzly or Cope. Stokers even. Pack, dip, spit. Have fun.
That longhorn shit might be cheap but it tastes cheap.

Redman and older style chew tastes more like raisins than anything, that shit's good too.
Ever have Hawkens? Tastes like birch beer


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Ever have Hawkens? Tastes like birch beer
It's hard to find where I'm at but yeah. Ordering from northerner gets expensive as fuck.

I can't find cope southern blend either but I mix natty with straight and I get close.

Anyways if you start, start with long cut or pouches. Pouches are like condoms for dip though and you wanna bareback that shit.
Plenty of youtubers like Chrisdips and Outlaw explore the fine dipping culture.
Fine cut snuff takes a little more skill to use and work your way towards it.
Dip is way stronger than a cig and if you start with a big hogger you're gonna puke. Start small.
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I dipped for a short while and my dip of choice was Copenhagen mint. Grizzly is ok too. Vaping is marginally safer but way more gay.

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If you don't want to vape, mayhaps you should try smoking flavored Pipe Tobacco. A nice Vanilla or Cherry really adds to the tobacco.


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I've actually heard of people who've never smoked in their life chewing nicotine gum.
Tucker Carlson is one of those people.

I've tried it drunk camping, I don't know if there is a normal/natural flavor but what I had was wintergreen, lot of them have flavors to help ease off smoking.
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