Tobias Rathjen shooting in Hanau, Germany shisha bars on February 20th, 2020

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Dec 10, 2019
Okay, so i just read the first two pages....Oh boy...Strap in boys, this is gonna be a wild one.

He talks about german secret services, that he thinks he has been monitored his entire life..
and that there are german people working for secret services (not those YOU know, secret ones..) that...can read other peoples minds..?

And yeah, then he starts on the second page talking about his life.

@Null Do you want the pictures first? I can have them up in 10 min.

EDIT : He tries to sound like an intellectual, using waaay to many words to say simple stuff.

"It seemed to me.." "My question of course.."
It is all so drawn out..a real pain in the ass to read.


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Jul 28, 2019
Thank/blame Bill Gates for translating this manifesto.

UPDATE: updated the text to be cleaner. The translation still isn't all that great. Document should be understandable despite this.


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Dec 5, 2018
most likely his twitter, nothing to intresting at first glance
Very possible.

His last tweet

"Termination is on the way!" German speakers, does that ring ominous or is it just me?

Hes complaining about and going to terminate his contract. My bad. Bitte entschuldigt euch mich, denn ich bin behindert.

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If you Google that username you get some archives of his comments on other pictures.

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>It was a lot of fun 👍👌👏


He was into sportsball I think. He's not in either photo that I can determine.

"Don't forget: #stpauliisthipp 😉"

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Jan 2, 2020
Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

I really hope there's not more videos than the 2 I have or I'm going to be pissed. I've tried everything I can to educate you all on how to archive things and none of you are capable enough to see it through.

This appears to be the same video in German?
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It's very different. I don't have the time for a full transcript, but here's a summary:

0:00 - 2:22 - Schizoid recollections of a lawsuit he had filed, and how it got dismissed.

2:23 - 4:07 - Talk about immigrant-on-native crime statistics. He doesn't refer to specific statistics but rather uses (as he states himself) hypothetical ones to ultimately get to the point that any, even just a single instance of, immigrant-on-native crime is unacceptable.

4:08 - 6:59 - Remote viewing segment. He explains what it is and how it's effecting society. He uses a CD as a model of the physical universe, and then another CD as a representation of a "higher level" or layer, a meta-sphere, a perfect mirror of the physical world, which, if accessed, allows for remote viewing in terms of space and time (seeing remote places and being able to see into the past and the future). All of this leads to him speculating about it all being a simulation, or at least something that can be understood as a simulation, and to him posing the question that if it is a simulation, then who is the simulator and why is he running the simulation. These questions, he says, shall remain for others to answer.

7:00 - 9:00 Final segment. He talks about the masses being blind to the truth (not necessarily by their own fault, but because they find themselves in front of a "wall", as he says, and only a select few (whistleblowers like Snowden or ancient alien theoreticians like Erich von Däniken, which he both mentions by name) dare and manage to speak truth). He finishes of with a, as he says, modified quote. It's "I don't believe that the people who are laughing now are still going to be laughing in the future." "The truth will come to light eventually" is what he says to explain what he means with that quote.


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Okay, first two pages. This is a hell of a ride inside the mind of your usual friendly german fellow.
Sorry for any mistakes, I don't have much time on my hands.

[ ... ] = my own notes/comments
1. Image:


This is a message to the german people!

In this text I'll explain what happened in my whole life and why every german has to know about it, no mater how long it takes, my message will be confirmed to be true and honest [no pun intended by translator].

Before I'll begin, I first have to declare something: The main piece of my message is about the activities of a so called "Secret Service". So I'll explain it beforehand, what I'm meaning with this.

I am a normal citizen, which means, I'm neither working for a secret service, nor have I ever worked for one. Before a significant event happend in my life, my knowledge stems from freely aquirable sources about what a secret service does and which means and methods it utilizes - but even so, I soon had further speculations in my life [about what a secret service does].

Of course, everyone who will read this, has his own assumptions about what a secret service does or what its work and activities are about.

My goal is it, to inform everyone about, what else is possible [for a secret service], especially if you believe what is in accordance [with the law? =what it is allowed to do]

1.) At the time [right now] of this video recording, thousands of german citizen are under surveillance by a secret service.
2.) This happenes without a specific reason.
3.) When I talk about "surveillance", it is audio-visual surveillance of a privat home, the workplace or other places you are located. By this I don't mean cameras, which are placed in public places or in shops. [so, hidden stuff, you know, get your tin-foil hats ready]
4.) There are people working for this "secret service" which have the power to read other peoples mind and to get into them to remotly control them.
5.) What Edward Snowden made public a few years ago is a "childrens birthday party" if you compare it to this [childrens birthday party is a german idiom for something trivial and harmless].

When I'll talk about a "secret service" in my message, I am not talking about known secret services like the Bundesnachrichtendienst [Germanys goofy secret service], CIA or NSA. It is an organisation utilising a secret service as its base of operations, which [the organisation] does not officially make an appearance.

I will now explain, why I know that I am surveillanced by a secret service and why the confirmation of what I say is extremly important, even if I will no longer be able to experience this myself.

2. Image:

First Suspicions

My life can be divided into two chapters. First the time in which i sometimes thought to myself it could be possible, that I am under surveillance and second the time, from then on I was sure I am under surveillance.
The period of time in which I was suspicios, that a "secret service" was "surveilling" me, can be dated between the day of my birth till September 11th 2001.

I want to start chronologically with the impression I got shortly after my birth.

I can't tell it exactly anymore and it doesn't really matter, if between my birth and my first concious memory/impression which started my real human existence passed 5, 8 or 12 days. [sorry, hard to translate, tl;dr, guy claims he got his first memories shortly after birth. Maybe he is a failed experiment crossing humans and elephants?].

I was in the flat of my parents. My mom hold me in the bathing tub, but shortly afterwards she passed me on to my dad. She obviously had problems holding and bathing me and I can still remember one sentence my mother said: "He is so small...".

[Second part of the scizo-rollercoaster. I'll update this translation bit by bit].

3. Image:
Paralel to this first impressions I heard for the first time a voice in my mind, which wasn’t friendly at all: “Oh no, this sucks, I fell into their trap”. I immediately responded to this female voice with “No” and fell asleep soon afterwards.

Looking back I can remember numerous sequences of my first year alive and especially, that I already had the thought that I am under surveillance by other people in this first years [yeah duh, your parents]. This thought based primarily on my first impression of my awakening [the slamdunk tub incident], the voice which I heard in the bathroom and which left a lasting impression inside me.
Also I grasped the concept of being human, the world around me and I came fast to the conclusion, that the people around me – to keep it simple – are not nice to each other all the time or that humans are their own enemies [homo homini lupus est, anyone?].

Of course my question had to be left unanswered, but I came to the conclusion as a little boy, that this [people not being nice to one another] is possible, which of course I did not feel as nice circumstances [d’oh, another douchbaggery sentence in Germany. Tl;dr: People are assholes, me no likey, me so sad].

I never talked to anyone about this speculations as 2-, 6-, or 11-years old and pushed the answer of this question back to adulthood [TL-Problem: The meaning gets a bit lost, he says he himself wants to answer this question when he is grown up].

4. Image:
I don’t want to say, that I always thought about it. But occasionally in my younger years I pondered about if there are people without inhibition to violate my privacy or the privacy of other people. The question I asked myself was, if this is even thinkable or possible.

This question I sadly have to answer for myself with yes. But I couldn’t defend myself against it back then and had to live with my suspicion.

Crucial conversation with a colleague [Banklehre is not easy to translate. The guy received a Training in Bankingstuff, and was a so called Bankkaufmann. It is quite common in Germany at that time not to study this at university but to go to a company and they teach you the stuff directly]

I want to jump to the year 1999, because there an for me in many aspects crucial talk with a colleague [of his training company] happened.

I was 22 at this time, met him in his new flat in Frankfurt [Frankfurt is the biggest city for banking in Germany] and we talked there about a lot of different things.

I’ll retell this conversation not word by word, but I’ll give a recap of the most important aspects.

5. Image:
First I have to emphasize, that I felt this “security service” was also there, because I felt the penetration [in my/his? mind]. [dunno, einklinken means they entered his or his colleagues mind, I thought penetration fits more]

One part of our conversation was crime, or to rephrase it in a better way, the bad behavior of specific ethnic groups, mainly Turks, Maroccans, Libanese, Kurds and so on.

About this we already had some kind of consensus.

We both already had similar experiences at that time from which an aversion against these ethnic groups resulted, so had a consensus here [auf der Gleichen Wellenlänge = on the same wave-length = consensus].

I can file these personal experiences as harmless nowadays, for example provoked conflicts on the way home from school or dumb provocations in night clubs. Harmless because no personal damage in form of injuries or the loss of personal property happened. But I also heard from friends in school and my circle of acquaintances different outcomes of the same provocations which resulted in injuries with [for example] knifes. In the newspapers one could read the end of such things like brawls five foreigners vs. one german with the result of grave injuries and even death.

During my training I experienced a bank-robbery and had to come to the police as a witness to check hundreds of files of potential suspects with them. 90% of these suspects were non-germans. These non-germans were mainly from the south [Südländer = People down south of Germany], so turks and north africans.

Because there were not any similar experiences with germans, I came to a specific personal conclusion resulting from all this experiences and impressions.

This conclusion was based on several steps:

First of all I asked myself the basic question how it could be possible, that these specific ethnic groups are in my country after all [Well, I think there is something called airplane, I dunno…].

These humans are to be rejected by instinct and they have proven in their history to not be competitive/capable [note: so they are the dumdums for our special friend here].

On the other hand I got to know my own people [Volk], as a county in which the best and most beautiful arises what the world has to offer. I can’t point out all the achievements on all scientific branches, but the evidence speaks for itself.

In my eyes, this didn’t fit.

On the one hand my people are responsible to enlighten the whole of human kind, on the other hand specific people helped to import ethnic groups, races or cultures into our midst, which are destructive in all aspects.

6. Image:
I came to the first conclusion, that, if I am on this planet, these people should not be here / should not be allowed to be here. It is absurd/crazy. [note: I dunno if he means they should not be in Germany or that they should not exist at all]

But these people are particularly numerous on our planet and it seems they are not willing to stop their propagation voluntarily. On the contrary, they feel particularly awesome, even though they are not, so there is a problem which needs a solution [oh come on, we had this talk 80 years ago. Didn’t worked out quite well for us back then…]

My other conclusion was:

To send them back to their home countries can’t be the solution anymore, because the existence of certain ethnic groups is an error itself and with deportation we only postpone the problem towards future generations. It can’t be anyway, that I have to think about/deal with this problem or that future generations would have to think about/deal with this problem in the future.

So I proclaim, that the following people have to be destroyed completely:
Marocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the whole of the Saudi-arabic peninsula, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kazachstan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodchia even the Phillipines [dude, we. had. this. talk].

And this would only be the first rough cleansing. We would have to do a subtle cleansing afterwards in the rest of the African states, South- and Central America, the Caribbean and of course our own people.

I have to note, that not everyone who has a german passport by now is of pure race and valuable. I can imagine to decimate the current population by half.

If I would have a button which could turn this to reality, I would not hesitate to push it. You couldn’t see how fast I would press it. The only condition would be for me, that this would happen in one second, so I would not be guilty of or am interested in the suffering of these people, because it could be possible that there is an endless circle of life in this universe. So I could be the very person in another life, that I want to destroy right now.
But I would eliminate all those people, even if we talk about billions here, it has to be done, especially because we want to reach a common ultimate goal: “The solution of the riddle”.

Because, I want to emphasize this, we have not created paradise on earth by what we have done [the cleansing] and no one can believe, this would be a satisfactory result when 500 millions of people with germanic descend roam the earth.

With “the solution of the riddle” I mean, that the only important thing for us humans is to gain knowledge what actually is happening here. How can an universe emerge, what is it all about, how can life emerge, how could man emerge, where does it all go. [yeah, there is something called science, dumdum]

So, systematically enforce enlightenment, either by scientific means or spiritually.

7. and 8. Page

Now, this is an incredible task and it will need thousands of generation to come while there is no precise way to tell how much time it will need, be it 2.000, 5.000 or 300.000 years – if it succeeds at all.

If mankind even succeeds in this task is also a question which could be answered with no, because it could be possible, that we are no “winning race” [Siegerspezies… Some kind of like dominant species].

“Winning race” is solely defined by the fact if we solved the riddle. It is not linked to us reaching an average age of 120 years or eradicating cancer, building houses 2 kilometres high or reaching the most distant planets.

Also we have to travel in a time warp [Zeitschleife: Time loop, Think of it as Groundhog Day, Racist edition] and destroy the very planet we call home, many billion years before life first emerged on it. Because we can’t let that re-emerge, what all happened on earth, the million-grade suffering of human kind.

In this mission, which is the only ever relevant one, we don’t have time endlessly, because we have to count in natural disasters, which may not eliminate us completely before we reached or goal but would set us back decisively.

Up until now, only a few ethnic groups or races emerged with positive aspects. Other races and cultures did not contribute anything, on the contrary they are distructive, namely islam.

This is how I came to my conclusion to eliminate the countries named above, their population included. Only by this means humankind has a chance to “solve the riddle”, because we will not solve it with a numerical majority of idiots [Vollidioten = full idiots. Thankfully, we have one Vollidiot less, I’m only sad he didn’t just killed himself but has to go on a killing-spree before].

Of course back then in this conversation and also today I’m conscious about my claims and their importance. So I’ll add the question: If my ideas get rejected, how should mankind evolve further?

If you deny racial differences and connected with them different performances, then you have to be convinced, that all this differences stem from other causes and are only temporary with the possibility of a positive development.

If so, there is the question: How exactly is this development designed and how would it be carried out?

Because it is impossible to let in billions of people into our territory to give them better living conditions, you would have to go to them [so we make a home-visit…I’m already scared what this dude proposes next].

So, not immigration to us, but help on site.

This help on side can be in different humanitarian acts and is already practiced since decades.

But there are not only the problems like missing medical facilities, hunger and no educational system – there is the more pressuring problem of a corrupt, criminal regime has power over its own people and let them live in hell, either out of lust for power or religious blindness.

There exist torture and murder by the thousands and the so-called west can’t put a stop to it. So this can’t be the solution.

Back then I emphasized two countries, namely Afghanistan and Iraq, which are geographically as well as politically the center of evil and backwardness and which have to be developed by the west.

For this, I sketched out concrete tactics and a basic strategy for a successful military occupation of these regimes.

I won’t give the details here and link to my website [don’t bother, it is 403ed, probably by the “secret service”].

If you wage war, we can also test two essential theses for the future of man-kind:
1.) Can these ethnic groups develop for the better or…
2.) Is all hope lost and total annihilation legitime

My point of view back then and also now is, that thesis 2) is accurate. The following generations can check, if I was right or not.

[Strategie für die USA / Strategy for the USA is the next part, it is translated by another dude. I’m out.]
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