Tobias Rathjen shooting in Hanau, Germany shisha bars on February 20th, 2020 -


This guy is seriously a mess.
I updated my translation till page 7 of his first chapter (see page 3 of this thread). And seriously, I don't know how much I can take anymore, my brain hurts from all this idiocy this guy spurts out. And he is hard to translate because he wants to sound intellectual. Hell, he sounds like a guy who ingested too much different drugs at the same time and got hit on his head with a bowling ball.

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Why are you filming mee?
Funniest thing about this manifesto is that he doesn't even talk about the shooting (like at all). Instead it's just 100% batshit crazy schizo sperging. This guy is single handedly responsible for 9/11, Trump's election and Hollywood is stealing movie ideas from him. Also soccer autism. "MUH RACISM" is a side gig for this guy at best. What he really cares about is how he is being watched by the government.

Of course this and his obvious illness will 100% be ignored by MSM and instead it's all about him being a nazi.


Ok, I'm done with chapter 1. I don't wanna read anything else this idiot has to say, he is your classical conspiracy-theory-nazi-scizosperg.

//Edit: @Null maybe we can merge the translated parts into one post, so they don't get lost. Right now they are scattered on Page 3,4, and 5 if I remember correctly. The guy also rants about women and stuff and never was in a relationship, so we can add incel to his Portfolio as well.
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Tobias - Definitely a footballer, or an “ultra” for sure. Jürgen Klinsmann is a “legendary” German footballer who was the coach of the USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) for a number of years, ‘11 - ‘16. Klinsmann was replaced by Bruce Arena, and for whatever reason, this pissed off A LOT of Germans. Klinsmann been under some level of scrutiny recently for attempting typical Kraut scams.

Not sure if this has anything to do with the action itself, but European ultras are of questionable sanity. Football and drinking, that’s all they know. Having watched the English version of the video where he claims that America is being controlled by the minds of secret underground agencies, I just wanted to further accentuate that this dude was most likely mentally touched.

edit: is -> was
Edit 2: holy shit. The second PDF actually centers around DFB, the German National Team. My German is elementary at best, but I am personally very curious about this spergery now.
Edit 3: DFB Twitter acknowledges the attack (English)
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Why are you filming mee?
This part is also great:


He is claiming here to have contacted German authorities (police, state attorney, general attorney) multiple times from 2002 up until 2019 to press charges for "illegal surveillance" by a mysterious secret intelligence agency.

ZERO mention of this in MSM coverage today. Instead it's all "REEEEEEEEEEE he was so inconspicuous how could we have known" :'(:'(:'(

They are all covering for each other. Pretty pathetic overall.

Okay, so i just read the first two pages....Oh boy...Strap in boys, this is gonna be a wild one.

He talks about german secret services, that he thinks he has been monitored his entire life..
and that there are german people working for secret services (not those YOU know, secret ones..) that...can read other peoples minds..?

And yeah, then he starts on the second page talking about his life.

@Null Do you want the pictures first? I can have them up in 10 min.

EDIT : He tries to sound like an intellectual, using waaay to many words to say simple stuff.

"It seemed to me.." "My question of course.."
It is all so drawn out..a real pain in the ass to read.
There are certainly some alphabet agencies in Germany that claim to read minds. The skeptics used to call it thought crime when people were getting arrested over suspicions of white supremacist beliefs because of some innocuous comment. I recall many instances of the skeptics shilling a hundred videos on those incidents back when they were popular.
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/ourguy/ had a website that has thankfully been preserved by It has the 3 pdfs, as well as links to 4 videos of which we seem to be missing two. (namely "1. Erklarung" 'explanation' that's probably the 9min one so that would be "3. zur Links" 'regarding the links' and "4. Schlussanmerkungen" 'concluding remarks') What do?


Witness report (dude was in one of the bars). I left out the uninteresting parts. Video is in German:

In German:
Mohammed, Anschlagsopfer:
"Zuerst haben wir von draußen fünf oder sechs Schusssalven gehört. Dann sah ich den Mann hereinkommen. Ich habe gerade etwas gegessen. Wir alle haben gegessen. Wir hatten gerade bestellt. Dann kam der Mann rein."

"Wie viele wart ihr?"

Mohammed, Anschlagsopfer:
"Wir waren zehn bis zwölf Leute. Zwei, drei oder vier Leute haben überlebt. Ich bin einer von ihnen.

Der Mann kam an der Seite rein und hat alle umgebracht. Dann kam er zu unserer Seite. Er hat jedem, den er sah, direkt in den Kopf geschossen. Er hat sich hingelegt und dann auf uns geschossen. Ich habe mich hinter der Wand versteckt. Als ich mich zur Seite bewegt habe, hat er mir in den Arm geschossen. Ich lag auf jemandem, jemand lag auf mir, und darauf lag noch jemand. Wir waren ein ganzer Haufen.

Der Mann unter mir hatte ein Loch im Hals. Da war ein richtiges Loch in seinem Hals. Ich hab ihm das gesagt. Er sagte: "Bruder, ich spüre meine Zunge nicht mehr. Ich spüre sie nicht mehr, ich kann nicht atmen." Ich sagte ihm, er soll ein letztes Gebet sprechen. Er rief allen zu, dass sie ein letztes Gebet sprechen sollen. Aber es hat niemand geantwortet, es waren nur noch wir beide. Dann rannte der Täter weg. Mehr konnten wir nicht sehen."


First we heard shots, five or six. Then I saw a man coming in. I was just eating. We all were eating. Then the man entered.

How many people were in the bar?

We were ten to twelve people. Two, three or four survived. I'm one of them.

The man entered from the side-entrance and killed everyone. Then he came to our side. Everyone he saw, he shot in the head. He laid down flat and started shooting. I hid behind a wall. When I moved to the side he shot me in the arm. I was laying on someone, someone else was laying on me and above was another body. We were a whole pile of bodies.

The man below me had a hole in his throat. A really big one. I told him. He said "brother I can't feel my tounge. I can't feel it, I can't breathe. I told him to say his prayers. Then the man yelled at everyone to say their last prayers. But no one answered anymore. Only me and the other guy were left. Then the perpetrator ran away. Couldn't see anything else.


Thank y'all for the translation. Hard work for little reward. Untangle all of those messy, poorly written sentences and the pay off is the insignificant sperging of a murderous schizo. Still, curiosity satisfied, and that's worth something.

My German is passable, but this guy wrote in an affected, pseudo intellectual word-salad style that reists translation. I want to stress that the English translation is accurate but doesn't really capture how tedious and crazy the asshole's prose is.

Anyway, I found it interesting that the shooter is an incel, a racist, and a schizo of the "gang stalking" variety. I'm curious which traits the media will emphasize in their reporting. My expectation is that the shooter will be characterized as a sexually frustrated, far right terrorist, which is accurate but leaves out the bulk of his sperging.


I have to add something about the incel stuff: I skimmed through the rest of the gibberish: He was more or less incel-by-choice. He claimed to have very high standards, both on looks and academics.
Later on the "secret service" seems to have been in his way to get some delicious pure-aryan booty.

Tl;dr the guy was trying to score out of his league and tried to cover his failings by "me so smart, me needs good looking smart female"

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Why are you filming mee?
I think the whole soccer/football angle is what makes this amazing to me.

So you're the "Shisha Shooter" but in reality you're actually focussed on sperging about the DFB (German football association) in a huge PDF file. :story:
Also somehow the DFB stole their ideas and tactics from him through mind control because reasons and thus became successful again. :story: