Today I have... Thread. -

Might have found a nice condo. I'm going to go and look at it this weekend. We also did annual reviews for work, but since I've only been there for a month, I got a "keep up the good work" instead.

I'm slightly upset that I work from home for once, since everyone in my area is apparently getting a snow day tomorrow.


I cleared out my top drawer.

I never put socks or underwear in there out of fear they mix with the ones I never wear, but with those gone I can finally put things in there.
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I sped up the collapse of western civilization today by watching an animated series that was popular when I was a child. I also stabbed myself with a pen and met someone who's 103 years old.
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Today I have found out a massive new house is going to be build 15 feet away from my living room windows. And they're going to tear out some trees that I thought were on my property.

I also found out that I'm not in any financial or professional position to move.

I have also made some small, but perceptible, progress with the guitar today. It does not make me feel any better at all, and I will forever associate this piece of music with being pissed off.

Today, my weebery has been continuing, as I draw up plans to visit a certain restaurant (a 2 hour bus ride away) just because it featured in a certain anime...

Edit: Went on Google maps to get directions, and the questions/comment sections are full of 'Are there zombies here?' and 'NICE BIRD!' posts...
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Went and looked at the condo. I'm 99% certain I'm going to buy it. Worst-case scenario, even if I move in a few years, I can rent/AirBnB it out, and I'm pretty confident it will only increase in value based on the location, etc.

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Today, I have learned that using Calibri and Cambria in a PDF file makes it up to four times larger as opposed to using only Arial as the source document's font.

Also today, after consulting with a professional colleague whose opinions I respect, I've decided to pursue an exam-based certification program that would further my career and skill set moving forward (and be signaficantly cheaper and more useful to me than going back to school for another degree).

A new restaurant opened up nearby and I probably consumed about as many calories today as Boogie2988 does daily.

I am ashamed of myself enough to admit it to internet strangers, and also start tracking my food in my health app because I feel like I'm getting fatter again. Even with kicking pot a month ago and putting forth more effort to work out.

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