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what're you gonna do bout it fag
Seen this pitch bible for a cartoon that was "rejected by everyone", and can't stop thinking we all dodged a bullet here, cause you can feel the shittyfandomitis.
Eh, I was wondering what happened to the creator of Grim Adventures. Looks like three of the mains are just green Billy, Mandy, and Grim, and the others are lolsorandom-no-personality types.

Glad it was rejected.
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Mind the spines.
Today I suspected that there is a Redback spider living in our kitchen... and proved myself correct. Generally speaking we're a spider friendly house and I've no problems moving an inconveniently placed little beastie somewhere out of the way, and the ones in our pantry are keeping the moths out with excellent efficiency, but you can't handle a Redback spider the way you can an Orb or Huntsman or House spider. Redback venom is strong enough to be lethal, and is incompatible with our barefoot lifestyle. So little Miss Redback's hours are numbered. The problem is that we're out of fly spray and I'm too skint to buy any, and to get to her little lair for a manual squishing, I have to stick my fingers into her web to dismantle the set of drawers she's made her home in.

Killing this spider is unnecessarily complicated. And maybe we need to rethink our spider friendly policies.

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