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Milled wedges.
Filed my taxes and decided to finally buy a Switch when the refund comes in. Rune Factory 4 remaster was the thing that pushed me over the edge.

Learned an interesting new word today. 'Nomunication', a combination of 'nomu' (to drink) and 'communication'. It basically means 'drunken bullshitting'.
I don't know how widely used it is, or even if it's just something the drunk salaryman I was sitting next to made up, but I like it, and I'm going to use it more often.

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True & Honest Fan
Over the last few days, I completed my Tech School course and played desert bus IRL.


Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D
Learned that person running that Pokethon stream few days ago and taking money for showing fake shit, pretending it's real, was RacieB...I am not even surprised.


Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
Today I was reminded that long before Chris made Magi-chan, there was an old mecha anime called Dragonar in which one of the three heroes had a special machine. It was a scout / electronic countermeasures type machine with a special computer. The computer's name: Magi-chan. In the episodes before #10, he uses it to fake attacks through a computer system in an enemy base and wreaks havoc. Twas fun.
The show was made in the late 80s I think, so before we got our disgusting Magi-chan, the Nips had their own and it was cool.

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