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Today we had some pretty bad windstorms. I had an approximately 15 foot high, perfectly healthy evergreen in my back yard topple over. Ripped out with the roots and all. It almost hit my house! Ugh, now I'll need to get a landscaping company to come out and remove it (read $$$) ☹

Today, after only having to pay for one drink all night, I arrived at the conclusion that drunken salarymen are the best thing about being in Japan.
Also ended up at a food stall (yatai) in Nakasu, Fukuoka's red light district. Turns out it serves as an off-duty area for the local prostitutes. My Japanese vocabulary has been usefully expanded as a result.

Edit: None of them could pronounce it properly, but there are now people here who know that the word, 'blumpkin' exists in English.
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What's simpler than a fucking potato?
Finally home alone after spending the week with my new gf (that's right, see ya later virgins...) Went to the ballet for the first time (Swan Lake) performed by Russians no doubt. Enjoyed myself, but I know I didn't catch the gay because the entire """plot""" didn't make any sense to me. But those commie bitches sure can dance.

They have me helping to write legislation.

For a state I've never lived in or participated in the political process in.

I'm not a lawyer.

I've been working since 8 AM. Send help. :spudking:

They're also making me go to Montgomery next Friday and Saturday for some gas tax shit, so my plans (drunken bender in Miami for my friend's birthday) have officially died unless the governor changes her mind and doesn't call a special session of the legislature. (:_(

Finally did what every weeb should do, and went to a maid cafe. Details to follow when I'm not on my phone. But if one more person say 'nyan' to me, I swear to fuck...

Edit: Maybe my moe tolerance has just decreased with age, but during my first visit to a maid café in 13 years, I mostly just felt second hand embarrassment for the girls working there.
Japanese men on the whole may not be able to grow a proper neckbeard, but damn did I get the feeling some of the ones in there would if they could. I guess it goes with the territory in a place like that.

But what really clinched it was the 'live performance'. This was a Maidreamin café, part of a group with a very strong brand, which includes it's own idol group. The performance here wasn't exactly a live show, more the maids getting up on stage and dancing to recordings of the songs.
Now, these girls were not trained dancers, and on what they probably get paid, I wouldn't expect them to be, but damnit, they were trying, and it was adorable!
I'm kinda conflicted. Maybe I'm just too old for this...
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