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Milled wedges.
Fuck today.

been battling this toothache for a week and a half
wake up an hour after falling asleep last night in excruciating pain
can't sleep, decide I'm going to drive an hour to a walk-in emergency dentist in the morning
toothache starts to subside after downing some Tylenol with codeine, fall asleep at 6:00 a.m.
wake up at 1:00, slept through my 7:00 a.m. alarm, three lectures, and a lab
tooth feels fine, decide it's too late to drive to the dentist anyway
email a mea culpa to professors, lie and tell them I spent all day at the dentist
had this extremely fucked up dream in my codeine-induced haze
fragile sleep schedule is blown completely to shit
tooth starting to hurt again


World's Okay-est Proctologist
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Today I may have walked right past a dead body.
My route to the place I volunteer at takes me past a homeless camp so it's not unusual to see some ratty lookin dude chillin in the grass by the path. This guy was lying on his side in a weird spot, seemingly asleep. Something seemed off but I kept skating past (cause you know, I don't want to get shanked ). I forgot about him for a while until I was getting a ride home from my dad and he noted that he had just seen a homeless guy lying near the path in a kind of weird spot, on his side, seemingly asleep with an empty bottle at his side. At this point almost 4 and a half hours had elapsed and it had rained all afternoon so if this guy was STILL there...
My dad drove back to check on him and see if he should call 911 but by the time he got there were already people in the scene taking his body away.
RIP homeless dude. :drink:


She hates that dog
Today I walked to Volunteer Park, armed with Cheetos and coke and sat on a bench and watched all the people running. Felt like a fat fuck, so I walked all the way to Pike Place and 1st, got my gf some presents, then walked back home (21st).

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Today I left my purse at home so I couldn't catch the bus and when I got home I decided I was too lazy and went to sleep.

Cactus Wings

Coughing for Cash
I spent an hour describing what to write for our paper to a classmate. I've yet to write it myself. I have it all structured and ready, in-and-out understanding.

Instead I'm pouring another one.
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Accidentally yote a horse that is usualy siting on my monitor, and had to touch a piece of heating tube to retrieve her.

Found out that a test they told us was happening on Thursday is in fact taking place tomorrow. And it's a big one, the end-of-book test for Genki book 1. Hopefully, I'll be able to pass anyway, and be a step above the average weeb.
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Had the godawful carpet that was in my new bedroom (and, almost inexplicably, part of the master bath) ripped out. Replacing it with hardwood this week.

Also stupid work shit has died back down, meaning I can try to catch back up on lolcows. I feel like a fat, middle-aged lady who misses her "stories" (i.e. daytime soap operas) because she was in the hospital being fat or something.

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