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Hitler's extreme haunted shark pyramids
Today our second rat, that has been very shy, came out of the cage on her own for play time. I'm happy, she's been getting progressively more social with us every day.
:feels: Always good to hear about rats in good homes. Give those fuzzy babies a treat for me.

Today I finished a work-related chemistry course and took myself off to the pub for a few drinks to obliterate all my new knowledge.
I also taught a colleague to moonwalk.

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If you don't leave, I will destroy you myself.
I slept badly, I missed a class because the clock desynced for some reason, and now there's a fucking kid screaming as loud as he can somewhere and his parents enjoy it instead of telling him to shut up.

Had a productive day of work until the end. Our stupid fucking database that some exceptional individual put together with like twine and paperclips or something 20 years ago decided to crap out, one of the on-site IT/computer guys (90% of us, myself included, work remotely) apparently has to fix it and won't be there until like 9 tomorrow morning, and I'm going to have to deal with pissed off morons like ten states away on the phone all morning tomorrow.

If this had happened a few hours earlier (or if the other people I have to collaborate with didn't wait until the last second...) everything could have been taken care of. Now it's Picklechu who has to deal with the bullshit and take the blame.


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Although this happened technically yesterday, I just got around to talking about it now. While on my way home from the bus, I came across some junk thrown out on the curb of some house, I assume was cleaned out after someone either left or was evicted, not sure which, but whatever. Among the junk I came across rather interesting beauty, an actual computer setup of sorts that was a tiny box attacked to a Acer flat panel monitor along with a keyboard and mouse attacked. I couldn't find the AC cables sadly but figured I could try to find those elsewhere, but as for the computer itself, it's some Lenovo ThinkCentre model but I couldn't get the actual model number to see what specs it has (it's got a Pentium sticker on it so I'm not expecting much). I'd have to look for someone with one of those special screwdrivers to at least get the bracket off the back of the monitor if I want to take that apart. The entire unit seemed to have came from a defunct "community/charter school" initiative and used an intranet service (going by the property stickers on it), someone apparently kept their PC long after they closed or else the whole thing was auctioned off at some point, I dunno. I'm thinking of scrapping the box anyway and just kept the monitor since it's almost 3 years old and could come in handy for my regular PC (if it works at least). A nice bit of luck at least.

EDIT: Since my other comment was deleted in the previous down time of the server, I'll just mention here the computer and monitor was a bust after all, I kept the keyboard and mouse since those worked.
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Kurosaki Ichigo

Today I’m reevaluating my decision to attend community college.

I have an 8 am archaeology class (I wanted a anthropology class that didn’t require essay writing and I’m genuinely interested in ancient stuff). I happen to share this class with the biggest sperg I’ve ever seen irl. Dude constantly talks over the professor thinking he can teach the class better than her, brought in larp weapons while we were talking about ancient weapon making, spends most of the time on his laptop looking up prices of more larp weapons.

This week we were talking about osteology. So what does he do?

Come to class in a full on sans undertale cosplay.

Brain Power

If you don't leave, I will destroy you myself.
FINALLY found some normal clothes, with no weird designs or messages, and since they were 2x1, I ended up buying some. It's getting cold where I live, and I was getting sick of finding clothes that could be warm, but the design made them useless. I just want a simple sweater, damnit!

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