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Today, I saw something that made me seriously wonder if I should go talk to the police.
Was sitting in a bar, trying out my Japanese, when a guy walks in, takes out a fucking Glock, slots a magazine into it and puts it back in its holster then sits down like its no big deal.
I noped out of there at the first opportunity.

Japan is definitely not an open-carry country, and being a filthy limey, albeit one who's not un-comfortable around guns, the whole thing just didn't sit right with me.

Edit: After reflecting for a while, I've decided not to get involved. I don't know how far I can trust the police here, or my own ability to give any useful information. Besides, I stick out like a sore thumb here, and I'm not sure I want to end up on the radar of people who go around armed.
I'm just gonna pussy out, pretend I never saw anything, and probably never go to that place again.
The drinks were over-priced anyway.
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I made a rhubarb pie with a caramelized oatmeal-cardamom crust. But that wasn't what made it special, I found a pack of saffron left over from Christmas. Blueberries and vanilla go well together so maybe saffron goes well with rhubarbs? (yes it goes very well with rhubarbs)


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Today on my way home, I discovered a piece of history my high school chucked in the dumpster! I just couldn't pass it up.

This used to be up in one of the classrooms I was in, relating to the musicals they performed up to the early/mid 70's I think. I just love the composition, though sadly it's large size (48" x 72") was a bit much to drag home so the best I did was pull it off the frame and rolled it up (I'll get around to restoring it someday, it did have a slight tear on the bottom right of this picture).

EDIT: I've been informed it might've been painted by the same teacher I had in several art classes later there, so I'm a little proud to have something from him.
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Today I got to sleep longer after exams, cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned my room.

I also spent the day watching the Kentucky Derby broadcast like I do every year. I am still currently watching it. Just resting up after exams and before my last one, English Comp II, on Monday morning.

Also waiting for my math teacher to post the grades. They were supposed to be up yesterday.

Love it @Trilby .

EDIT: Made a D and am now done with math for forever. Feels nice. And what a race.
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I almost got run over by a bus, because the driver thought it was a great idea to accelerate while I was crossing the street. It's not a highway, you can't go that fast!
Shit, you've got me beat. I got bumperchecked by a fucking Prius in a big fat hurry to make a right turn. This actually happens fairly often here. Still, I'm pretty sure I'd walk away from that. Bus is "GG no re".

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