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Today, my boss attempted to make me feel guilty for using my vacation days to stay home since I had the flu last week, and I get to spend the rest of the day sitting through a boring ass briefing.


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I had a job interview that went really well, so I ate a fried burrito at Foster's Freeze to celebrate. I really had a hankering for some of their ice cream too but I've got a whole pan of lemon bars in the fridge and I don't want to be a fatass.

I also skated around this afternoon. Apparently there were no female entrants in the local skate competition last month so had I entered I'd have won in my catagory entirely for having tits, so I really want to get better and start doing actual tricks. There's a skateboard race in a few months too so I want to try and improve my time and maybe enter that.

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Today I got to see the results of practicing drills with the family.

Rapid fire tornado alerts on the phone and the siren going off. Everyone was in the basement by the 120 second mark. Grand-daughter heard "SAFE DOOR!" and immediately ran to the basement door and waited. Sat down there for an hour and a half.

Supplies, 3 days of water for 10 people, chalk for the grand-daughter to draw on the floor with.

Went smooth.

And on the bonus side, the tornado didn't touch down.

So today, I got to see proper preparation prevent piss poor performance.


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I just wanted some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and jerky, so we go to the corner store to get some and see some cop cars out front. Don't thing much of it, it's midnight they may be getting some food. That's cool. Nope! We walk in and some fucker on the ground surrounded, fire men and EMTs. Guys talking to clearly to be drunk, so I don't think it's that. Cops are asking him all kinds of things like his name and how old are you. No one knows what's going on, not even the cashier. The old guy in front of us just looks annoyed, I don't blame him, I am too.

I'm betting he's one of two things a tweaker (being out in the country we do have a problem with that), or he's a crazy and having a bad day. I got my peanut butter cups, but I couldn't get my jerky because the fucker was right in front of it with all the cops. The jerk!

Spent the day recovering from a big party last night. The owner of one of my favourite bars/restaurants, an absolutely lovely Chinese lady, threw a farewell party for me. It's a little early, but this was the best time to get all her regulars together before I'm due to leave.
I got plied with Shochu, Umeshu and some really good food, and didn't have to pay for anything. I'm going to have to get her a present before I go.

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Today I have to write a 6-8 paper that is due today, and I am currently writing another at the moment. I should have done both of these papers months ago, but alas, I am an idiot and procrastinate to the point of no return. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Brain Power

Spent almost two hours waiting for a professor to show up, only to receive an email saying he wasn't going at the last minute. Was it that hard to send the email a day before?

Today, I saw something which reminded me that wealth doesn't necessarily come with taste.
A Rolls Royce Ghost (I'm pretty sure that was the model anyway), in green. Not British racing green (the only acceptable shade of green for a car in my opinion), but something closer to a dark lime. This just made the gold hood ornament look even more tasteless.
Seriously, they let you customise everything to an absurd degree. Who the fuck spends that much money on a car and says, "Yep, that's the colour I want."
I just wish I could've got a photo to show you all.
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A Rolls Royce Ghost (I'm pretty sure that was the model anyway), in green. Not British racing green (the only acceptable shade of green for a car in my opinion), but something closer to a dark lime
Not all of the devils own dig black (at least it wasn't a lime green Cadillac)

edit: was out in the peninsula again, it's nice but the weather have been weird. Hot, humid, brief showers and then superhot making it more humid then cold, then hot again, storming a bit and now I have mosquitoes indoors! They're not supposed to be there, I've never had that before.

My main complaint:
The surrounding vegetation around here is basically variations of this: tons of bird cherry in full bloom and lilacs everywhere with oaks and rowan flowering as well. Usually it is very nice if a bit overpowering aromatically and if you have a problem with pollen then this isn't a good spot, otherwise they're fantastic.

But the weird weather has changed something, it made it all rank, damp and weird. In the breezes that carries the flowers aroma there is now a strong undercurrent of what I can describe as bouillon cubes and semen.

If this is what global warming is doing then I will personally take it upon myself to pour fucking sand into every car on the planet.
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Went to a yard sale, and for no money at all, took home a massive 50" Vizio LED TV from 2013 (e500i-A0), I haven't tried it out completely but can get a picture when I plugged in a Ms. Pac-Man plug 'n play and all it lacks is the remote (which I could buy on Amazon). Not bad for free.
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