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Today, I saw something which reminded me that wealth doesn't necessarily come with taste.
A Rolls Royce Ghost (I'm pretty sure that was the model anyway), in green. Not British racing green (the only acceptable shade of green for a car in my opinion), but something closer to a dark lime. This just made the gold hood ornament look even more tasteless.
I've just been informed by my teacher that this was almost definitely a Yakuza car. I suppose in hindsight, the show off money and tastelessness should've tipped me off at the time.
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Held the door open for a black girl with a stroller that was leaving. She took ridiculously long and I got visibly impatient and this nigger bitch said "You can wait". When she saw that I was angry at that she said "I don't feel like cussing someone out today", then I called her a bitch and walked in. We made eye contact when I turned around to look at her.

I felt like asking why black people feel the need to act like that. The sad thing, there's a chance a white person would've came to her defense, which is sad because everyone in this area really knows it's true. It's always a black person that feels the need to be that rude.

Today, I have to pack up my shit, and get ready for my flight home tomorrow morning. Oh, and buy some presents for people.
Might do a recap post somewhere when I get back...


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Cleaned house; finished putting shit in the curio shelf and cleaned the tank. Looks pretty good considering the tank sprang a leak, due to old age a couple months ago, and the shelf fell off of the wall after an earthquake.
It chipped my goat skull but everything else was fine.

I also made my first terrarium in a tall glass cylinder with moss, waterbeads and a lace fern.
Pretty excited to see how this one does.
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I went to my brother and his wifes gender reveal party for their first baby and they're going to be having a girl. This is a first for this generation of our close family because of the two cousins that have had kids its been two sets of 3 boys between them. Haven't ever really been close but I'm happy for them. Seems like hes going to strong arm naming her after our grandma because of how close they are, although I don't think his wife is apposed anyway.