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Today, I did a duet to The Phantom Of The Opera with a girl dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya. I wish my stay in Japan wasn't coming to an end next week.

Cat Menagerie
Doing real work ahead of the weather we're forecast to get tonight. I haven't really had a chance to relax in a month and a half and I'm entirely exhausted, but there's no rest for the weary.
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Today, I saw something which reminded me that wealth doesn't necessarily come with taste.
A Rolls Royce Ghost (I'm pretty sure that was the model anyway), in green. Not British racing green (the only acceptable shade of green for a car in my opinion), but something closer to a dark lime. This just made the gold hood ornament look even more tasteless.
I've just been informed by my teacher that this was almost definitely a Yakuza car. I suppose in hindsight, the show off money and tastelessness should've tipped me off at the time.
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Held the door open for a black girl with a stroller that was leaving. She took ridiculously long and I got visibly impatient and this nigger bitch said "You can wait". When she saw that I was angry at that she said "I don't feel like cussing someone out today", then I called her a bitch and walked in. We made eye contact when I turned around to look at her.

I felt like asking why black people feel the need to act like that. The sad thing, there's a chance a white person would've came to her defense, which is sad because everyone in this area really knows it's true. It's always a black person that feels the need to be that rude.

Today, I have to pack up my shit, and get ready for my flight home tomorrow morning. Oh, and buy some presents for people.
Might do a recap post somewhere when I get back...

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