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pretty good, it doesn't seem
Last week I went to the dentist for the first time in 15 years. Today I went back to have one tooth out, one filling and a scrape so for someone who hadn't been to the dentist since I was a kid, I think I looked after my teeth pretty ok.


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I picked up a big supply of insulin and beetus supplies, ordered a bunch of outlaw and black buffalo dip( the blood orange is awesome) and physically got a bunch of dry goods.
People were acting like tards extra hard at the store. My irl personality is sorta red foreman meets hunter s Thompson and I definitely said "jesus christ it's idiot country!"
After I took a big shot of byetta and 10mg of glipizide I peed like a racehorse.
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Spent the day looking for alternative routes for my trip to Japan, as it looks like my route through Seoul will be closed off.
But other airlines are offering some pretty good deals, so if Asiana does end up cancelling my flight (they probably will), I can get a full refund and an even better deal.

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Today, I learned one of our work clients died suddenly and unexpectedly (F), leaving the future of the business they owned up in the air. If the business were to close or get a new owner/manager that wants someone else to handle taxes and bookkeeping, we'll lose a significant chunk of our monthly cash flow.


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Today marks day 12 of being off work since the Hoboken quarantine shut everything down, food supplies are holding up but I need to be careful. Limiting my self to one meal a day with coffee, multivitamins and tea in between. 2020 so far has not been off to a good start. Even the our Lady of sorrows food pantry and at the at the feet of Jesus pantry were closed.

Some good news though tax refund is approved coupled with the Corona cash payout it's gonna be one juicy windfall..gonna start a nest egg with it. Hopefully some good comes out of all this soon. This is Jasonfan89 signing off