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Moved into my apartment, and I've been going through boxes all day. I probably could have waited as late as December, since coronavirus will apparently cause most, if not all, of my classes to be online for at least the fall semester, but I have no idea what my selection would have been like if I waited that long. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a renter for my condo soon, although I can comfortably go without one until probably October.

I also got a heads-up that my employer is planning some sort of restructuring. I'm solid through at least May, but we'll see what happens.

I managed to fix the weirdest problem with a printer I've ever had. Every time I connected it to my laptop, it started printing garbled text, because apparently a driver for an older printer was trying to send a command to print an non-existant document to this new one (wut?).
I had something similar happen last year. I turned on my printer for the first time in months, and the second I did, it started printing a letter of recommendation dated for 2016 for some black sorority (I'm a white dude) over and over again. Apparently, it was pulling something over wifi, since it stopped as soon as I turned that off.

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Today I learned that Verizon Wireless will only offer two options for requesting duplicate tax forms: e-mail or a text message with a link to a PDF download. I'm not sure what to do for a client who has set up neither an e-mail address nor a mobile number with their account. This is :lunacy: because every other company I've contacted for duplicate 1099 Forms allows paper mail as a delivery method. I'm hoping just maybe I can get hold of a live operator to ask about this.

I also learned my boss apparently didn't pay a couple of the bills while I was working from home and unable to keep tabs on the incoming mail at the office. So, I'll be spending part of tomorrow trying to resolve that as well.
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Realised that like 25% of my music library is songs I heard in various AMVs (that's how I ended with "One-winged angel" despite my Dislike™ of Sephiroth, Battlelore's "Mask of flies" or Xandria's "Ravenheart"...and System Of A Down's "Psycho"), and THAT is why I got a habit of not looking into bands I randomly like a single song of.
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We got the absolute angriest little opossum I've ever seen at the clinic today, she was growling before I even got the box open to transfer her to a bigger crate. Usually they aren't aggressive and just give you that face like they're having a crisis. Or poop on you. Very likely poop on you. She bit me twice, straight through my gloves. She was still so cute though.

I've also recently had crazy good luck with people commissioning me for art and buying paintings, but I've been working with a girl in my friend group who like...can't really explain what it is she wants coherently? She had me do a drawing for her and that went fine but she has something else she wants me to do and two other people couldn't parse out her messages to me. I feel bad complaining becasue I think it's a language barrier thing. I have so much other stuff to do that I think I might have to just turn her down.


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today I play the sims 3 and started the wu flu in the sims 3 version of China than brought it back to my regular neighborhood.

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I didn't get my paycheck today for some reason. Think KFC fucked up the payroll and now everyone's going to have to wait till July 3rd or so if what I overheard is true. I guess for them it's fine but I'm starving; I got rent and Verizon due.
At the start of the month, unexpected events at my job meant I went from getting paid weekly to having to wait three weeks to get my next check (that thankfully covered all three of the previous weeks). Half of it went to bills the same day it was deposited. I hope things work out for you, @Jasonfan89.

Today, I have done some simple touch up on chipped paint on my car's hood. I also primed a larger rust spot below my gas cap door with plans to put the final coats on tomorrow as part of my desire to get rid of what rust I can.
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Today, I have called the cops on some beaners for leaving their dogs in their car while it was hot outside. Not sure if the cop actually did anything, even though animal negligence of this kind is illegal in my state. Some coworkers of mine (who, bear in mind, are of Hispanic background) theorized they might've been cartel based on the fact that they were well-dress and the car's license plate.


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My gym has been open again for a bit so I've been going real hard everyday, I don't watch the tv thing for my treadmill portion anymore, I use that google earth program where you can run literally anywhere. From the street I grew up on to the Roman ruins. Very cool. I plan on only watching the weather and sports news if sports ever really come back.
Ok, if an episode of the "Goldbergs" comes on where Erica looks extra tasty I'll have it on mute. That's about half of them. The mom ain't bad, either.

The only people who have returned with me are the hardcore fitness babes and that's also good viewing.

I designed a tshirt and had it printed up, waiting for the ups guy now. Just one of my weird photoshops that peoples in one of my discords laugh at.