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I replaced all the fans in my PC because they were too loud. Turns out it was the hard drives making the noise. I could replace them with SSDs, but at the cost of 4 terabytes of anime and bad video games.

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In recent days, I have
  • Been thankful that the IRS has opened up some of its administrative departments. This means I can complete my online account registration without having to go to an IRS office that is too close to a BLM protest site than I'd prefer to be.
  • Been frustrated that the high temperatures and humidity mean I can't continue the paint touch-up on my car.
  • Ordered a diagnostic scanner for my car so I can check codes myself before I go to the repair shop and minimize the possibility that they will tell me, "Yeah, we need to fix x, but we also need to fix a, b, and c as well for a heftier price." It should also confirm whether I need the routine maintenance that I suspect is needed.

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Today I have upgraded my Linux Distro (Devuan) from ASCII (based on Debian Stretch) to Beowulf (based on Debian Buster). The new dark-red look is appealing, but unfortunately they fucked with the dark theme because it doesn't make the actual file explorer windows and browser windows dark like it did in ASCII so i'll have to hunt down a new dark theme for it.

Also my wine broke, so that's another rabbit hole I have to dive into to fix that issue, especially since there's an additional step for Debian 10 users.


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Today I have questioned the reasoning as to why this picture existed:


Was he trying to prove how much of a man he is dripping soy milk on his chest while wearing a hat that’s way too big for his head?

And why does a “MAN CAVE” picture and a Joseph Stalin “head portrait” have to be next to one another? As far as I knew at the time, he was never a Communist when he took this photo.
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Finished unpacking the boxes in my apartment. I was going to go and clean my condo today and run some other errands over that way, but I ended up sleeping in, so hopefully I'll get a chance tomorrow. Fingers crossed I find a tenant sooner rather than later.

I also finally got around to opening a checking account with Schwab, which I'm going to use as my main account. I need to check and see if my current main checking account can be switched over to a totally free one, since the overdraft line of credit on it is the oldest thing on my credit report, and it requires a balance of $1.5K or a direct deposit of at least $500/month to avoid a fee. Unfortunately, I don't think they have a free option, and my employer won't let me split my direct deposit.


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Had to drag myself out of bed to do a day shift at work today. The whole kitchen on my own I could just barley keep up with the demand (Damned jungle bunnies love for fried chicken) I was so exhausted and my back was aching the only thing that kept me going was the thought of the day finally ending and being off tommorow. So you can only imagine the shock I got when I was asked to come in at 8 am again! I was practically begging to stay scheduled off like I originally was with the sad dead eyed stare and slouchy posture. (There was a cloth mask over my face) so I narrowed it down to just having to at least be there at 2 in the afternoon and maybe to 5 or six depends on who else is available or how busy it will be.

But why me? Why do I always have to be the one to pick up the slack for the other guys who call out sick or whatever? I never callout with excuses and I'm worked to death, they call saying "my kids in the hospital" or "my step Father killed himself." And they still have jobs

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Today we had a power outage at my work and I got to hear my boss actually yell back at some asshole customer because all our equipment went down in the outage.

On vacation for the rest of the week, and I took a trip to dig through various archives for research stuff. Most people would be dying of boredom, but I'm loving it so far.

I might be having lunch or dinner tomorrow with someone from one of my least favorite organizations on the planet, but they're apparently very knowledgeable about a certain aspect of what I'm looking into, so hopefully it won't be a waste of time and/or torture.

I'm also finally going to go clean my condo on Friday before I go home. Still trying to find a tenant. *sigh*


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I pounded down 4 Arizona teas waiting in line to go into somewhere, and somebody said "are you ok?".
Well, yeah but I should have bought 2 more. Watermelon one is the best.