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Today I have learned that on this site in particular, I need to learn how to shorten my replies to be short and straightforward to the point. I sometimes fall into the habit into making my replies to be either long and rambling, or occasionally filled with typos that I have to edit later *sigh*
I have the same experience.

Slightly bending the rules, this week, I have:
  • Had a meeting sooner than expected, but recieved a definitive answer about what my future will be following my boss' death.
  • Taken a COVID test that thankfully came back negative. :drink:
  • Finally received what I needed to get fingerprinted and apply for a background check related to my professional future.
  • Screwed up my sleeping patterns/cycle after getting it closer to normal last week. (:_(


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Got to work today and was informed that I had been let go because of one no-call no-show in the two years I had worked there.
...but I also hated the clientele, managers and the company and had been needing an excuse to quit for the past five months anyway.

-I don't think they expected me to be happy to be fired over one final load of bullshit. lol

Today I'm mad on the internet.
My neighbour whipped his dog (a Belgian Sheperd, one of the sweetest doggos I had the pleasure to interact with) with a leather leash, for the horrible crime of tumbling over the metal net that separates our properties and accidentally entering my garden while her owner was speaking to me.

I told him that if he gave me her leash, I would walk her to him, but he insisted that it wasn't necessary. He literally took her by the neck, hauled her over the fence, then proceeded to whip her with the leash, five or six times, screaming that she should never do something like that again.

Then he asked me my permission to change the current net with a new one (on his own dime of course), higher, so this kind of incidents won't happen anymore. And I'm furious.

He's almost 80, he wanted a dog, did he adopt a small, manageable companion? No, he went for a Belgian Sheperd, a breed that needs stimulation, interaction and a lot of physical activity. He seldom walks her, preferring to just free her from her kennel twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. She oftern traverses his garden in monotonous, repetitive patterns, like animals do when they are bored. I never see him playing with her, and that poor dog follows him everywhere hoping for interaction. I... I just don't know.


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Replaced the battery in my 3DS! I wasn't able to charge it anymore and feared that there was a serious hardware issue. A few people suggested that the battery was fried and upon popping the back open, I found that the battery was actually swollen. And that seems bad. So now I can play vidya gaymes without the danger of the battery exploding and blowing my hands off.


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Fired up the Switch after getting more stuff unpacked and put away.
- only to get childhood feels from a dumb rhythm game.

Not only do they let you pick the best puyo boy Kirby as your character, Sanpo and Pompokorin are from Ghibli films ( Totoro and Spirited away respectively) while Cha La Head Cha La is from Dragonball Z.
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