Today I have... Thread. -

First several sessions of class have gone well, and I made a fuckton more from stocks, so I splurged a bit and bought a bunch of booze.

I also finished my final full week of my current job; I'll transition into a "new" role on Tuesday, which is basically exactly what I do now, but with fewer obligations and less pay.


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Today I had a Dumbass Moment™.

>come back from grabbing dinner
>see a guy's in the airlock (the space between the actual door and the locking front door of our complex) struggling with the card swipe thingy
>commiserate with him since the card swipe thingy is a buggy pos and try to help with my own card
>now we're awkwardly stuck here
>make small talk
>he mentions being interested in some of the same stuff as me
>I get excited and try to gesture with my head because my hands are full and I am an Italian at heart
>immediately smack it into the wall right behind me

I am not smooth.

Today I've spent the best part of a hour trying to identify a particular species of spider that usually begins to manifest itself in my house at the end of Summer. Starting with September, until the end of October, I have to pay attention to not to leave my windows open for too long, or these huge fuckers enter and scare me and my cat (that usually is more than happy to eat spiders, but he's afraid of these ones, who knows why).

They are bigger than the average spiders I usually see (I live in Italy in a rural zone), 6-7 cm long, brown, their eyes reflect light like they have tapetum lucidum. I'm still puzzling about them.


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Today I have been waking up early these past few days because contractors are renovating our house. I’ve managed to slip back and forth between productive and carelessly lazy, but now I’m looking into getting a certificate in a course that I never took in university. (Something technical, perhaps).

All in all, I can’t complain. It beats most days waking up so late that you sometimes forget what you’re supposed to do in the middle of the day.

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Done frustrating personal admin shit online, talked shit, cooked some stew, and snorted aprox 1/ 2 a gram of Bolivia's Best

Found an almost new Brother P-Touch label maker in a thrift store for $3. It was in the toys section. I guess somebody thought it was a Speak and Spell or something.
Sounds like a Jesuit from Compton
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Today, I have...
  • Finished my ongoing project to file/organize all the records I'll need to take with me once I officially assume ownership of my late boss' business.
  • Replaced the failing power supply in my desktop with a new one that has sufficient wattage for a replacement part I installed last week.
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I think I visited the worst dollar tree in existence.
I know you're saying all dollar trees are bad but this one was especially cluttered, filthy and full of confused people. No nursing home nearby, no bums,so, why?

It was converted from a defunct retail store less than a year ago and it looks like they didn't try too hard in that conversion.


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Today I survived an assassination attempt from a small pebble that snuck itself under one of my skateboard wheels. Fell in just about the worst way and landed right on my knee, which is now very swollen and skinned but is otherwise ok. Now I'll have some cool bruises. I'm just happy I got to go out and ride at all with how bad the air quality has been. Today is the first time I've seen a blue sky in a while.
And then on the way home I helped an older lady open a bottle so I felt like a good citizen. :semperfidelis:

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Today I went fishing on a boat with 30 other people for like 5 hours. The catch was Fluke. I made 5 catches today. 1 Baby Sea Robin, 1 Baby Sea Bass, and 3 Fluke, Couldn't keep any of the Fluke since they were short (I think the minimal length accepted was either 15 or 19 inches)