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Did anyone catch the game last night?
One of my professors asked us to bring our best joke to class today. I am going to try to do an Aristrocrats joke.

Kiwi Lime Pie

So tasteful, it's spooky. 🥝🥧🐈
Recently, I finally received notice that I passed my IRS background check. This will finally allow me to acquire my late boss' tax and bookkeeping clients once her son and his attorney are able to draft the paperwork we discussed over the summer. I've also done more to prepare for the transition, including my signing up for webinars covering both Federal and state tax law changes for the coming year.

Cactus Wings

Coughing for Cash
I got a job application quota to hit every week to receive unemployment, and while I try to apply once-per-day, sometimes I have to put in a job I would never in a million years get, without actually applying, because it drains my will to live to write an application I know won't be considered.

So few jobs are being posted I can't even find normal jobs to apply to, let alone filler ones. Corona sucks yo.


Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
On my workout I randomly went into a trailer park for the first time. First time being this close to mobile homes. ... It's not as bad as you think. Loads of Halloween decorations everywhere, although the place was cramped, everything was well taken care of. Did see a bunch of decorations of spoopy guys hanging from sides of mobile homes wearing red and black. ... Almost send a tear to me eye. And red and black mailboxes. ... WHAT? I LIKE RED AND BLACK. SHUT UP.


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Made a new opossum friend, she's blind and can't be released into the wild so we're training her as an educational animal. She needs to get used to humans and being handled so we all have the important job of giving her some love.


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I brought doughnuts in for everybody at work today to show my appreciation for having a job in these tough times. A dozen already made and the new Dunkin donuts make your own kit with orange and chocolate frosting and three types of sprinkles. For the already made dozen k stuck with pumpkin apple crumb and halloween themed doughnuts since it's almost Halloween

All I do anymore is class and vidya. (:_(

Also, I decided today that I'm definitely going to go ahead and get all of my bullshit quantitative research classes out of the way next semester, so if I randomly stop posting by early February, I drank myself to death. Those classes made me miserable while working on my MA, so life will probably suck for awhile.

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