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Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
One word: bacon grilled cheese sandwiches.
If you're seeing four you might have stayed in the ring too long against Clubber Lang.

Just spent about 3 hours going through boxes of old documents and stuff, hoping to be able to throw some shit out. and have the rest organized more efficiently. I ended up finding the artwork I did for a Sonichu fan-jam back in 2014 or 2015; I'm not really sure how it got in there, but it's with the others I did now. I also found a tax document, and on the back of it, I had apparently written out a list of what usernames I was considering using to sign up for this site back in January 2014.

Today the possum man came and checked our roof, and told us that we definitely have possums up there, not rats. So that's good.
This took me a second to process. I was imagining a man dressed as a possum or something. *yawn*


not a bumblebee
Today I watched the new season of Paradise PD until 2:15am. I really liked it, although I did have to stop it and google some of the more obscure Americana in it.