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As of writing this OP (25 March), it is Tolkien Reading Day!

There hasn't been a general thread for Tolkien, and I'm very sure there are fellow kiwis out here who are wonderful fans of the Professor's works. So feel free to sperg from Aman to Beleriand about the books and adaptations.
On the subject of adaptations, if you're interested in the upcoming Amazon Prime series, this thread will cover you on it.

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Tolkien threads end up making me regret being a fan. Invariably someone will get into a pissing contest with someone else about the correct pronunciation of some obscure Elvish word documented in the Silmarillion and what it implies to the lore. Next thing you know, people are REEE-ing and throwing temper tantrums on the internet about a fictional world.

That said though, I'm due for my re-read of LOTR. I also spent a shameful amount of time and money on LOTRO and for an MMO, it follows the lore closer than almost any 3rd party adaptation I've ever seen, at least through the first half of the game.


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My father read me the Hobbit when I was 7. He had a hardback copy of the book that has a map in it, that's how I learned to read maps. He would have me find where the party was on the map after every chapter. And now his Tolkien books are mine. Every time I reread the books I still catch myself also following the adventure on the maps. (:_(

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What is Bombadil though
It's never really clear. I just decided that he was one of the Valar who fucked off super early to do his own thing and couldn't be arsed to deal with all the other important shit that happened.

Nigga just wanted to get drunk, sing songs and hang out with Goldberry, not fight a bunch of bullshit wars. Based hippie god of Middle Earth.

Finrod Felagund

Cannot seem to stop rap-battling.
What is Bombadil though
Based hippie god of Middle Earth.
More or less the answer.

It's all up to the reader's wildest imaginations tbh. He could be a Maia like Melian, or one of the Valar like Yavanna and Aulë, or even a self-insert of the author himself. I'd like to believe he's the physical spirit of nature that is on Middle-earth.

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