Tolkien was racist. Portrayed orcs, trolls and goblins as intrinsically evil - Liking Tolkien harms society. Also co-opted to REE at Trump.

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I was so confused as to where to post this. A&H or MM.

Apparently the Harry Potter fandom is temporarily out of fucks to give if it doesn't involve outrage over Dumbledore not sucking cock on screen in the latest movie, so someone has moved on to Tolkien's universe to get more woke points with the SJW mafia.
FANTASY AUTHOR ANDY Duncan was inspired to write his story “Senator Bilbo” after noticing that the segregationist senator Theodore Bilbo shares a name with J.R.R. Tolkien‘s hobbit hero Bilbo Baggins.

“‘Senator Bilbo’ is this parody in which you have this racist demagogue stomping around the world of the halflings, in a sort of desperate holding pattern to keep at bay all the change that is coming about as a result of what seems to have been the War of the Ring,” Duncan says in Episode 336 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

The story, which appears in Duncan’s new collection An Agent of Utopia, was also inspired by Michael Moorcock, who has criticized Tolkien for depicting creatures such as orcs, trolls, and goblins as intrinsically evil.

“It’s hard to miss the repeated notion in Tolkien that some races are just worse than others, or that some peoples are just worse than others,” Duncan says. “And this seems to me—in the long term, if you embrace this too much—it has dire consequences for yourself and for society.”

“Senator Bilbo” first appeared in 2001, but its references to border walls and a “Shire First” policy make it seem more relevant than ever. Duncan says that’s because the story deals with themes that are, unfortunately, timeless. “In many ways President Trump is unique, but in many ways we have seen his like before,” he says. “We have seen the forces that he has tapped into on the ascendency before.”

Duncan believes that these reactionary waves come in constant cycles, so it’s important for the response to be cyclical as well.
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Is there any fictional works out there that depict orcs, trolls and goblins as the good guys beside weird Japanese Ero-Ge?
Funnily enough Tolkien himself was so troubled by the idea that orcs were inherently evil and irredeemable (which he saw as both unfair and at odds with his catholic faith) that some of the last work he did before he died was in beginning to rewrite the background lore to make it so that they would be capable of reforming and living peacefully once removed from the influence of the dark powers.

But I wouldnt expect the whining manlet in the article to know this. I mean its not like this is easily researched with a few minutes of googling

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But, like, they aren't? They've either been tortured into insanity or spend their whole lives around barbarous individuals. They're not inherently evil. They're just socialized to be evil.
Orcs were Elves corrupted by Melkor, Sauron's uber-powerful boss 1000's of years before the the stories. So yes.

I'm not that deep into Tolkien lore but wasn't one of the themes that everyone was corruptible no matter what race?
And also that anyone of any race could be a hero, no matter how small or insignificant.

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Is there any fictional works out there that depict orcs, trolls and goblins as the good guys beside weird Japanese Ero-Ge?
Lest we forget, the orcs in Tolkien’s universe are elves who have been tortured and their bodies writhen until they were corrupted into pitiful state known as orcs. They are by their very nature evil. Asking why there are no good orcs in lotr is like asking why there are no good demons in hell. Then again, I doubt the faggot who wrote this article even read Tolkien.

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