TOM CHASES AFTER OLD TRANSPUSSY; GETS TROLLED IRL & HAS A MELTDOWN - Starring: Tom's Exploded Ass featuring Impotent Threats and Typerventilating


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For those of you who don't know, Tom got trolled today by someone calling themselves "Tyree", a 72 year old black transman in Tuscon. Tom meets Tyree in this video. I've capped it before Tom has a chance to wipe the chat in massive butthurt.


On the promise of dat SWEET, SWEET MANPUSS, Tom got dolled up and was told to meet Tyree at a 7-11 across town. Tom was so excited, he even tweeted this:


Tom then walked sixteen blocks to the nearest 7-11 looking for the man of his dreams. When no one showed, Tom called Tyree and was met with raucous laughter. Tom screamed in anger and stomped all the way back to the shithovel where he screamed at the universe and everything it for an hour an half. Parisho calls in and dropkicks Tom with the accusation that Tom was chasing his daughter. After plaguing Tom with soundboard calls, Tyree himself calls in at 38:57, further blowing out Tom's ass.

10/10 troll.

tl;dr: Tom powerwalks for a mile and a half in the hopes of pussy and gets laughed at by thousands of people.


EDIT: Tom is now trying to say a "potential rapist" tried to pick him up while busking and offered him a piece of candy to go home with him. This is 100% hilariously false and Tom's asshurt is astro-fucking-nomical.

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is German for "ya BASIC"
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What's with all the new Tommy threads getting posted recently. Is he just in a massive death spiral of faggotry?
He's in a huge downward spiral and is Streisanding himself.
  1. Gets kicked out of the Gem Show
  2. Trolled by James Parisho IRL TWICE and over the phone
  3. Prank called every hour of every day LOL
  4. Attacks Nick Rekieta on Twitter and over the phone
  5. Gets signal boosted by Metokur and his gay beta orbiters
  6. Gets trolled IRL today on the promise of pussy
  7. Assmad about his pedophilia and dogfucking admission
Right now, he's like the Hindenburg of Autism and it's glorious.
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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
We can't accuse Tooter of being "ageist", at least. He'll fuck 14 year olds or 72 year olds, don't matter!
He's so desperately thirsty he can't help it, his ego is so massive that he never considers that someone might be trolling him, and his brain is so damaged that he never fucking learns.
What a lolcow. :story:


is German for "ya BASIC"
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Tom got catfished by a soundboard and called the police over it. He's like if the entire incel community amassed together into a singular bag of melted flesh and shit.


This admission over Tyree makes his false rape accusation against a mythical candyman all the MORE hilarious.


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Hmmm Tom claims to not be sexually interested in anyone of any age. Then at the first hint of tranny pussy runs out to buy condoms cucumbers (which at least one of would have ended up in his own ass) and lube.

? It's almost like Tom's full of shit.

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Hmmm Tom claims to not be sexually interested in anyone of any age. Then at the first hint of tranny pussy runs out to buy condoms cucumbers (which at least one of would have ended up in his own ass) and lube.

? It's almost like Tom's full of shit.
not yams
if you dont remember, tom is a yam man

i'm a semi-famous hobo if you have a vehicle, you're needed here immediately and earn at least 20% of every dollar that flows through my hands while you chauffeur me around. now let me figure this out--what's 20% of 0? whatever it is, you get 20%. i can rent a vehicle if you're a documented driver. car companies always rent vehicles to toothless old unemployed yam-loving hobos. what's to e-mail? get your ass here and i'll put you to work. there's a futon on the patio waiting and we've got plenty of bicycles. the show starts at the end of the month and runs through valentine's day. i want to be gone for the summer by may day and somewhere else, preferably in my own vehicle with a good sidekick, otherwise a rental. call me at 512-945-5820 if you want to talk. plenty of yams here, some that haven't been up my ass yet, but hurry because they wont last forever. i'm a semi-famous hobo -- writing, music and stone cutting. add in fifth generation world class junk and trash dealer and there's a lot of green energy flies around my trip. yes, i attract green flies, probably because i smell like shit. on top of that, i eat my own feces and kill cats because i can't get my fingers inside anymore girls. we have full lapidary and digital broadcast and recording gear in the house with room for another player in this pad and two buildings zoned mixed use to fill with working artists who want to work where they live. and who wouldn't want to live with me, a filthy unemployed toothless hobo? in talks with Grateful Fred and his New World Rising crowd about merging my real things artisans cooperative with them and build art colonies in town with festival farms out of town all over the world. i have partners lined up in several places including gaza and the west bank. my last attempt to do this worked out really well when i called cat rightsell a drunk because she disagreed with me about how her money should be spent. i'm sure this time it will be fine though.

work on it. i'm in a 300 dollar hole at the moment working on getting product finished, pretty much trapped in my apartment because of the dopers. i really know how to sell someone on a place, don't I? hey, come hang out at my cool pad and be trapped inside with me because we're too scared to go outside. thank god there are plenty of stray cats to eat lol. pretty pricey too. i can get pretty vulgar, but prefer playing to a gentler and classier crowd who appreciate cat killing and shit eating. spirit is demanding that i turn my back on the crude crew and focus on the people who are on the bus. anybody who knows me knows i'm likely to drop an f-bomb at any moment, but it's usually for laughs, not because i'm pissed at anybody. it's just because i'm an idiot.

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