Tom claims 11 year olds seduce child molesters - The pedo can't stop! Won't stop!

stay stupid sped. the horrifying details you believe are lies you've been fed. i have never done any thing horrifying to a child or a dog. that's all on you fascist fetishists.

i have plenty of recourse for libel and getting terrorized everywhere i go on the web by intrusive assholes popping up everywhere warning people about me and then there's the 911 pranks and phone text death threats, but please keep believing i have no recourse in your DKE riddled brain.
Oh Tom you're still here? Still breathing in spite of the COPD. It doesn't make me glad.

In one of your demented ramblings you wrote:

"she had been making her own decisions about who she was going to get in bed with and what she was going to do with them while they were in it since she was nine.

Oh you think 9 year olds can decide for themselves. What a disgusting creature you are Wasserman. Can they vote? Can they sign a contract?

Where is your lawsuit for terrorism or whatever? Because you know, if you tell someone you will sue, you must. Also you have been accusing people in public of being criminals.

That's a crime Tom. But then you are likely having Alzheimer's or dementia so you'll go to the old men's ward.

So Wasserberg piece of garbage I think you have another perversion, you can't stop coming here. Years of humiliation. I think you enjoy it.

Is it the guilt for having molested a child? Maybe you subconsciously know you did something horrible and you punish yourself by eating garbage and being insulted.

Anyway old man strange things happen in the old men's ward. Do you know what a pressure ulcer is? a bed sore? ah let me explain, if they tie you to the bed too long you get this nasty wound that stays open, it's probably very painful and lasts for months. You can get it in your lower back. Nasty things, they are. Sometimes you get to see the bone.

Maybe you'll find out yourself. I don't think they'll care much once they find out you diddle children and dogs. With oxygen for the COPD you might not be able to scream though.
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How can you say that i'm a sex offender if there are no records of it in any court or did somebody just tell you that and of course it was true
You are that "somebody" who told us. Without further evidence we trust your testimony.

It’s always funny when out-of-touch old people go online. He probably thinks his posts disappear after a while, that’s why he keeps contradicting himself.
Much younger cows like Jake Alley and Philip DeLici are like that too. It has little to do with age and much more to do with brains.

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Ah, true. Tom may beat all of them though, because he repeatedly denies being a pedo, then explains how he’s a pedo in the same post.
It's a truly special kind of exceptionalism:
"I'm not a pedo, she was 14, she seduced me, my girlfriend was already fucking her, I didn't actually put my micropenis in her vagoo, she was sexually experienced, it was years ago and it never happened since... Stop calling me a pedo, you guys!"

Reminds me of the old joke with the payoff "You fuck just one goat..."


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Tom, this "legal action" is something you have threatened for years. Shit or get off the pot.
He has literally been tarding hard and threatening lolsuits since the year began in 19. Over 20 years of failure. He has achieved nothing and nobody believes his ludicrous threats. They know he is a weak little worm who could do nothing 20 years ago and can do nothing today.

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He has literally been tarding hard and threatening lolsuits since the year began in 19. Over 20 years of failure. He has achieved nothing and nobody believes his ludicrous threats. They know he is a weak little worm who could do nothing 20 years ago and can do nothing today.
Someone should remake the Smashing Pumpkins song 1979 as 1999 and make it about Tom and his online incontinence.

Though Bullet with Butterfly Wings already exists. "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage"

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Just for the record: i do not endorse recreation sex between minors under 14 with adult males over 30 any circumstances. i believe the any circumstance age of consent should be 16 and the special circumstances down to age 9 clearly defined. At present , the majority of the world is at 18 for anything goes, and it's widely variable what you can and can't do down to 9. the only country anything is legal with a 9 year old is Nigeria. Most of the rest stop at 12. I think it needs to be nearly impossible for an adult to have sex with anybody under 14 and completely forbidden under 12. There is no conceivable way that a female could be physically AND emotionally fit for child bearing and few circumstances for young women under 16 who would be physically and emotionally fit to grant a marriage license to. Sabrina would have qualified easily, had she applied at nearly 16.
According to Nigerian federal law, the age of consent is 18. But it gets complicated because marriage ages can vary. Nigeria has over 195 million people with over 250 different ethnic groups. Nigeria sits along a religious fault line. It is about 51% Muslim (northern part of the country) and 48% Christian (southern part of the country). Of the 38 states that make up the Federal Republic of Nigeria, approximately 13 or so (in the northern part of the country) will practice Sharia Law which includes following it regarding marriage. However, Nigerian federal law makes defilement of a minor under the age of 18 a crime punishable by up to life imprisonment. In other words, at least in theory you defile 16 year old Sabrina in Nigeria, you may very well pay for it with a life sentence.