Tom claims 11 year olds seduce child molesters - The pedo can't stop! Won't stop!

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lmao Tommy Tooter is literally going to shit himself to death because he eats dumpster food that's sat out in the sweltering Arizona sun
If only... I suspect by this point, he's like a superbug; immune to that which kills others of it's ilk. That said, if there's anyone who deserves to die of dehydration, shitting themselves, it'd be Tom.

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I love to a-log tommie as much as the next kiwi, but... can we do better?


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Even if this were true, no eleven year old would seduce Tommy. Even undeveloped children have standards, you know. Humbert Humbert was described as a good looking man, miss Wasserberg. Lolita isn't going to fall for some shit-eating old hippy's unwashed cock

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@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg why are you constantly trying to justify pedophilia?
Because, in his reefer-soaked, marble-smooth brain, he thinks if he can win just one of us around to his distorted way of "thinking", he won't be as blatantly wrong. After all, he wouldn't be alone in thinking as he does... A plan almost as dumb as anyone who genuinely, unironically names him "female"**.

** I can have my dog's bollocks cut off, change it's name to Felicity and give it a pink collar; that won't make it a bitch, just a thoroughly mistreated dog.

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Imagine deciding what age of consent is appropriate purely based on if the age range can reliably be trusted to take birth control.

Also when he says “In my circles” it‘s so creepily inappropriate it’s like he’s talking about pedophile gang circles.


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But according to Tommy we have no evidence of his beliefs... Because not like there's enough substantial evidence with his spergings and ravings.