Tom claims 11 year olds seduce child molesters - The pedo can't stop! Won't stop!


Beating my meat like everyone's watching.
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Tom's just the last of a dying breed, the faulty by product of merging generations with none of the positives to show for it. He's a hippy but he only encompasses the greasy, sleazy aspects. He's into free love but only when it involves being a shameless deviant. He's all about free-range and organic but that means digging through dumpsters for half rotten food. A lot of hippies get by without jobs but Tommy lives off the government.

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lmao Tommy Tooter is literally going to shit himself to death because he eats dumpster food that's sat out in the sweltering Arizona sun
If only... I suspect by this point, he's like a superbug; immune to that which kills others of it's ilk. That said, if there's anyone who deserves to die of dehydration, shitting themselves, it'd be Tom.

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The most inept that ever stepped
Even if this were true, no eleven year old would seduce Tommy. Even undeveloped children have standards, you know. Humbert Humbert was described as a good looking man, miss Wasserberg. Lolita isn't going to fall for some shit-eating old hippy's unwashed cock