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I wasn't mad at Division for wokeness, although it was eyerolly. They even had a stupid phonecall recording of some kid coming out of the closet to their parent. The main thing I'm wondering, is everyone still ugly as fucking sin? Even compared to their own voice actors?

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I think it's something to do with people getting PO'ed over "Oi! Why is there only handsome/rugged people in this apocalypse like scenario!'. Dunno if that was the complaint for the 1st game though, but again the mofos complained about FC3 being a "White savior" thing or FC4 being "Americans getting on others countries cultures"
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Those of you with less money than sense will be able to join the idiots among us at midnight tonight!

If you enjoyed the first Div, or came back to it after the issues were ironed out, you're in for a real treat. If you were undecided I think you'll love it.

If you hated the first Division and can't stand loot shooters, then... Uh, form your own opinion.

Bush did USS Maine

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Eurogamer review of The Division 2

If you can somehow manage to ignore the fact that a shoot-and-loot game doesn't cram politics down your throat, it's a fun game!

I got it from a Redbox this past weekend, I enjoyed it more than I did the first. The bullet sponginess of enemies seemed a little lower, but the game overall seems kind of grindy. I didn't have any issues with the servers or anything dropping me, which kind of shocked me with it being launch weekend. Apparently the skills have a bug where they sometimes just randomly disappear and go on cooldown for 15 seconds, which is a pretty significant issue especially if you're a solo player mostly like me. My attack drone probably only properly deployed 40% of the time or so if I had to guess. Once that's fixed, the game itself is actually pretty solid, probably a 7 or 8 out of 10.
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They've had a patch pushed through just an hour ago which has resolved the majority of skills bugging out like that. A permanent, global fix is due later this week.

And the artifact is outside a museum because it was looted you dumb fucking crybaby. Even the pick-up text says this!

Gaming journalists. Oye.
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