Tom Hanks will not respect you if you don’t wear a mask - He also thinks you’re a pussy, too.

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Invisible Crane

Grant McClellan
May 28, 2013

Chad Nasty

Optimus Faggot
True & Honest Fan
Jan 8, 2019
I get a kick out out of these people when they respond to anything. I have been using it as a creative writing exercise to see just how demeaning and insulting I can be to their intelligence without being vulgar. I found that when I start responding to these people in a more pompous way, they get emotional.
(tech specific)
In a few places, I have told them to nut up and start getting it taken care of and then provide a resource or next step along with my help. No one has ever taken me up on the offer. The sad part is, that these people are just incredibly vocal and just keep pushing agendas without carrying the effort to implement them. Their activism stops when things get more complicated than feelings. They eventually just force their bullshit into spaces it doesn't belong. We gotta start stepping up and calling these fags on their bullshit, I'm not listening to some bitch majoring in psych about how I need to implement things she can't even describe. I wish I could be vulgar on linkedin so I could be far more colorful.