Tom is chimping out over PayPal (and paying AMB's monthly hosting bill) - Apparently Tom finally attempted to settle a debt, then changed his mind and tried to threaten PayPal into cancelling the transaction

So the story as I gather is that Tom made a bet with Max (admin at AMB) for something like $50 several years ago. Tom, being the low life grifter that he is, didn't pay the bet when he lost. At some point, he did pay like $10 of the bet but refused to pony up the rest. After Tom got #TrumpBucks and #DoubleEBT for several months, he started to blow money like a hobo blowing another hobo. First he splurged on a "decedent" lobster for himself and another gay man. Then he proceeded to agree to pay Max the three year old $40 debt if Max would remove his posting restrictions on AMB. Max agreed. Tommy paid. When he demanded the restrictions be lifted, Max informed him that since he waited 3 years and moved the goalposts to pay the bet he welched on, that he would return the favor and remove the restrictions in three years or sooner if Tom paid him another $100. Tom immediately started chimping out and filed a complaint with Paypal, then proceeded to spam them with his LOLsuit nonsense. These posts are from today or yesterday when Tom finally started to realize that he had lost the dispute. Note that people had been informing him of the decision for several days. It just takes time for Tom to comprehend things.


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Tom also wasted his stim check on buying premium subscriptions to viewbug and medium. Odd you mention lobster because...
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God, that's disgusting. Tommy eating with his nasty soon to be necrotic feet exposed to the open air. He probably thought he was providing an aphrodisiac. 🤢 :pickle: :tomgirl:

Tom is a dirty demented old man who diddles dogs and children and calls a piece of whatever fish a "lobster".

Where are the lawsuits, Wasserberg? "Thanks for contacting PP customer service. As you mentioned a lawsuit, I can no longer speak with you. Please contact our legal department" would have been a nice answer but ok.

Wasserman, go ahead and report the terrorists, each single one of them, but not on the internet, in a police station. Watch the charges for filing a false police report pile up.

Return to your insignificance, you garbage-eating old man.

Go on Wasserman report the terrorists, in writing, signing the report, at the police and bring some kind of ID. If somebody cared about you they would have you committed for mental retardation, but people just cheer for the COPD.

Oh COPD can reduce blood flow to the brain and since you wallow in filth eating garbage, a stroke is very much possible. Then you know, you can't move, bugs eat you slowly until someone finds you. Who will Wasserman? the child you diddled or the dog?


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Tom is such a moron he even loses a PayPal dispute when it's semi-legit. What a complete loser. He probably lost it for chimping out like a lunatic instead of just clearly stating his claim.
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