Tom pretends to care - COVID Shit

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Alex Krycek

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Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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So obviously, the white man in town is trying to increase vaccine hesitancy rates within minority communities. Fuck Tom has no real introspection at all, or he's just an actual racist bastard, who hates brownies. Hey, Tom, are you just mad that COVID now gives people another excuse to avoid the homeless Reatard dressed like Rainbow Brite's retarded transvestite cousin?

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
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Taking the vaccine might increase his odds of becoming a better saxophone player.
See now not really seeing as once the vaccine is in tom it has to fight off 10,000 different dumpster parasites. and a giant hoard of both anal worms and anal cockroaches,

Now not just anal cockroaches NO! Tom as a south of the border group too, the RMS 13. a set of Mexican Roaches that run the biggest smuggling operation in the bug world drug cartel. and not only drugs cockroach prostitutes and some are still larva. Tom really loves the roach larva.

But you know tom He is into any underage sex regardless of the species.

Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

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Tom was exposed to covid during the gem show and didn't isolate while he was waiting for his test results. His anti-vax position is because he doesn't give a shit about other people, which is kind of ironic for someone who is supposedly all about peace, love, brown rice and community.
My name is Tommie and my pronouns are "she/her" . Refusal to respect that will look real bad in the not too distant future and is already a flag for critical thinking readers.

It was economically impossible for me to isolate and sort of pointless, because the people who exposed me never isolated. It was an open air show and I was masking and distancing, so the chances of me infecting anybody were low. The test was negative.

I am not "anti-vax" . I am pro-naturopathy and immune system fortification. I need to consult an allergist before i volunteer to be shot with an untested vaccine because I'm at very high risk for adverse side effects. I understand that numerous vaccines have proven themselves to be effective at virtually eliminating a lot of diseases, but influenza and pneumonococcal diseases are not among them and there is no reason to blindly believe that a Covid vaccine is going to be any more effective. Further, there isn't a vaccine on the market today that doesn't have potentially harmful additives.

Taking the vaccine might increase his odds of becoming a better saxophone player.

Tommy is a strange combination of beliefs
I call myself an "unorthodox Jew" , devout eclectic and staunch middle of the roader who is legitimately one of the last of the original radical beatnik/hippie activist/artists and minor legend in the indie underground for peacekeeping work i found myself doing at public assemblies coast to coast in the 80's and 90's with my dog. The sensationalized bullshit that's been poured knee deep here is the work of a gang of professional terrorists who have recruited a number of kiwi farmers to do their heavy lifting for them.

My saxophony is admittedly not nearly what it was prior to getting my face smashed on a cliff face in 1999, but it is very much respected in the local live music community and people are very generous when i play on the street. I haven't worked a tune up to performance standard in over twenty years, but i will do that for a respectful request.