Law Tommy Robinson to face retrial over contempt of court charge - Free - Just released from Belmarsh

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bro i don't think you need to worry about downloading anything i'm sure the museum would have you covered
That's exactly my point. There is artistic value in vintage smut and I'm a collector of same, mainly from the late 80s / early 90s because it's a sort of forgotten generation between the "golden age" pr0n of the 70s that was shown in dedicated porno cinemas and had funk guitar and big moustaches and well built German chaps saying, "Hello, I am here to fix the washing machine," and the internet era of pile-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap fapfuel.

EDIT: Back on topic. The reason he wasn't believed, if you read the judgement, was because the Judge found he'd changed his story on every occasion he'd been before the Court. This is hardly credible evidence.


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Look, your strange island's alternative definitions of words are irrelevant. Asian means chinese, japanese, stuff like that. Arab means when they write using those squiggly lines and live in a desert. It's not that complicated you damn tosser!
In the UK Asian means Indian-Pakistani because the Raj was the UK's biggest colony in Asia, the reason Asian means East Asian in the US is due to most of America's exposure to Asia being through Chinese immigrants
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Politico reckons he'll get the max, i.e. two years.

Hmmm, I figured they were looking at throwing the book at him when they instructed an eminent QC to prosecute what is really a comparatively minor offence in the grand scheme of things. Thing is, someone like TR would probably just thrive on being locked up for two years. Expect a prison blog, endless lolsuits about breaches of his rights, and similar, which the tabloids will lap up because that is what the tabloids do, and when he gets out him to be dining out off it for years on the right wing talk show / talk radio circuit in the US (which has always been friendlier to him than Britain.) Then, the Big Book.

The idea that they'll try to recreate the bit in Die Hard 2 where a bad guy gets slung out of a taxi in Harlem naked but for a sign saying "death to niggers" on one side and "huzzah for the KKK" on the other seems a bit fanciful to me. Like I said before, the objective is to humiliate, not martyr.

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Look, your strange island's alternative definitions of words are irrelevant. Asian means chinese, japanese, stuff like that. Arab means when they write using those squiggly lines and live in a desert. It's not that complicated you damn tosser!
Funnily enough the UK uses the original definition of Asia as "Turkey, Iran and everywhere to the East of that'
The first continental use of Asia is attributed to Herodotus (about 440 BCE), not because he innovated it, but because his Histories are the earliest surviving prose to describe it in any detail. He defines it carefully,[24] mentioning the previous geographers whom he had read, but whose works are now missing. By it he means Anatolia and the Persian Empire, in contrast to Greece and Egypt.
In which case Pakistan, China, Japan etc are all 'Asia'.

Of course the US only lets in people from 'Asia' if they are well educated or rich. The UK by contrast let in people to do factory work and later their relatives. So the end result is that 'Asian' in the US means 'East Asian', i.e. China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea etc. In the UK it means 'India or Pakistan'.


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Okay, I've had a read of that. I hate to say it, but I'm afraid that I can't see any way around this one.

The point is that a reporting restriction can be put in force and lasts until such time as it is lifted. Even after the jury have retired to consider a verdict, it is in force until such time as the Judge hearing the trial lifts it. And it applies to everyone on a strict liability basis. TR's argument seems to be that he didn't have actual knowledge of the terms of the reporting restriction and in any event, by waiting until the jury had retired before livestreaming, there was no risk of perverting the course of justice. However this isn't what the Court held. The Court found that whether or not you have actual knowledge of a reporting restriction, where you think there might be one, it's up to you to find out. His tale about checking with Court staff as to what the reporting restriction was wasn't believed because he had changed his tale on that several times (that, to my mind is the bit that really sunk him.)

Wouldn't surprise me if there were more cases on this point because in the 24 hour news cycle and in the age of twatter and social media and everyone jockeying to go viral, getting in their first and jumping the gun might come up more often.

It also didn't help that on the livestream he said that he knew about a reporting restriction in the case. I agree with his Counsel that it would be iffy to import the possibility of recklessness as a breach of reporting restriction. I think the Judge's reasoning at para. 55 is a bit iffy because it would be trivial to require someone to have actual or constructive knowledge (they could reasonably have known) of the RRO but that doesn't get TR anywhere; he admitted he knew about the reporting restriction on his own livestream. He is, I'm afraid, his own worst enemy. Yes, the whole thing with Muslim grooming gangs and the authorities turning a blind eye for years because COMmUNItY cOHeSIOn is really fucking reprehensible on every level but stunts like this, which one day may actually result in the cracking of the trial of a grooming gang and them going free, are not helping anyone.

There is the germ of a point that he has, but he stomps all over it in the quest for outrage clicks.

Anyhow. That's enough after-hours law sperging for me. I'm going to log on to the hamster and download as many clips of Vida Garman as I can before porn loicensing comes in.
>Trying desperately to defend my homelands integrity

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Ezra Levant trolled the CPJ at the Defend Media Freedom conference in London. Grimly amusing to see the CPJ guy squirm.

Levant seems like he's a bit of a scammer to be honest but all his videos of him tormenting people at the DMF conference are great. You can see he's genuinely upset at the massive hypocrisy of all the human rights types who are willing to see Tommy get shafted in ways that they'd clearly object to if it was someone they sympathised with because they dislike his politics.

In fact it's not even that they dislike his politics. They dislike what the media echo chamber has told him his politics are. That's the convenient thing about silencing people - once someone has been silenced you can accuse them of almost anything to justify the silencing.


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Tommy Jailed for 9 months reduced to 19 weeks for time served. So that means he will do about another 10 weeks in prison before being released.



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So will they torture him for those months with solitary confinement or just hot-drop him into Cellblock M(uslim Brotherhood)?
No idea what prison he will be taken to yet but my best guess is either Pentonville or Wormwood Scrubs.
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