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Alright so @Zeitgeist suggested I pop this in it's own thread; it's a Tooter project that got side-lined for the most part. I insist if you have any images you've created of Tom or songs you want to mock his with this is the place for it.

Of course I'll start this all off with my own shit. It's a parody of an already humorous song, 'Dear Penis' and it lacks the music so it's pretty much acapella. It ain't great.



QT 219

Here's a supercut of Tom being super fucking gross, set to the Predator soundtrack.


Bonus Overview:

- calls himself a "transman"
- wants to raise a family while on Death's doorstep with another tranny
- tit obsessed and squeezes his moobs together countless times
- literally thought he was going to get FREE TITS with his gender dysphoria letter
- giggles like an idiot and bowlderizes appropriate terms for human anatomy
- describes child sex gangbangs in grade school
- turns the word "areolas" into "orioles"
- turns the word "androgyne" into "ANDROGON"
- stutters in excitement he wants his tits to go from C to B instead of B to C
- Whines that he's having a hard time being rejected by women, no one hugs him or gives him nasty kisses
- reveals the reason that he and Ronnie broke up is because Ronnie wouldn't suck his dick
- admits he got the shit kicked out of him as a kid by neighborhood kids AND his parents
- whines he doesn't have any friends
- admits he has a micropenis several times
- wants to be someone's little girl
- wants Scottish Stewart's FAT COCK and has fantasized about getting fucked up the ass by it
- admits he'll give up his asshole for a generous gentleman to give him free stuff
- admits he stares at women and girls in public and masturbates constantly until he's numb
- whines he doesn't have a pal who will let him cry and hold him
- got assmad Redhead Rachel wouldn't fuck him; she also trashed his bathroom LOL
- picks up random strangers
- gets mad at transwomen who get Sex Reassignment Surgery, calling it a "Bangkok Bob"
- has gained over 100 pounds since he started HRT
- paints face like a horrifying American Horror Story clown
- admits he wants to be loved by a man
- views pictures of children to masturbate

QT 219


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