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Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
The Stink Storm of Tucson

It was one of those bad days in Tucson the news said the stink level is going to be at 10 by this afternoon. When it was this bad everyone knew to keep your kids and dogs inside and locked the doors and board the windows shut. Tommy the stink storm was out prowling for victims. No child or dog was safe from the impending danger of the stink that would envelope them and aways dogs were fingered and little girls raped.
You could see a disfigured hunch back shadow before the molesting was committed and the sound of a wounded goose or some really bad sax playing was heard in the distance. The haze of dust and shart vapor was getting thicker. It was happening and much earlier than suspected. a lot of dumpsters were emptied by the storm some say that shadow in the haze would eat the refuse as he swept through town looking for his next target. the horrible noises of stray dogs yipe's could be heard mixed with that vile abuse of a sax.

John hurried to board the last of the few windows knowing the storm was close and he had three daughters fourteen ten and eight and none would be safe from rape if that storm came over the house and that shadow was able to get in. They say it was made of a mix of roaches bed bugs rats and foamy runny shit. The smell was gagging John as the lead edge of the storm enveloped his house Poor John could not withstand the smell vomiting until he passed out. One window not boarded up. It was all tommy needed to get in the house. The girls all crouched in the closet hiding from the shadow as the smell worsened. You could hear what sounded like millions of bug and other vermin scattering around on the floor as this disfigured old hunchback formed into the nightmare of every child and dog in Tucson. Tom shuffled up to the girls room hissing out he could smell the girls and knew they were in there. He told them how much fun he was going to have once he got them all naked. all the filthy perverted things he wanted to do he listed out as he oozed under the crack at the bottom of the girls locked bedroom door.

Now she was 14 but she was mature both mentally and physically. She was also very intelligent and had an idea. They say the perverted shadow was made of bugs. And if so maybe she could defeat and even kill it. Tom was still talking about all the ways be planed on sexually abusing all three of them as he yanked the closet door open exposing the three frightened girls. And as he did the oldest girl opened up with a can of RAID. And as she did horrible ear ringing screams of agony were heard for miles around. dead roaches by the millions were falling off the shadow from everywhere. the two other girls triggered bug bombs and threw them into the boiling mass of vermin and the disfigured shadow burst into a mass of bug scampering away as fast as it could millions of dead roaches beg bugs and spiders lay on the floor but the girls were safe and tom was gone weakened and needing to find a dumpster to regenerate in he fled the house and left to the badlands of Tucson into a small hobo hovel.

He whimpered and cried about the wounds that the last three victims inflicted on him. crying he was not finished he only got to rape 23 little girls and 450 dogs It was just not fail he was on a roll and doing so good. How did they know RAID would kill him how did his secret get out. and filled his face with some rally nice rancid dumpster food. He was so upset he had to tell you tube about how the three little girls did not let him raped them and sprayed him with RAID and almost killed him.

The Mayor gave his speech and Handed the fourteen year old girl the key to the city as it was reserved for heroic acts and she had found a way to fight back against the horrible stink storm of Tucson And the city could now find and destroy the horrible shadow of the stink storm and no little girl or dog would ever need to feel unsafe in the city or homes ever again.

Tom would soon be exterminated one bug at a time if need be.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest

It was a smelly night in the city of Tucson And called into action was BUTTMAN AND THROBIN. the crime fighting duo that really knows how to use their butts.
As the two approach the city limits Buttman explains to Throbin what the missions is.
The Smelly villain Thomas MOOBMAN Wasserberg has been on a little girl and gay boy raping spree not to mention fapping off male dog and fingering female dog. Yes Tom was at it again flaunting his micropeen to kids and fingering innocent dogs. It had to be stop and only BUTTMAN AND THROBIN would be able to stop the foul beast of a villain.

HOLY DOG FUCKERS BUTTMAN screamed throbin How are we going to stop this monster. He sounds sick and depraved.
Yes throbin he is depraved and sick and i have heard he smells so bad he makes a house fly get nausea. He has a fetish for small girls and dogs. But he will poke a small gay boy child if he can not find any other victim.
But Buttman how in the world are we going to stop him if he is only attracted to little girls and dogs.
That is where i come up with my plan throbin see you are going to get dressed up as a little girl with a female poodle. That should get the attention of MOOBMAN.
When he goes to rape you i will come in use the butterrang and catch him.
I don't know Buttman that does not sound like a good plan to me.
Well throbin that is why you are the sidebutt not the main butt. It will work stop worrying your dizzy head over it.
OK Buttman what ever you say.

It was dimly lit and smelled like hell warmed over but there it was MOOBMAN is moobs were flopping as he pounded away on a small female basset hound. Moaning and howling the entire time.

There he is Buttman what now.
Well throbin put this little girls party dress on it should make you look like an eight year old girl. Everyone knows MOOBMAN can not resist and eight year old girls.
But Buttman i am a 27 year old male.
Yes Throbin but you are small and flat chested so it will work. What are you 80 pounds.
Buttman you know i only weight 67 pounds.
Good then it will work. Get out there and attract that foul dimwitted pedophile dog fucker. Here i am going to help you out with this little girl spray it will make you not only appear to be a small little girl but smell like one too. think of it like fishing and using scent to attract the fish. But in this case you are not only the bate but the fish.

I don't know if I want to do this Buttman.
Throbin do i have to use the ejector seat again?
No No but last time you were late and i got beat up. this time i will get raped by a smelly old dog fucking pedophile criminal, that is if you are late.
Aw stop worrying Throbin i was tied up in traffic last time the street are abandoned.

There was throbin out on the street in his little party dress with his little virgin female poodle. He could hear evil cackling in the distance getting louder and louder. It was MOOBMAN he has got a sniff of the little girl decoy lure scent that Buttman liberally sprayed all over throbin.
Throbin was shaking in fear and the poodle sensing danger bit throbins ankle and escaped. Now he was defenseless against the MOOBMAN'S ATTACK!!!!
Holy Micropeen's though throbin he was in a really bad mess now. He was the only one the MOOBMAN could rape.
He was on throbin like stink on shit. which comically enough was exactly what the MOOBMAN smelled like that with a mix of stale cigarettes and dumpster swill.

Throbin screamed for help but Buttman was busy finishing off a wonder doughnut talking to TPD about this creep Thomas MOOBMAN Wasserberg.
When all of a sudden throbin stopped screaming and said. Hey MOOBS i don't feel anything i thought you raped little girls.
MOOBMAN told him i am raping you.
Throbin said well i don't feel anything? are you sure? Oh that is right you have to tiny microscopic dick. You can't really fuck anything or anyone and them feel it.
Well you know they call me throbin because my asshole throbs when i am rammed full of man meat. You well you are not very big and i am sorry to say but you are doing nothing for me.

At that moment Thomas got mad and started to scream and got off Throbin and shuffled to the moob hovel and was crying and screaming at you tube.

Throbin followed MOOBMAN to his hovel and then skipped all the way to the buttmobile in front of the dunkin doughnuts and proudly announced he defeated the MOOBMAN.

After that the MIST officers picked up tom for a stay at shady acres mental hospital for the criminally insane.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
CIS the story of tommy minimus limpus wussyberg.

The man walks in his wife happily greeting him How was your day homey. CIS fuck it is always the same. I used to do great battles even one where the flooded the arena and created a naval battle. No now it is always the same. some weak ass jew. I am so sick of having to walk through the gates thinking maybe this time i will get to fight a real gladiator and no it some pissing down its leg jew. I am so fucking tired of work i wish i could afford a vacation.
And get this one now. they had this pile of shit jew named Thomas Minimus Limpus Wussyberg. and the Emperor wanted me to split his dick. HOLY FUCK I have never seen such a small little dick. That damn thing was no bigger around or longer than a newborns pinky. How the fuck an i supposed to split that tiny target down the middle. What a shit job i really am getting to hate being a gladiator Sorry to hear it honey i really wish it was better.

Now get this I swung and down the middle i cut him. and then i played with him for a while. and a dog got loose and damn that jew ran mounted that hound and was fucking it like it dick was not cut in two half The Emperor stopped me and now that jew is the new dog servicing slave to the emperor. I did not get to deliver the finishing blow. That just sucks that is how i get my audience to cheer and i get more money for a kill than to allow the whimpering simp go.
This really sucks.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
I thought i would leave tom a little story to rage about at AMB.

That should give tom something to sperg about.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest

It was an exciting time for tom his first project was off. producing power and a bio habitat for Koi. Yes the first customer was a fan of giant imported Japanese Koi some of which he had paid 40,000 dollars for. He was out of town on business when the new pond went into effect and started to generate power and Koi chum. 3/4s of a million in Koi ground up and shot out the gate.

Yes there tom set with Brenda scowling at him. So where is the Koi tom?

Tom doknow. they got vanished while i was reading my favorite magazine.

Why is the supposed clean water in the drain pond red tom Brenda croaked?

Tom Doknow um um um um um its mystery need to solve next week.

Big Brenda No tom there is 3/4 of a million dollars worth of Koi missing tom and a sump full of ground Koi tom! You are an idiot. How can you possibly get any kind of college degree.

Tom reee's out My daddy paid good money for them give me degree. I got to sleep in class and fap off to Doberman UM UM UM I mean penthouse barely legal UM um I MEAN old fat beaver hunt, um.

Big Brenda you mean this magazine of Doberman Quarterly? By the way tom why are the photo pages all sticky and stuck together? And not really some porn mag about humans.

Um um um um um um um um um I I I I I I spilt a drink on it?

Big fat mad Brenda YEA it that your last word tom? because i can send it off to be tested for genetic material or the lack of in your case you limp dick little prissy. Why do you jerk off to dogs anyways if it is all lies.

UM UM UM UM UM THAT IS AMB TROLLS MAKING LIES ABOUT MT Lady and I had a loving relationship I did not get anything sexual out of it she did. Lady was not my dog I was her human and i obeyed her every word and did the sex acts she demanded of me. Um um um i mean um

Brenda blubber shaking mad yelling at tom. REALLY TOM? So I think it is time for you to get intimately acquainted with Brutus tonight seeing as you will be sharing the dog house with Brutus my basset hound.

Um um um um tom stuttered in shame he is a guy dog, Um um um um um lady was a girl dog.

Brenda chuckles Well not seeing as you want to act like a bitch you might as well be one.

Sparkletor 2.0

My first Jonbenet accidentally died
This story is 100% fake. Nothing in it is true.

Tom was a beautiful woman. She didn't fuck children or dogs. She was an excellent musician. She was respected and liked in the community. She had a successful career as a marine biologist. She never got shot it the spleen. Nobody made fun of her on the Internet. Although she had many offers, she never married since she had so many different suitors. When her father died, Tom got all the inheritance because her siblings were bums. Then on December 31st, 2020 space Jews came and took Tom to Nirvana.


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