Tommy Tooter General Discussion - Dog-Abusing, Trash-Eating Pedo, Neo-Nazi, Fake Tranny, "1st-Wave Incel", Hounded YouTuber to Suicide


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Feb 15, 2015

TL;DR Overview

Tom Wasserberg is an ancient faggot and formerly homeless busker from Chicago, now living in a roach infested hovel in Tuscon, AZ. He pretends to be a transgendered, lesbian woman in order to avoid criticism for his abhorrent behavior on and offline. By his own admission, he is an unrepentant child molester, has sexually and physically abused dogs, and regularly eats garbage from local area dumpsters in 117 degree heat. He has been shot at least once in the spleen for trespassing while dumpster diving for HoHo's. When not crying to his mental health handlers about the government, he spends most of his time begging for cash in the street, smoking weed, scamming people out of their money by selling low-quality rock jewelry and shitposting on the Internet.
Tom is an exceptionally disgusting mixed breed of Horrorcow and Skitzocow, specifically for one reason only. He's not sorry for anything he's done. No matter how insane the reasoning, no matter how vile the act, Tom has always had a warped justification for what he's done. There is no middle ground with Tom. If you are not with him, you are actively against him. Anything that doesn't fit his narrative is an obvious lie perpetrated by a cult of individuals who stalk him around the Web who simultaneously work for the United States Government, FBI, DEA, NSA, CIA, and numerous international drug cartels. Unsurprisingly, much like all other elderly homeless people who suffer with dementia, he will frequently turn to these same authorities for assistance whom he believes is also stalking him. Some of the following events you are about to read are disturbing, but make no mistake, they are all documented and true.

The Sabrina Story

In all interactions with Tom online, eventually the conversation orbits back to the single most important event in his life; the time he attempted to rape a minor named Sabrina while his live-in girlfriend at the time was already in the process of doing so. In order to clear up any misconception about how unrepentantly disgusting Tom is about the situation, the archivists have assembled the most important video clips and forum posts where Tom defends this event.

Tom, to this day, believes he did nothing wrong for a number of faulty reasons; the first being that the girl in question was routinely fucked by and lived with strangers since the age of 9, so in his eyes, this made her a "mature adult." The fact that a sexually groomed child and another pedophile invited him into the situation also allows him to claim he was both "lured and seduced." Thirdly, Tom states the event did not last long because he wasn't paying enough attention to his girlfriend during the threesome. After much prodding and ridicule, he backtracked these statements and admitted that the experience was cut short because when he tried to rape Sabrina, another roommate beat the fuck out of him and held him down until the police had arrived.

None of the adults copped to the rape of a child and Tom was booted from the premises. He still writes erotic stories about this event to this day and has tried to sell the material to magazines like Hustler, effectively proving that he peddles child pornography.

The Death of YouTuber "MsJustanotherhuman"

Tom requested YouTuber Msjustanotherhuman to create a music video for him because Tom is fat, lazy and unskilled at everything. Not only did he not offer to pay her, he gave her no parameters or guidelines in what he wanted to see; only the song to be used. Once it was done, Tom promptly shit all over it. Laughing in his face, like any sane person would, MsJustanotherhuman blocked him and moved on. Instead of taking the hint, Tom proceeded to stalk her over YouTube and Facebook, spamming her constantly, night and day for five months.

The harassment became so great that this poor woman suffered a stroke, due to stress. It was revealed later by her son who had access to her account that she sadly took her own life. The stress caused by Tom's repeated harassment as well as his infatuation over constantly threatening legal action was a direct cause. Out of respect for the family and the passed, we will not reveal their names.

Zoophilia and Animal Cruelty

In his days as a traveling hobo, Tom often cared for the pets of others, never having the money or the time to take care of his own. While he was with a group of other hippies, they would often get high and take turns masturbating a female Doberman Pinscher who presented herself when she was in heat. He calls this "getting her pee-pee whacked" because Tom is a mental midget who doesn't like admitting he fingerfucked a dog. He would often let the dog sniff his crotch in order to allow himself to be aroused so he could jerk-off in front of the other members.

Tom believes that masturbating your dog to obey is not only natural, but a common training technique used by dog-training professionals, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Tom has also stated he has seen a profitable busking act where a man masturbated a dog with his foot. It is not known if the man in question was Tom or if he tried to reproduce this act for financial effect. While a dog masturbating itself is normal, forcefully trying to bring a dog to climax is not.
Tom believes he is descended from one of the twelve tribes of Israel and the Sons of Kohan, making him a level 9000 Jewish Priestess. It is through his Jewish magic and coughing spells that he has predicted that on the Last Day, a day yet to be determined but sometime between now and the unforseen future, God will send giant space lizards to Earth to devour everyone Tom doesn't like. These people will be digested transdimensionally and subsequently shat out on Mars to live forever, despite no hospitable environment for any life to flourish there. But Tom's not worried about logistics; just that the voices in his broken brain told him that, so it must be true. Tom also believes his soul will be saved if he continues to follow what he calls "The Doctrine of Love." Scholars are still at a loss in whether or not this doctrine includes child rape and masturbating dogs.

Tom also believes in a multitude of other religious ideas that have been smashed together like a destruction derby and set a blaze by a faulty ignition switch a la Michael Bay. He believes The Others will return to Earth to lift up the Rainbow Children and various American Indian tribes into a large spacecraft where weed and booze will be provided for all eternity, as if Valhalla was steamrolled by the remnants of a Grateful Dead concert holding a benefit for Wounded Knee. How God, the Jewish Messiah, Karma, Reincarnation and other things Tom makes up stories about on the fly fit in, have yet to be determined. Much like George Lucas and Star Wars, he's making it up as he goes along, hoping it will all come together before he dies.
Tom has all the social graces of a giant pig that can't stop barfing or shitting so it comes as no surprise that his interactions with the general public always escalate into someone, somehow violating his personal space or his Interplanetary rights as a free spirit. He has no boundaries, believes himself to be morally, ethically, physically, financially and spiritually superior to everyone within his cone of vision. It is this attitude that has led him to taking a guitar to the face and collapsing in on himself to the pavement whenever trouble arrives. He self-describes his fighting style as "Fung Goo" which is a combination of throwing up gang-signs and screeching at the top of his lungs before vomiting a geyser of mucus. Tom's favorite martial art tactic from this method is to talk shit while power-walking away to hide in the bushes until the threat passes.

For someone who is in contact with law enforcement on a near-daily basis, as an elderly man, he still has no idea how laws are applicable at the municipal, city, state or federal levels. He believes anyone who has wronged him is legally liable for his feelings. He also believes that anything he posts to the Internet, photos, videos, written or otherwise, is automatically his. This mashed potatoes approach to the law has led him to continually make impotent threats to the point where even his mental health tardwranglers auto-direct his complaints directly to voicemail. Tom's brain, like a marijuana-induced fever dream of the movie Groundhog Day, resets and he forgets either why he's calling or what he was mad about, allowing him to repeat this process ad nauseam for the last 70 years.

Despite his angst against the government, Tom has no problems suckling at the teat of Washington for his "fun tickets" in order to purchase his "medicine" from other homeless Mexicans who strain gasoline through coca leaves. His side business, which ironically exists only in his mind, is called Real Things and makes zero dollars annually. To supplement his tardbux, he consistently hounds his mummified parents for cash and berates them when they do not entertain his temper tantrums. Because his apartment is Section 8, his landlord can't boot him unless there's evidence of illegal activity or he falls behind on his rent, therefore, his landlord rightfully hates Tom with the rage of a thousand suns for allowing the place to disintegrate into absolute squalor.

Tom is also at odds with other hippies and a group known as the Rainbow Family who hold gatherings in the forest to barter homemade goods, sing songs and have rampant unprotected sex. Tommy was banned sometime in 1998 for ruining a scenic park by doing donuts in the lawn to make a "helicopter pad" for a helicopter that would never arrive, for starting numerous fights with individuals at the bartering tents and being an overall unlikable asshole. He spergs at length about how the Rainbow Family is a front for organized drug smuggling, yet random Rainbow members from around the Internet often find him on their forums and share the same story of Tommy being a giant dirty fuckup and getting his ass shit-canned from what is undoubtedly the most mellow event on Earth.
Tom was born with an undescended testicle and underwent a routine procedure to drop it. Because Tom is literally stupid, he believes his parents, his rabbi and the doctor that delivered him, conspired to remove his ovaries, somehow transverse them after development into testes and give him penis pills to grow a cock. It is this imaginative event that holds the linchpin of his psyche together, for without it, his mind would burst forth and soil the floor, much like his shorts do after he eats from the dumpster behind Del Taco.

Because of this, Tom believes he is and isn't transgender but also intersex. He also believes that he was fucked with chemically in utero by a synthetic estrogen component called DES, causing him to develop a "female brain" and male gonads, despite stating earlier that his balls are converted ovaries after the fact. His medical malapropisms and infinite gullibility have allowed him to construct a history based on slight truths and total bullshit by borrowing from others histories and making it his own, thus weaving a disjointed but still comical story about how he tries to explain away his incompetence and incontinence.

Tom has COPD from decades of smoking which is exacerbated by polishing rocks without proper breathing masks. It has ruined his ability to play the saxophone or walk for more than a mile or so at a time. He states he's had a cough since he was born, however, it's most likely the remnants of a strain of Tuberculosis that many homeless people develop from living on the street. In every video he has ever made, Tom collapses into massive, choking death rattles that always end with him hawking a Texas-sized loogie, followed by some bullshit excuse like "allergies" or "I'm just clearing my throat." It is a huge point of contention for him and he routinely gets angry if you point out he's dying.

Tom's fat from eating expired food from the dumpsters of gas stations and dormitories. He will regularly root through trash and steal food in the blistering Tucson sun and devour what third world countries would readily discard. His stomach is bloated and distended due to the bacterial colonies that multiply exponentially in the heat. Tom also cannot control his bowels and has admitted several times to shitting himself when walking to and from the Downtown area. This means that anywhere within a ten block radius, Tom will at any moment shit himself uncontrollably. Despite all of this, he believes he is the pinnacle of physical health despite having the road come alive and kick his ass and retching into a water fountain because he walked too far.

Tom is also a huge homosexual in every manner and definition of the word. He's so ashamed of his rampant gayness that he uses transgenderism as a shield to make it "okay" for him to like men by calling himself a woman. He makes it known that if you are really nice to him, he will blow you for free and let you explode your cum down his throat. His asshole is off-limits though because that's too gay.

In addition to using himself as his own beard, he also has stated the following:

"thomas is wore out. tommy needs to be on the surface in these troubled times. i feel safer and like less of a target for my words as a transgendered woman than a surviving 60's radical rabble rouser. my old friends are understanding me much better as an excitable chick than an angry dude. especially folks who only know me online. I'm feeling like a really sly bitch knowing i'm going to get my way a lot easier with boobs than anything else i've ever tried. money doesn't rule the world. tits, ass, pussy, fuck me hairstyles and paint jobs rule the world."

It is this outlook that betrays his true intention of transitioning. He absolutely does not have any sort of legitimate gender dysphoria but rather is posing as someone who does in order to get away with saying things that would otherwise be hurtful or frowned upon within not only the transgender community but everyday society as well.

Tom also has no problem ripping other transgenders to shreds when they disagree with him. When trying him to compare himself to other females, he doesn't use actresses or sports icons, but rather adult transsexual porn stars in terms of beauty. He also turns on his friends whenever it suits him, will scam them out of time and money to help him with his business while offering nothing in return and trash them at a moments notice. Because of his antics, he's been banned from Facebook a least a dozen times.
Tom's crippling autism does not allow him to interact with the public for long periods of time, lest those interactions turn violent because someone calls him a man or laughs at him for bleating badly on a bent horn. Starved for attention where he believes he can control the audience, he will attempt to take over any forum he is a part of, regardless if he knows a moderator or not. He will seek to establish boundaries and regulate other users. Before long, he will find himself on the outs of that group and move onto another, nicknaming the ever-growing point-and-laughing-at-the-fat-faggot-in-a-dress crew as part of an "Anti-Fan" club. If bad press is better than no press at all, Tom is fucking William Randolph Hearst.

Tom will actively search his own name in multiple search engines, cannonball into threads about him and proceed to shit all over the place in an attempt to give HONEST CONTENT to clear up misconceptions about himself. This invariably proves fruitless as he will always make himself look worse in comparison to objective speculation that was written before he arrived, thereby alienating himself from websites and getting banned from literally everywhere he lands. According to other Tomologists, this is Tommy Tooter version 3.0. Ever since he has started taking hormones from an informed consent clinic, his dementia and grip on reality has gotten worse.

What's also interesting is Tom's inability to reason anything out. Coming from a position of reason with Tom will never work, not because he will ignore it by its stone foundation, but because Tom's brain has been devoured by all manners of pharmaceuticals, illegal or not. His favorite mantra is to sputter "tl;dr" and "Bye, Felicia" while angrily trying to dial the FBI. Instead, it's much better to quote him with his own screencaps, thereby by using his own posts against him. As is true with all massive autists, he will attempt to explain away his painted corner of logic by revealing even more information than before, leading to hours of hilarious dope-smoking-filled rage and diarrhea.

Tom also believes that if he posts something, you are not allowed to laugh at it. If you do, you are required to pay him for it. For someone who eschews the evils of Capitalism, Tom makes sure to remind you constantly that you are an "anonymoose chickenshit keyboard commando" if you get major lolz from him sharting in his pants or falling down in the street. Because of his tenuous grip on reality, he has perjured himself several times in YouTube's eyes due to him filing false DMCA's to take down videos that record his repulsive behavior or are rehosted for posterity. He believes that despite not having a copyright, he can still file a DMCA and YouTube will take it down forever. And much like an Alzheimer's patient, Tom goes batshit every time YouTube reinstates the video without prejudice because Tom doesn't file with the Ninth Circuit Court of California or believe YouTube will do exactly what they say they will do on their Terms and Conditions page.

None of this concerns Tom however, as by his own admission, "my family has been in electrical engineering for over 100 years" and "i quit writing code before bill gates ever really got started." How this applies to Tom routinely getting batted around the Internet like a soccer ball for being an oblivious tard is anyone's guess. His shitty opinions and belligerent behavior get him rooted from most blogs and social media accounts, effectively reinforcing his persecution complex that he is both a "trollslayer" and is being punished for his "gonzo journalism."

The AMBeasts

Tom actively seeks out members who "befriended" him like an exceptional pet several years earlier and tries to blackmail them into using his images so he can sue for defamation and other reasons. The purpose of following them, is so he can be routinely blocked. He believes being blocked is the result of him dropping truth bombs people don't want to hear and not the actual reason; that he's a drooling sperg with the attention span of a firefly queef.

He believes the current incarnation of AMB, a forum dedicated to laughing at him, is run by a militarized, secret cabal of international drug smugglers known as the Hoffman Gang. As you well know, only the most notorious criminals in the world post on forums under goofy nicknames on the Clearnet, so it comes as no surprise that Tom will routinely screencap posts from the AMB forum to his tard wranglers at the Tucson Police Department Mental Health Unit who forward such "evidence" directly into the Recycle Bin.

Despite his hundred years worth of electronics knowledge passed down through his Jewish genes, he has still become convinced that a remote keylogger was installed on his hard drive, that he is routinely being recorded by drones in the downtown Tucson area, and two government individuals named Addy Claure (pronounced "Claw-Ray") and Tom Medara of Spyros International, are hunting him for sport in basically what has become a parody of the movie "The Most Dangerous Game." It is interesting to note that someone who records himself and has no problem recording people in public, sharts his giant mumus when anyone with a camera accidentally points it in his direction.

The Kiwi Farmers

Believing the Kiwi Farms to be a safe haven where his antics would be "curated", Tom joined because @chimpburgers found Tom's YouTube page of autism. Warned by his handlers at the AMB, he ignored warnings that he was either going to be trolled or laughed at. Because Tom knows better than everyone about everything, he joined and promptly ate shit. Angry at being tricked by the Kiwi Farms, he set about contacting other lolcows in an attempt to help construct an autistic Voltron. But because Tom is only beholden to Tom, he promptly sold out other lolcows like Vordrak when he believed he was going to be paid for the information or if his thread was going to be removed. He also attempted to blackmail the site owner by demanding payment which was met with a large "lolno."

To this day, Tom angrily shitposts videos, shaking his fists for the day everyone who reads this thread will be eaten by Space Godzilla and shit out on Mars.
So there you have it. Thomas Jay Wasserberg is the oldest and most reprehensible man ever curated at the Kiwi Farms.

The only person Tom could get to listen about his rampant Internet Butthurt was an Arizona attorney by the name of Joseph Palmisano who is just as big of a conspiracy tard as Tom is. Unfortunately for Tom, Palmisano is rotting away somewhere in the Southwest, waiting for trial on attempted murder charges thus leaving Tom and his billion dollar case where it's always been; squarely in Tom's eroded brain."
Tom eats Garbage (

"be accurate, fool. it was a student housing dumpster and it is one of at least 10 vacuum packed skinless chicken breasts that was still frozen when i retrieved it. i decided to have a cup of yoghurt and go to sleep instead. the yoghurt came from a mostly intact case of 24 that was pitched when classes broke. do not try to paint me as picking for scraps in the trash barrels, because that's not what i do. i am salvaging groceries and usable household items from big apartment complex dumpsters, most often tossed when people move out."

Msjustanotherhuman details Tom going fuck nuts for no reason.

Tom is desperate for your attention and wants to know about your shits.

Tom rages at Troons and Rainbow Children and will suck your dick because he's gay af!msg/alt.gathering.rainbow/u6mJ9QL0HIU/uNd8LIYE-fwJ

Tom threatens blackmail over people making fun of him.

Tom calls TPD over internet shitposts. (dead link)

Tom gets boners from dogs and wants to fuck them and masturbates them when available

Tom's Attorney is basically Tom with a Law Degree
11/3/2019: Tom turned 65.
11/30/2019: Tom got swatted yet again.
A special thank you to @Gook Choy for redoing this OP.

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Feb 15, 2015
Goddamn. I found this.

He's a fucking reptilian?

Disqus account: (

Look in Google under his real name. You find shit dating back to 2005 here.

MySpace: (

The 2005 page: (

Who is tommywho70x and what is his bag?

Legal Contact Information:
Thomas Jay Wasserberg
Delta T Creations
P.O. Box 3472
11102 Hialeah Drive
Del Valle, Texas
United States 78617

MS Windows 2000 NT5.00.2195 SP-4Free Station ID Tnn:#01+512.247.6696 (SBC) Errorlevel < 4 > V.92 HSP56 (BITS) MODEM/CODEC (CS.CSS) $Pctel Web INFO device COM3

Public Web-based E-mail Address:

Date/Time-of-birth: 11-03-1954, 03:20am
Birthplace: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States, North America, Planet Earth, SOL System, Milky Way Galaxy, Greater Multi-Verse
E.A. POE a TREE ( Yahoo! Sign-in (as) mailto: )

Biographical Notes:

ALIAS: Tommywho70x is a native ‘Reconstructionist Reform’ Hebrew-American ‘Prince/Priest’ born into a clan of middle-class HI/LI "White Collar" Factory/Office ‘owners’ and professional services provider people who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the evolution of the United States’ national data processing/media-archival/retrieval and telecommunications infrastructure systems now commonly called the Internet or World Wide Web and formally known as the MIS/IT Industry.

Since a small child, tommywho70x has been active in organized academics, fine arts, athletics and community health, safety and political programs as well as a participant in the organized religion commonly known as Judaism but more properly called the Hebrew or All-One-God faith.

Tommywho70x has had an extensive religious and secular education as well as work that includes a B.S. - Marine Biology and advanced studies in Neuroendocrinology/Psychopharmacology, Fine Arts Management, Production and Performance. Tommywho70x is an experienced ‘First-on-scene’ trauma care specialist who treats sick and injured PCs as well as people. Tommywho70x is also an automated Factory/Office Hardware Integrator *//* Operations Safety and Security Specialist (MSFT Trouble-shooter pip-pip!$$).

Tommywho70x is an accomplished amateur performance arts producer and live performing artist who is well known as an underground "Song and Dance Man" and instrumentalist adept with saxophones, flutes, keyboards, drums and the conductor's baton.

Tommywho70x is founder and head kook of Real Things Artists Cooperative Networks, OEM of the customized hand-built Rainbow Family of Living Computers and author of the AC/DC DOS system for the mentally impaired, reasonably scared, morally prepared and fools who dare challenge Bill Gates to a debate on “Religions and Politics of Computer Arts and Architectures".

SCRRUBOL is a "Private Key Global Original" Microsoft C++ "Compiled digital WORD" or "ACRONYM".

SCRRUBOL is defined as A++Synchronous, corellative, relational and/or relevant uniform binary operating LANguage for use on AT/AT-compatible Bus Type: (ISA, PCI, USB) ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface) Windows-based PCs.

REALTHINGS.US ® ™ © 1985 - 2006 Go Daddy, Inc. All rights reserved.
Registered to Thomas J. Wasserberg
Company Name: Delta T Creations, S.P. (Non-rated Dun & Bradstreet listed)

USB WKBO Web TV/K9RRF Internet Radio Station BIG-MAMA-ONE INTEL_32 CPU ID Not Available Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation == Pure GIGO [1]
c:\mybackup.qic (*.*) Provider:
“Welcome to Microsoft Backup!” Untitled1 Start Job Title: 'file'{C|K+P3P.p7b}

Apple PPP Internet Radio SYNDICATED listen to

Unarmed Farces Web-flinging / All Ways Free News, Weather, Sports and Entertainment Gossip in collaboration with the “Unofficial Rainbow Family of Living Light” (CISCO)*.net "AOL - CompuServe - Netscape - MSNBCBS Uh-oh!"
Global Gateway Portal URL:

Cottage EE’s Industries: A Safe, secure, confidential Internet E-mall for counter-culture micro-merchants, artisans and social action organizations featuring the finest in Eco-centric classic and electronic arts products and services associated with the American Beatnik-Hippie lifestyle as well as mainstream products and services that are not exploitative and are ecologically sound (Under Construction - Vendors Invited).
He also appears to be part of the Rainbow Family.
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May 6, 2016
Lol no1curr.

me and my peers are a serious threat to the status quo. the native medicine people foresaw the imperialist colonization of turtle island and they saw that the children of indigenous people would reject the imperialist society , embracing the first nations culture.

we are building sustainable communities all over the world, many of them completely off the grid. that’s what the real things/nwr merger startup is about. with all the real estate and capital equipment in our circles aggregated, there’s at least $10M in assets and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be $50M when more of Garrick beck’s people jump onboard. fred and I are po’ folk. Garrick is connected to the more affluent hippies. if you really had the kind of dough you brag about, you’d buy 49% interest in the preferred stock for $50K today so I can actually get cracking on putting it together.

I’m going to be summering in center city NV on a couple of acres of land owned by the white buffalo nation, inc, which is one of the groups in Garrick’s crowd, and installing an aquaponics system there. she’s already marketing a free water condensation device that collects about 40 liters a day from the air as long as the relative humidity is over 35%. another friend is connected to people trying to market tesla generator-like devices and I have a friend in Hawaii who is on top of the latest aquaponics technology.

so are your megabux real or fantasy, dude? $50K is less than real brazilianaires drop over a weekend.
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Feb 23, 2015
me and my peers are a serious threat to the status quo. the native medicine people foresaw the imperialist colonization of turtle island and they saw that the children of indigenous people would reject the imperialist society , embracing the first nations culture.

we are building sustainable communities all over the world, many of them completely off the grid. that’s what the real things/nwr merger startup is about. with all the real estate and capital equipment in our circles aggregated, there’s at least $10M in assets and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be $50M when more of Garrick beck’s people jump onboard. fred and I are po’ folk. Garrick is connected to the more affluent hippies. if you really had the kind of dough you brag about, you’d buy 49% interest in the preferred stock for $50K today so I can actually get cracking on putting it together.

I’m going to be summering in center city NV on a couple of acres of land owned by the white buffalo nation, inc, which is one of the groups in Garrick’s crowd, and installing an aquaponics system there. she’s already marketing a free water condensation device that collects about 40 liters a day from the air as long as the relative humidity is over 35%. another friend is connected to people trying to market tesla generator-like devices and I have a friend in Hawaii who is on top of the latest aquaponics technology.

so are your megabux real or fantasy, dude? $50K is less than real brazilianaires drop over a weekend.
Who's sock are you?

May 6, 2016
I’m Tommie Tooter, the whistle blower from Chicago, now living in Tucson. I’m classically trained from infancy through college and have been playing on the streets, in drum circles and jam bands since graduating in 1978. I was the last person pranked at the last acid test party thrown at the Topanga corral in the spring of 1982 and played on venice beach from 1982 through 1989.

I walked out of my only professional recording gig at Pegasus studio in santa Moscow the next year, because there was no way I was backing up a screaming speed metal freak accompanied by a pre-programmed sound generator with some skinny wanker fiddling the controls.

I founded the Real Things Artisans Coop – Hippie Haven (dead link) in 1985 with a couple of computer geeks, a promoter/agent and a handful of street players in venice beach and have been a minor player on the fringe of the deadhead-rainbow-Woodstock indie music and arts community ever since.

we manufacture our own merchandise and produce our own shows. nobody I know is getting rich, but I know a lot of people all over the country who are kicking out a lot of fine music and artworks to really cool crowds of people in wonderful urban and rural venues.

real things is a member of the New World Rising intentional green community network. i’ll be playing with One Heart Beat to open the Tucson peace and music fair tomorrow.

I’ve never even heard of such as thing as pay-to-play before. the musicians and vendors get together with a venue owner and put on a show. granted we’re talking about loading up $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car, driving a hundred or more miles and won’t likely net more than $100 a day. that’s why I sell bright shiny hippie bling. I don’t need to worry about whether I’m going to make any money playing music

this guy is even more old school than me and much more experienced in the advance work and revenue distributions for ticketed shows. meet the white james brown, known to the rainbow family as firedancer.
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