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How was the older Tooter media discovered? I miss Thomas' regular Kiwifarms contributions here, and still await an explanation for for what exactly it means for a minor to receive "her papers".


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He really had the crazy look all the way back then, huh?
You know you're true lolcow material when your yearbook picture looks like the kind of picture a true crime documentary would show accompanied by some sort of orchestral sting or piano chord.

How was the older Tooter media discovered? I miss Thomas' regular Kiwifarms contributions here, and still await an explanation for for what exactly it means for a minor to receive "her papers".
I'm still not sure what those papers would entail. If a teenager needs legal papers to have sex, isn't that some form of child prostitutuon? Like clearly money would be involved


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How was the older Tooter media discovered? I miss Thomas' regular Kiwifarms contributions here, and still await an explanation for for what exactly it means for a minor to receive "her papers".
Tom has a long-ass internet shart trail, he's been active on the internet since Usenet days, and a lot of his content is in text format, which means that searching is feasible.

Also, he's been catalogued and trolled extensively by AMB (and earlier incarnation of it I believe) before he even came here. Some of that info is from posts he made on their site or things they themselves capped.

Fun fact: if you go to the early pages of this thread, you'll see that he originally thought we would be his personal army against AMB. :story:

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Brief tom update.

Apparently Tom is planning on going to the 2020 Rainbow Gathering. He is in an FB group for the event and is yammering on about the issue of rape and non-consentual touching at rainbow gatherings.

Vigilante Justice vs. Non-violent Conflict Resolution.

greetings folks. i'm a first generation rainbow hippie who landed in the lap of the bus village family on Venice Beach when i got kicked to the curb by Raygunomics in 1982, but hasn't been able to get home since 1999.

I have maintained my connections to family wherever i'm living and on the Internet though. there are a lot of lies that are told about me, none of which i'm willing to publicly respond to, but i'd be happy to confirm or deny any of these allegations privately. There are several well known OG's and long time gatherers who will vouch for me.

discussion has been hot and heavy here for the past few days around the response to sexual improprieties and there are a few things i'd like to see clarified by the really strident anti-rape advocates.

where are the lines drawn for what is appropriate between men more than twice the age of females old enough to legally consent? What of the sexual predator, often infected with herpes, who coerces multiple young women into having sex with them with sweet talk, weed and LSD? OG rainbow brothers have always been notorious for that shit. watching them run their game and listening to their post coital boasting was never easy when i was hiding my true self behind a beard.

I really think the family needs to interact with the police more on this, especially in instances of violent rape. I don't know what year it was, but there was at least one instance confirmed where an alleged rapist was beaten to death in Ocala.

That sort of vigilante justice is intolerable. I fear that the threat "snitches are bitches who need to get stitches and could end up face down in ditches" has also happened at least once, also at Ocala when a body was found in a pond.

The questions i'd like to see us focus on are just how much interaction with the police do we want to have, if any, as prevention, in terms of screening known sexual predators in advance of any incidents? What is the maximum level of harm that the family will tolerate before turning somebody over to the law?

What are the best practices for Shanti Sena in response to public indecency, sexual harassment, non consensual touching and forcible rape? Watching the threads, I'm not seeing the abusers being so clearly defined where there is such a huge difference in the magnitude of harm that was actually caused by the different sorts of sexual improprieties.

if you got this far, thanks for reading.

happy day


tommie jayne



He's apparently also looking for a part time job :lol:

For those interested in general tom-foolery, he is still quite active and making an asshole of himself on social media.

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Just added the "Orbiter" tag to all the threads about the side characters in the Tommy Tooter saga. (Except for the ones that he made himself, but I could add those ones too if anyone in this thread thinks its a good idea.) I guess Orbiter is just a thing for all the Cult sections for specific people judging from the "Cult: Generic Prefixes" label I found it under.

I like this it's gonna keep stuff nice and tidy.


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Tommy is sperging about his degeneracy in the International Transgender Health facebook group, formerly the WPATH facebook group. Blah blah blah, he wants to fuck FTMS, blah blah blah, he masturbates constantly. Gets in an annoying pomo fight with a FTM. Archived

If you search for Tommie in the group there's plenty of posts, nothing that interesting but he is active in it.


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Tommies livestreams has been kinda redundant lately, more of the same shit. I really miss when he called Virgo, that whole stream was 10/10, also miss his Kf posts but oh well, maybe he'll come back sometime in the future.
Tommys streams have always kinda drug on and on, but recently someones kept sending pizzas and shit to his house which was pretty funny until he got one for free. He said that his phone will be getting a SIM card in the next week so maybe then the tooter content will go up a notch.

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Tom's been more active on Facebook recently. Went over there to check up on him today and what did I see?


Tom talking about drag queen kids and child beauty pageants.

Here is tom trying to defend child beauty pageants while people try to tell him how improper they are.


Before tom's defense of the sexualization of children as competition, tom went on a racist screed about how the Blacks and Hispanics are busy killing their own.


lmao He's apparently so feeble he pisses his pants in public

God dammit tom

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