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I bet he was horning in on the guy's territory, and the guy basically just treated him like the bitch he is and took his horn to keep him from doing that in the future. He's lucky he didn't also just get his ass kicked.
Tom gets his ass punked out and kicked pretty regular out there.

He just posted this story about how he was near Belushi when he died.
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Leaving his vomit on the streets of Tucson can't be any worse than all that phlegm he constantly spews in between that noise he calls music (and he actually thinks he can sell CDs of his noodling!)

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I'm not an avid follower of tommy's antics, but when searching to see if Dear Leader posted anything new the 'kiwi farms' search brought this to my attention...

14 hours. Zero views. Lol


Why can't I shit posting?!
Tom continues to deny the poor state of his health.
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Meanwhile, he was puking all over the streets and had to stop annoying the public with noise pollution because of cramps and puking all over the place.
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This guy is not doing well at all and I don't know why he doesn't notice. Once you start going downhill, theres no stopping.

Here is the guy who stole his sax btw.

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Cows always produce the best milk themselves. 😆

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If Tom can't get people to join the farms, at least he can repost content from the farms to his own Facebook so everyone can see.

Then he blames us for taking his shit public! He just can't get it into that drugged out brain, he is his problem! No one would know he shits/pees his pants, he masturbates dogs, molests underage girls, etc etc etc if he had kept it all to himself!


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Tom insists people come from blocks away to hear his music.
They bow to him.
They're in tears.

So breaking this down realistically;
Toms music sounds like Sasquatch giving himself a colonic with a feral cat.
He's somehow managed to produce the brown noise from his sax leading to immediate defecation.
And they're weeping because God allows this man to continue playing his horrid music, torturing all those around him.

Toms go-to defense about his shit playing is he's 'noodling'. He can't play songs because he lacks the actual lung capacity to hold any note for longer than a few seconds so instead he relies on random strings of notes that sound vaguely musical until he has to breath in another partial lungful of air. Smoking and brass instruments go together like handjobs and razor blades.
A good example for all you scrubs is Tom can't even handle Baker Street. A song so simple it's considered entry level for saxophone players. Tom has """30+""" years of experience and yet he can't play one song in it's entirety. It's just like @yawning sneasel said; if anyone is giving him money it's pity money. It's just like when his scummy friends come over. They don't come over to hang out. They come over for free weed.


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Anita isn't a meme account or anything, its a legit old woman
Based old lady bitch slapping the pedo dog rapist. She doesn't even know he's a pedo or she'd have mentioned that too.