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Now that you have brought this bullshit to both the hippie and transgender communities in this town, coupled with brazen theft of my properties and impersonators everywhere online, there will be a filing very soon. At very least, i need to sit down with a lawyer for consultation on how to draft the complaint, motions and brief.
Anyone get served with notice of this filing yet?

Gams was used in like the 1920s to describe legs.
Having viewed the stream where he walked around with no pants, I can attest that there is nothing hot about a man with a flabby ass and cellulitis from his knees up to his back. Disgusting.

Tom is loved by all.
Bring it you delusional chickenshit anonymous losers. I've been way to gracious with the willfully stupid lately and can use the workout. I don't admit to raping a child you dipshits. that was no child and she invited me into the bed. SAGA has been put on notice that if there is not a public apology by friday, there will be a defamation complaint by monday , that will include a motion for an emergency TRO on this dump.

So Big Todd, you incredibly arrogant, ignorant fuckstain, are you or are you not the same demented dolt with a crush on me as the fucktard "lurker_x" or a different pile of animated pig shit?
I guess SAGA apologized since there was no defamation complaint or TRO filed today.


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So what?
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Tom got banned from FB for posting weed pics and complaining about accounts being used to mock him. Naturally he's doing the stampyfoot impotent threats as a result.
So that's why he's chimping out here instead. Either directly because of that or because he's in a manic Tom cycle. I thought he was too moribund and about to die to have another of those but apparently he still has some juice left in him.

What a moron, threatening a LOLsuit for being kicked off a private platform for posting himself committing federal crimes on it, even after admitting it's a "LOLsuit" himself. So he could be sanctioned for knowingly filing a completely meritless, bogus suit.

you seem rather desperate for attention, maggot. nobody seems to give a fuck about this around here but you. My readers are wondering why you are so dedicated to defaming me. What is so important about this to you and what's the benefit to anybody but this back of sado-masochistic voyeurs?
Please block me. I prefer not to engage cows directly. I just observe and document examples of cows like you. You know. The kind that are just such dicks that they deserve to be mocked mercilessly.
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if you're a moron and you know it clap your hand
At first I thought oh this is wild, a 241 special. Then, wait the descript is wrong they seem so nice. Now, after reading 700+ pages... Not enough bleach in the world to scrub my eyes out.