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Babe the Pig
True this. They're disgusting. We call them sewer roaches because they seem to come in via the pipes. Nothing like opening the cabinet under the sink and having one of those big bastards run up your arm! We spray for them regularly, but they still show up in the summer here in AZ.

Scarier yet (but generally not in the house) are the Palo Verde beetles. And they fly!

Yeah, those Palo Verde beatles are some mean looking critters! And they have pincers that grab hold and won't let go even when their heads are cut off!

Cranky Hermit
I have a lot of glass art and i do have a lot of vases. One is very old and has markings from the maker It is very expensive.
Dee: "I have artwork that I collect and display because I find them aesthetically pleasing."
Tom: "I buy new musical instruments and computers constantly because I can't be arsed to figure out how to take care of them."
Yep, Tom... we all side with Dee because we're all mean nasty trolls and not because you're an irredeemable scumbag and she makes sense and isn't a complete asshole.