Tommy Tooter General Discussion - Dog-Abusing, Trash-Eating Pedo, Neo-Nazi, Fake Tranny, "1st-Wave Incel", Hounded YouTuber to Suicide

I think he was running on a demented optimism high. The one-two punch of the Space Jews not showing & the 230 repeal falling apart at the same time flattened his little tard buzz.

One week the Space Jews & government agencies were gonna finally smite his enemies. He was on a power trip over the idea & couldn't shut up.

And right when it was finally supposed to happen God said "Fuck you, Tom, you retarded hobo pedophile piece of shit. You, Tom, are an abomination unto The Lord and your plans shall come to naught. You shall never pass as a woman in the land and your trumpet will no longer screech. Your burning lust for children shall not be sated and you will mongle beasts no more. You shall flee where none pursue and your pleas to the tard wrangler shall go unanswered. Your wire and stone will sell for naught and the dumpster will deny you it's harvest. You shall perish of your own idleness and folly, coughing and sharting with rage as your final days pass in filth, and poverty. And when I gather you unto your ancestors they will reject you from their presence & the devil will claim his portion. Your name shall forever be a curse and a byword in the land. Generations will say of you "surely this retarded hobo was accursed of the Lord".
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Tom fails to sell rocks, gets stalked IRL by a dude with a gun, gets kicked out over Sabrina story