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took five minutes. fuck you, you ridiculous chickenshit anonymous keyboard commando. you morons have never seen me really rage and be thankful you weren't in arms reach when it happened.
Shut up old man, we all know you'd just shit yourself and waddle away if anyone tard smacked you.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
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tl;dr keep hammering that keyboard, you sick , barely literate man with delusions of intellect and redeeming social worth. i own a fucking mansion rent free in your very disturbed mind, mister price. you prove that with every bowl of ridiculous, barely coherent babble you spew in response to a single line telling you that you are a delusional man who wishes he was a woman , composing graphic and very disturbing child and animal fucking fantasies, insanely trying to attribute them to me. you're a sad, sad, joke mister price.
Tom the only problem with the TL;DR. Is that we have seen you post this, and a video of you reading every single word.
Now lets address the literacy concern. I was taught to read above my grade level early on and did so.

The fact i comprehend the medical studies and you can not seem to grasp the fact that gender identity is controlled by a set of Dimorphic neural clusters. That would make them Binary. Not to mention your total misconception that somehow you are intersex. When anyone that reads up on it finds quickly that it is a generical anomaly consisting of extra genetic material. shows my ability to read and do so on a doctorate level.

Now tom i am female i am a trans female. I know my genetics is XY.. I know that i was born in the wrong body. I comprehend that there are people that will not agree and i have no qualms with that. There is no need to scream at them or try to force them to use special pronouns. But that is exactly what you do. Whereas i let them do what feels best to them.

To finalize this tom I have told you many times the stories are spun to set you on full tard shart fit mode. Which seems to be what you are stuck on. Do get tom even Chris Chan sounds less autistic than you.

See how you are a prime example of mad lolcow disease.

Stilgar of Troon

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Dave, I really don't read your insane ramblings, you ridiculous, insane man. keep hammering that keyboard, you stupid sick fuck in denial projecting your pedophilic and zoophilic fantasies at me. i won't be wasting the time to even respond to your redundant, retarded rubbish.
Except you just did respond, you daft old dog-mongler.
Dave, I really don't read your insane ramblings, you ridiculous, insane man. keep hammering that keyboard, you stupid sick fuck in denial projecting your pedophilic and zoophilic fantasies at me. i won't be wasting the time to even respond to your redundant, retarded rubbish.
Way to type up a response to tell her you're not going to respond. What's the ETA on you cleaning out your front door and taking a shower? You should have time to do at least one of those since you're totally above responding to this forum.

troon patrol

Only here because rehab kicked me out
Dave, I really don't read your insane ramblings, you ridiculous, insane man. keep hammering that keyboard, you stupid sick fuck in denial projecting your pedophilic and zoophilic fantasies at me. i won't be wasting the time to even respond to your redundant, retarded rubbish.

Tommy, didn't you fuck a dog?

I just have to say this thread is awesome.


Still not Cody.
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tl;dr keep hammering that keyboard, you sick , barely literate man with delusions of intellect and redeeming social worth.
Keep hammering that keyboard you sick, barely literate man with delusions of intellect and redeeming social worth.

Shut up old man, we all know you'd just shit yourself and waddle away if anyone tard smacked you.
Like that time he tried to start some shit with a bunch of bums and then ran off in fear? Or the time he ran around the Hut like a scared bitch?
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Dave, I really don't read your insane ramblings, you ridiculous, insane man. keep hammering that keyboard, you stupid sick fuck in denial projecting your pedophilic and zoophilic fantasies at me. i won't be wasting the time to even respond to your redundant, retarded rubbish.

Tommie, the way you talk to Dee is very transphobic. If you're truly a hippie and an activist, then why aren't you practicing what you preach?

I didn't even see your post until just now you homeless troglodyte. You own nothing but a beard shadow, a wrinkled up penis, and a bald spot. Get over yourself, and when you're finally forced to live under a bridge, do us all a favor and jump off of it.

The way you speak to Mariposa is also very misogynistic.

You say that you come here looking for intelligent conversation but you block anyone who debates your words. You claim to be a respected elder in the trans community but you are very transphobic towards Dee. And you don't seem to treat or speak to women very well. This seems very hypocritical, Tommie.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Dave, I really don't read your insane ramblings, you ridiculous, insane man. keep hammering that keyboard, you stupid sick fuck in denial projecting your pedophilic and zoophilic fantasies at me. i won't be wasting the time to even respond to your redundant, retarded rubbish.
Dee Dee Old man it is Dee Dee. Now lets see who is rambling insanely? as I have said we know that is not true Thomas, you read every word. Now as for stupid easy one there tom anyone that sees one of your videos sees pure stupid.

Now lets get a bit historical when you were near thirty you got in bed with a 15 year old as you try to say. Even though there is other times when she was younger. It is also written you fingered a dog. you have shot videos talking about it a lot.

Now you say you are not a pedophile But yet you flog your little wrinkled up limp micro weenis. And that act dare I say sounds to be more the act of a full blown child molesting pedophile.

So do go on about how all this is projection of others. Now you have to ask yourself why is it everyone else says that i said all this and you seem to want to frame your ill perversions as that of others?

But then you have to go all out in butt hurt rage and end it with some poor version of some off the wall bat man comic.

And do get tom we all know no matter what anyone says you are going to troon out rage like a sperging slowtard lolcow.

Do know tom everyone that has ever watched a video of you reading anything i have posted on AMB knows you got a nasty hateful look on that old nasty man face.

Keep mooing tom
Tommie, the way you talk to Dee is very transphobic. If you're truly a hippie and an activist, then why aren't you practicing what you preach?

The way you speak to Mariposa is also very misogynistic.

Under Tom's moral standards, it's OK to violate every aspect of the peace and love hippie ethos as long as he doesn't like someone. Violence, male toxicity, hate, and venom are all acceptable as long as the subject doesn't coddle him, agree with him 100%, and become his personal slave or piggy bank.

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But if he wants to fuck that person all that shit goes out the window and all of a sudden he's sickly sweet to the point of being saccharine

Thomas I want to broach the topic of takin a long walk off a short pier again, I know you insist that you don't hear the voices on the wind and in every creaking timber in your property asking you to remove yourself from existence for the good of mankind, I get that, but all I'm saying is if I had John Goodman asking me to detach my head from my body every day or so after a while I think it'd be pretty tempting. Aren't you the least bit tempted? Please?

death of chans

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lol. keep prattling nonsense, you ridiculous pukes. one of you is an insane man who stuffs his dick up his ass and rage types irrational idiocy all day and the other is a sleazy slattern sucking some abuse greaseball's dick and whelping useless greaseballs into the world trying to play miss superiority at me while looking like a really stupid, self loathing slut in the process.
all this projection..

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
gosh, i am so flattered! a new fan! FYI, cupcake, a good portion of what you've ganked here is pure crap made up by my anti-fan club or my own writing that's been altered to make me look totally insane instead of just the fairly prominent rainbow deadhead woodstock hempster wingnut artist than i am.

my web footprint actually dates from 1985 and i've had a personal web server plugged into the rainbow family networks since 1999 and get trolled by professional spooks. script kiddies just make me laugh. you folks may want to keep it cordial with me and help me nail the asshole, AJW , pretending to be me.

do me a favor please, sweetie? i'm an intersexed DES baby and prefer female pronouns, ok? the wierdest one is several hours long that i streamed when i was tripping my brains out on LSD the likes of which you've probably never been anywhere near.

child, i have been trolled relentlessly since you were in diapers. fucktards like you are toys on boards like this and instantly blocked the moment you appear anywhere else.

that's the work of the ambeasts

that woman freaked out on me and if you go look at her channel, she totally melted down shortly after.

more fabricated shit. i am an anti-zionist jew. big difference.

i'm flattered. have you got a vagina? it's not going to work right unless you do. i'm a heterosexual tranny. my guy needs to have a hole big enough to accommodate my oversized clit and nothing bigger than his tongue or pinkie finger is welcome in my pooper either.

thank you. i'm the one and only tommie jayne tooter, the whistle blower, this "LOLCow" this thread is about and i prefer dudette, if you would, please. :) .

AJW is an impostor from a professional troll gang all full of ubergeeks and retired military that is based at ( who have been harassing me for years. a good portion of what got posted here is their work and not mine and this little stunt could well be the last nail in what they call the LOLsuit i've been threatening them with for years that's almost ready to file.

i'll be glad to after you deposit $500 in my paypal account, i'll moon you with it for free.

i'm part of a rather large interfaith circle of human rights activists who are supporters of the two states in one solution called the federation of israel and palestine, seeking a secular constitutional republic with at least two states. my vision has at least five, israel, judea, samaria, gaza and jordan, reunifying palestine under it's british mandate borders and throwing everybody a piece of the pie.

gilad is in that circle. he is a bit over the top and very bitter, but he is an outstanding musician. i can't come near what he can make a saxophone say and i've been blowing on them 50 years. do you follow greta berlin and her pals? i think the best arguments are coming from the peled family, ilan pappe and alison weir. if you really want an unusual and deep perspective, daniel mabsout is a radical lebanese christian author posting from beirut.

i was one of the last students of louis binstock, a prominent anti-zionist reform rabbi who was one of the founders of the , the reform anti-zionist voice, chartered in 1942 to protest the CCAR's endorsement of the jewish army forming in palestine.

i don't write anything down. most of what you'll see me playing in my videos are improvisations off the top of my head.

that is something i think you're going to need to bribe me for. you have the link anonymous keyboard commando, follow it and learn. you need to register to see anything.

i'm a very special sort of cow, sweetie. they called me tommy the terrorist at the old AOL around Y2K time.the rainbow family calls me crazy tommy. don't get too "splergy" with me and i'm fun and an expert at google foo. be snarky, transphobic and wave dicks in my face all the time, you'll bore the crap out of me and i'll just stop replying.

that will cost you money. ass shot holding a sign is the best i'm offering for free, sweetie.

ok, bye. can i block you or do i just have to scroll past you?

that one is pure trash. watch as this unfolds. my anti-fan club is a gang of uber geeks most likely in government employ. they are allegedly deep into all sorts of organized crime all over the world, including importing dope into tucson through the sinaloa cartel with half the TPD and local FBI paid off. i've been tossed on three psyche petitions trying to report it. the last one was fabricated so badly, the admitting doctor said that if they had just brought me in from the street without a judge's signature, he would have kicked me right out.

you can count on that if you keep it friendly. keep it friendly enough and i'll introduce you to some of the artists and educators out to save the world, the parents and grandparents of all these SJW's you folks like to ridicule so much.

i am curious about you though, because on first glance there seemed to be a fair bit of fag bashing going on here. your appearance and behavior are rather gender ambiguous. what are your preferred pronouns and how about a quick 411 about this board's purpose? you all seem real young and video gamers.

i had a feeling it was going to play out this way when i first saw the thread. i'm a talented, loving, kind and generous person according to the AI program at . @AJW is a mean, nasty, really twisted peckerwood who is one of about a dozen semi-sentient sacks of septic sewage sludge, all of them sado-masochistic sociopathic swindlers who are alleged to be big time global criminals that have been stalking me for years, putting up all that shit you've stumbled on after finding me searching for GD videos.

the one i'm reasonably certain is doing the GIF ripping from my IP is one patrick kelly aka the big al keylogger or TBAKL for short. there are a whole mess more who could have registered under any name. i would flag all the newbies in the past week if this were my board.

do you keep it confined to this board or do you get up in people's faces everywhere like the AMBeasts do? i saw a thread about somebody who appeared to be complaining about you all trying to get their account shut down at facebook. an overweight transgender person people were making pretty cruel comments about.

that would likely have been this character who goes by the handle of soylent green or soyl who is hacking from a government computer on the job for the ministry of information in kerala, india. (dead link)

please tell the story as you know it and i'll respond, weasel boy.

oh god. i'm sure. counting on it in fact. there are numerous boards where that has happened, but they've got a section there totally dedicated to me called tooterville.

"M" is the board owner and "bucket" is the ringleader. i had the owner of that board and the ringleader of the gang cold on harassment, defamation and copyright infringement before they pulled this little stunt. this is like the last nail. internet impersonation is a felony but i can't get any LEOs to move and i'm suing them for that and the TPD and FBI for discrimination, alleging that they shitcan my complaints because i'm transgender and therefore am mentally ill, especially since i'm trying to report on organized crime with possible connections to illegal covert government "targeted individual" interdiction operations.

crazy, i am. one has to be a little crazy now and then to keep from going insane in this sick, deluded society of zombie wage slaves ruled by greedy, warmongering spawn of insane alien space whores.

i'm not all that old and could probably slap five swinging dicks silly if they tried to rat pack me live and i'm not a tranny like any tranny you're likely to have ever encountered in person before. i'm intersexed - female brain, male gonads and a body that's somewhere in between. i'm not getting my junk modified and am heterosexual, seeking either a transgender man or a really butch dyke for a partner.

i was way too female looking when i was younger to pass easily as a straight male until i could grow a beard at about age 20 even though i wasn't allowed to act the least bit female. i'm a woman with a penis who is hoping some dude with a mangina is going to take me in his arms and fuck the shit out of me. you don't know any derps at tumblr in wigs and makeup like me.

way cool. i had a feeling about this crowd. come in my soap opera, as the stomach churns, as investigators, tear these very sloppy talking turds up from the deep web and i'll give you half of the take on the suit.

i just noticed the new subtitle. is it too much to ask for you to refer to me with female identifiers?

i'm a woman with a penis that happened because of bad medicine given to my mother when she was pregnant. there are all kinds of trannies who may be all kinds of outlandish you can critique as rudely as you like, but there are thousands of us who were poisoned in the womb and have struggled to adapt to the aberration all our lives in the face of a society out to exterminate us. as a bit of a church of sub genius fan, how about a little slack on the gender here?

i'll work something into the sub title to make sure that's clear. there is a lot of what they call scam baiting on the cash baiters, but there is some very ugly shit underneath all of it that connects to extremist white supremacist groups involved in heavy crime like drug distribution and sex slaving. i first encountered that at in about 2005 or 6 and that's what got me permabanned from there. i was permabanned from when the peasants were occupying downtown bangkok and i exposed a CIA guy posting from there.

i've been leaving a spoor on the web since the winter of 1985 and a solid paper trail from personal web servers since january 1999. i don't remember my user name at aol, but i have found some of my older pieces by title. i've used a lot of handles over the years but mostly, my actual name, tommy tooter, whistle blower, happy medium and my current thoughts blog should be , but i've only been at facebook and google + this year other than AMB.

lol. you first or ask me specific questions. start with miyuki , chandra and AFI.

much more. go google intersexed DES baby and north american two spirit people. you should find my high school and college graduation pictures easily. 1973 niles township east and 1978 utampa. i wasn't allowed to express the least bit effeminate by my family, but my body was so girly, gym locker room was a nightmare. i escaped an attempted gang rape when i was 16 by realizing what was happening before i was too drunk to crawl out the door .

as for not looking so effeminate now, but i really haven't been trying very hard. i've had a rough time since last summer. sometimes it's a chore to stay shaved every day. i'll girly up a little for y'all so the fappers can have their fun.

i avoided LSD when it hit in the mid 60's and never did it until the set and setting were totally right in the spring of 1982, but i'm not in the mood to relate that now.

my adrenalin metabolism is somewhat dysfunctional due to the hormone clash between my brain and my balls and i have numerous physical and psychiatric symptoms that result from that. lots of allergies, anxiety, panic attacks, tourette's like outbursts of rage and there have been a few full blown all the way hypermanic episodes over the years.

i had to fight off the psychiatric establishment from the time i was 8 until i was 56 , when i filled them in about the gender dysphoria. i'm probably in somebody's dissertation for ODD somewhere. the shrinks examined me, agreed with my self diagnosis and referred me to the local gender clinic. make a long story short, there were hurdles in austin and the cost of living was too high. i landed in tucson because of the gem and mineral shows, hooked it up, started living authentically (as my true gender, in female mode, out loud, full time, etc. ) on april fool's day 2014 and started 2 mg of estradiol and 50 mg of sprironolactone, a low dose, on april 29, 2015.

meditation, marijuana, music and masturbation were enough to deal with the psyche issues as long as the drama level didn't exceed my patience and tolerance and since being on the hormones for the past year, i've enjoyed a mental clarity like i've never had and they're starting to repair the testosterone damage to my girly parts, moving the fat from my belly to my butt and boobs.

the way it works with the gender specific identifiers and me is that i'm bigender, but tom is extremely unpleasant and as the infantile imbeciles like to point out, "tom will kill" to escape some aggressive asshole(s) attacking me if given no other option, so i really don't like to have to deal with people relating to me as a male. tommie is a sweetheart and thomasa is brilliant. tom is an asshole the AMBeast loves to taunt because when he blows, his tirades are hysterical. only people trying to piss me off call me tom or persistently misgender me.

you're mistaken. i'm a recognized genius in a small circle of unrecognized geniuses. we are the woodstock notion in motion, the people who entertain you and sell you your dope and trinkets at festivals. i only get ostracized by assholes.

i have a medical condition with associated psychiatric symptoms that i am in treatment for. you're simply a full of shit vidiot, entirely incompetent to make any psychiatric evaluations of me sitting in the safety of your mommy's basement blowing ass smoke in denial of your own self loathing and behavioral aberrations. i assure you any attention you lavish on me in the future of this nature is going to be laughed off if i read it at all.

arrogant ubergeek troll isn't self deluded about his target's social milieu and gullibility.

i have raped no children. you are also mistaken about the ancient perspective on gender. i am intersexed and would have been designated androgynos.

current mainstream medical thought believe that only sex is determined by gonads and gender arises in the brain, with distinct structural and chemical differences noted between the male and female brains and those of cisgender and transgender people. further, masculinity and femininity are considered to be more on a sliding scale than one or the other from individual to individual. a small fraction of people are born cross wired and an even smaller fraction are born intersexed as well. i am neither male nor female, but a blend of both.

the obsolete and invalid hetero-normative sex/gender binary belief system you are adhering to is an unnatural one imposed on society by judeo-christian empire as a means of population management that likely arose as a adaptation to long separations of the sexes due to long separations because of foreign military expeditions. gender role are much more fluid in egalitarian tribal societies. transgender people have their places in them and it's often one of high honor because of our unique perspective.

most of what they are going to tell you is going to be distortions of the truth. they're gaslighters. five years of the same shit, relentlessly. i'm not going to indulge it here. i have no reason to validate myself. everybody libeling me seriously is going to be compelled eventually to prove their allegations or be penalized by the court and intentional infliction of emotional distress punitives run high in employment harassment cases. half million sometimes. we'll see what a jury wants to award a struggling artist with a birth defect caused by big pharma being harassed for fun and gain by a bunch of web site owners.

i think you'll find more substance to this thread. thanks for the tips on what you want to see in an OP.

the AMBeasts are not people that sane people get many chuckles from. these are sado-masochistic sociopathic swindlers who harass people for fun and profit at very least. at worst, this is an international crime syndicate into some very heavy things. this fellow is alleged to hack from an indian government computer on the job in kerala. he is publicly big al's nemesis, but i've been told privately that they are actually in partnership to scam scam victims at this site which you will see him refer to as AFI:


this is another of their playgrounds:
this site seems to be a relic where a lot of them started out from:
this one could be permanently shut down. most of it's players are at AMB now
the facebook profile:
the amb profile:

i think the site owner needs to take a good look at this. here chandra is claiming that the AMBeasts had this site infiltrated before they lured me in here.


i suspect that most of the tommy tooter and alan james watson impostors are chandra's handiwork. certainly the one @chimpburgers found and posted in my thread.
Do you remember any of this Tom? You do see how you have acted for years. right? Same stupid bullshit, same nasty attitude.
You are a filthy old man that tries his best to deflect the facts of a horrible perverted rape of not only a child but of a dog.
And i read the archived post about you getting a hard on and thinking how hot it would be to fuck the Doberman that you were perving over. I have read the archived account of Sabrina and how she changed ages as you were confronted.
I read all of this back a few years when directed to your thread by Feline Dark Mage. I read this thread from the first page made by Chimpburger. And page after page your filth spilled out in words and the fact you tried to turn Kiwi Farmers into your personal army.
This as all of it failed tom. You are what KF has archived both in word and video. You are everything so vile that is mentioned.

Congrats on being the sickest trans trender fake pervert still unfortunately alive.

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