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Probably wearing pants.
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@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg doesn't seem to understand some key elements of renting within section 8 so let's clarify a few.
Hovels are pretty standard. 90% of section 8 housing are rat holes and the other rare 10% are usually newer buildings. Those tend to be 'reserved' for families. Section 8 will also keep track of how you treat your 'property' and people that destroy places are usually stuck on the bottom rack.
Cockroaches only tend congregate where there's food to eat. Tom is a rancid pig. If he wants something better than he needs to earn it.
Since Tom has next to zero income he doesn't pay for shit. Taxpayers and jew community outreach pay for his utilities and bills. The only reason Tom dumpster dives for food is because all of his hard money goes to drugs.
Section 8 landlords don't give a shit about tenants outside of the very few mandatory things they have to upkeep. They're not going to waive or pro-rate rent because it's not your income; you're getting a government check you're supposed to spend on rent. One time Tom thought he had 500$ coming so he went put and bought a bunch of weed. When the money didn't go through he went into begging mode.

Tl;dr Tom is the begger that's choosey.

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oh good more trannies here to say how much better they are than tom.
speaking of, has anyone checked in with @Dee Price lately?
I thought Dee was on an extended time out for sperging too hard?

Also when they're all back it will be like this



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I thought Dee was on an extended time out for sperging too hard?

Also when they're all back it will be like this

View attachment 2541961

I just don’t get why people choose Tom’s subforum to troll shield. You’re not as bad as the senile pants-shitting dog-fucking child-molesting never-washing unemployed fake troon? Congratulations! Most people clear that bar without even trying.

Anonymus Fluhre

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I eagerly await the impending eviction saga
You wouldn't have that problem if YOU kept your place clean Tom. You're the reason the place has roaches not the other way around. You're a filthy piece of garbage and should be treated as such.

Here's Hoping Tom goes to a naturopath or some other quack when his copd gets worse

I'm sure that hippy bullshit will save your life tom. Also has the added benefit of not wasting a respirologists time.
Just huff some exhaust fumes. The copd will go away.

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Tom thank you for discussing yom kippur and reminding us of Israel's great victory on this blessed holiday. As you know, cowardly Arab Muslims launched a surprise attack against little Israel. Despite facing a coalition with nearly 40x its population the Israelis weathered the initial storm and due to their courage, technology and tactical ingenuity managed to push back the Arab hordes. The Arab Muslims surrendered very quickly as they always do and the great nation of Israel was victorious.

The Arabs predictably committed atrocities against Israeli POWs and whenever they could raped and pillaged Israeli civilians. Thank you for your continued support of the Jewish faith and the great and eternal nation of Israel Tom.

Space Cooter
Christ imagine being almost 70 and typing shit like this for tumbleweed on the Internet.

This is almost making me feel sorry for Tom--he really needs a friend.

But then I remember that after a brief period of glibness and guilt tripping, Tom always turns back in to the toxic cunt that he is. He may well be the loneliest cow on this whole farm because of that.


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Lol he's still trying to plug his shitty "merch", even on a post like that. It wouldn't be Tom if he wasn't trying to grift and freeload in the same Facebook post. I'd bet everyone he wants to "hang out" with is actually an attempt to couch surf until he can freeload off his mom for a while in an attempt to get his jew hands all over that estate money.

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